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  1. Thanks a lot for all the good comments We dont get the 550T in Norway so we will have to load it with our domestic maps I have some questions still tho: - Someone said that it was a leak problem in the gasket on the rear cover . Is that fixed ? - It also has som problems locking on to Egnos Is that still there ? - And the battery time hwois that compared to the manual ? - How can i see that i "get" the lastest model form the shop. Is there a serial no i should be above ?
  2. Yes I have paid for it Dunno how long the spash screen would stay up after 919 days
  3. I am off to the store tomorrow and are realy tempted to change out my old faithfull Garmin 60 CSX for a new Garmin Oregon 550 Anyone used this one and would like to share they experience ? Advantages ? Trouble ?
  4. We just saw that we are close to 1000 days As you all know Gsak is awsome for caching, and I wonder for how many days have you used your Gsak Software ?
  5. Great I can find a church here too dunno if we have a english one tho What do you folks think about the plan 1 cache + a bonus cahe in each country is that ok or do you have other suggestions ?
  6. Hello We are looking for a Geocacer in UK who is interested in making a geocache togheter with us Team-Mikkelsen The plan is like this: We make a cache in Norway that has a part of the hint for a Bonus cache in UK and in UK they make one who has a a part of the hint to the Norwegian one So to get the hint for the Bonus Cache in Uk or Norway the finders has to contact a Norwegian finder or a uk one to get to the Bonus cache Ofc this is just for fun but sometimes cachers get connected to other cachers across the borders and thats just a bonus too So If you are interested just reply to this thread
  7. English Hello all I post here because it is a lotof Norwegian geocachers that only read this forum Saturday 29 of agust Team-Mikkelsen invites to a family geocaching event in Bergen, Norway The event is open to everyone and is ofc free of charge If you are in Bergen this saturday pls let us know and if you need a place to sleep pls let us know by posting a note in the log Here is a link to the event Høstjaka er igang event Norwegian: store Familie event for store og små www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.as...f9-93d6-cdd134929541 Team- Mikkelsen blåser igang høstjakten på Cacher med dette Familie Eventet Hos oss er alle Geocachere velkommen både store og små. Vi starter hjemme hos oss i Stokkedalslia 16E på Bønes Lørdag 29 August kl 16:00 der vi samles og griller . Sommeren er jo ikke over ennå Kjørebeskrivelse med Kart osv kommer senere, da vi kommer hjem fra ferie men du kan nå oss på twitter @temikkelsen eller via geomikkel (alfa) gmail.com. Dersom du har noen travelbugs / coins som du tar med er det flott om du logger de inn på forhånd Program Mat & Drikke Vi gjør det slik at alle tar med det de selv vil grille / Spise og drikke ( remember family friendly) Kopper kar og bestikk ect holder vi.. i beste papp & plast kvalitet og gass grill Kan noen ta med kake ?( please ) Vi har en stor grill som skulle holde dersom vi ikke blir over 100 stk da men 60-70 går bra [Very Happy ] Offisiell start blir kl 16:00 og holder på utover kvelden Det blir ofc tilgang til bredbånd og vi satser på en GSAK og teknikk time der vi med pc og videkanon deler tips om caching og viser litt av alle dingser som er tilgjengelig. Nå har vi et stort hus og skulle det regne har vi masser av plass inne til store og små Team-Mikkelsen vil legge ut en egen cache for eventet og kansje kommer det noen til ? Som sagt er dette et avslappende samling som passer for alle Geocaching intereserte om du er nybegynner eller gammel i faget [:] så meld deg på og ta med hele familien. Hee lørdagen er dedikert til caching så det er flere av oss som skal ha et Bergens Raid før eventet offisielt starter . Gi beskjed i loggen dersom du ønsker å være med på dette raidet. Det er morro å cache i sammen og det er masse cacher på Bønes og Fyllingsdalen Vi håper du kan komme og gi gjerne beskjed i loggen dersom du kan ta med kake det ville vært kjempeflott og gjerne hvor mange som kommer i tilfelle du fyller en buss Og husk Eventet er GRATIS så ta med deg alle du kjenner som kunne tenke seg å starte med Geocaching. Velkommen hjem til Team-Mikkelsen Vi gleder oss til å treffe deg Merk, selv om det ikke vises noen boardkode eller smilefjesknapper, kan de fortsatt brukes
  8. I am Looking to buy one in Norway the coming week. Is there a "serial number" i must be over to get the lastest and best working release ? What should i look for to be sure I get the moust updated one ?
  9. Hey Just realized it is not legal to share PQ ( Of course) but we woner if anyone have a gsak database over florida that we coul have a copy of ? Would save us a lot of work collecting all the cashes Thanks in advance
  10. Blue Man & Jwe7119 and Ncfinn Thank you all for the replies. and Blue Man thanks for the link to the Ivy thingy that was a nice looking plant and we would never have suspected that for beeing a nasty one. Picture printed and is now i our travel map. Ncfinn You say never stick your hand under Log / Bush... Do you hide cashes in a spceial way over there ? Is there fireants in Florida ? we saw something like tha on Animal police ( animal Planet) Thats one thing who is nice with Norway No snakes,no ants ans not many moskitos cause all is stiff frozen moust of the year Ps: Anyone had a gsak base or a gpx file over florida cahes ?
  11. We will . Cache name noted There is frequent visitors from Romania in Norway and if i can get it to Oslo it may get a lift from there Keep us posted :
  12. Yes and with 3 kids 10 - 13 - 16 we are going to vistit a lot of parks
  13. Hello We are traveling from Norway --> Orlando, Florida the 13 of march Is it any TB's that want a lift to or from Orlando or to or from Norway Sweden Denmark etc ? Just PM us or geocache mail us and we will be happy to help out
  14. Hello all Finaly the 13'th of march we are leaving all the snow and cold behind and jumping over to Orlando Florida For 17 days we are going to be in Palm Springs and of course we will do some caching . Why else go to Orlando ? ( oh yes the parks etc ) To build gsak databases or GPX files is a long job, and now we wonder if it is anyone who can send us a gpx file with all the Orlando caches in it ? We have Gsak of course and if you have a gsak base over florida that would be even better Is it anything we have to be carefull with looking for caches in Florida ? Snakes Spider etc ? Any "bad" areas we should not go to ? Btw It is INSANE many caches in Florida comared to Norway Cahe heaven here we come We are traveling a bit around but not out of florida state Is there anyone who can help us out here ? Also we are bringing over some TB's from Norway and if there is anyone who wants their TB to have a lift back to Norway we would love to help out Just pm us or Geocache mail us and we will give you our contact information Thanks for reading this post
  15. I am one of those ehh Odd cachers who loves to make and place caches more then finding them Sayin that I mean that is is important not to spoil the sport but letting the cachers and the kids ( important ! ) find the cache but to log it is anthoter challenge I made a box inside the cache who is a magic one , has no movable parts, but you need to open it to be able to log your find But still kids can trade and they have found the treasure Driving the parents mad is ok Log me if you can
  16. We are so sorry for your loss Is it possible to get your paypal email ? Our family would like to help Love from Norway Team Mikkelsen
  17. I am planning a new trip to Finland and I wonder if anyone knows a online translation site who can translate Finnish to English ? I know the grammar wil probably be bad but It would be a great help when the logs is in finnish Any hits are moust welcome Thanks
  18. Chk this page out Recent logs Norway You can easely switch to Finland, Sweden etc etc in the right coloum Always up to date Just awsome work from this guy What do you think ?
  19. I tried to esport all caches of Cyprus to GE then importing. Turned off GC network and the only thing shown correct is the mystery icon.... Rest should be there if i click one it marks it on th map but no cache icon Must be a bug Running upgraded version of GE also Did not reproduce our error tho..
  20. There are Czech geocoins too here you can see the Norwegian Geocoin, and of course it is the best http://www.starte.no/index.php?name=PNphpB...topic&t=703 They are simmilar to the paintings found in different caves & places all over Norway
  21. This one in Sweden is a challenge http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...80-9bdce718c44f
  22. Is there a script that creates a link on the GC cachepage so that we can open that cache spesific location directly in Google Earth ?
  23. We are coming down to Cyprus the 2 first weeks in august 2007 If there is any Geocachers who are in pafos- larnaca area in this period pls let us now, maybe we can make a small event ? We will bring some TB's & coins and other tracables from Norway and would appriciate some helps to spread them out We would love to meet other geocachers
  24. I recommend STARGHER series for "sisu" caching. This cache seems to be a bit extreme for me on this trip How come you guy's are so found of Mystery and multi caches ? It is a lot mote multi and mystery caches in Helsinki then exs Bergen where I live
  25. On this trip I am travelling alone, my wife did not get the time off from work . Since I am working in helsinki thursday and friday the saturday is caching day and maybe sunday too depence on the flighs back home. I would love to learn a bit about Finnish history , culture and see some museums and historical sites, but I am limited to one day so I have to sort things out a bit Hopefylly i can rent a car and with Tom Tom Navigator find my way around There is also a Webcam cache I would like to visit since I have never logged one of those the NMS6 Lasipalatsi, Helsinki and since it is so central I think that will be avaiable I am staying in Espoo ( about 15 min from Helsinki i'm told ) so I guess I am starting to cache from there Can you guide me to a cache in Espo so I can use that as a centre point for my pq's ? It is so nice of you to help me out here Looking forward to some Finnish sisu caches
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