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What's your favorite part of Geocaching?

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I nearly asked this yesterday! My options were going to be :


Exploration, Finding new places?

A good excuse to get out and about?

The hide and seek aspect?

Simply playing with the GPS toy?

Trading trinkets?

Secrecy - knowing something most others don't?

The Score - getting competitive?


Or maybe all the above aspects (and more) all combine together in such a great way that it's just irresistable?

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It all plays a part. But for me, it is the journey! I hike way more than I geocache. I like the hike. Finding the can is nice. Past the logbook, what is in the can may or may not matter.


Of course, the geocaching community is a great bunch of people... icon_biggrin.gif


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If there was an "All of the above", I would have selected that. It's all good. Since I had to choose, I chose "Finding a new and cool place or hike". Of all the selections, this was the one that really got us interested in geocaching. It's really amazing all the places I've never been to that are so close to home. It makes you wonder why you even need to travel elsewhere when there are so many neat places close to home. icon_wink.gif



"All of us get lost in the darkness, dreamers learn to steer with a backlit GPSr"

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My best reason to GeoCache is that it gives me reason to get off my butt and go do something! Like, I hate walking because walking in a circle seems pointless, but when you Cache, you have a reason to get up off your butt and move around!

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Originally posted by leatherman:

I don't understand the traditional within two hundred feet thing. Why is that on there?


Well, I was talking as opposed to virtual caches. In other words, getting down in the leaves and branches and stumps and trying to find the container. I personally like virtuals just as much as traditionals. For me, it's all about going to new places; the container part of it doesn't really matter to me, since either way you log your visit on the site.

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Or... think about it this way. Would Geocaching still appeal to you if the "cache" part was taken out, ie, all that was listed on the site was virtual caches? (Has anyone ever asked this before?)


I was mostly saying that if it's getting off your butt and going to a new place, that's option 1. If you like finding the actual cache hidden at the place more, that's option 2 (or 3).


Hopefully that's a little clearer. icon_smile.gif

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I like a lot of things for different reasons, but one of my favorite things is when a cache is really hard to find, and I'm just about to give up, but give it a few more minutes, and find it, then I wonder why I was so close to giving up. I hate giving up.



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Originally posted by EMIKE:

Night Three said

"Or... think about it this way. Would Geocaching still appeal to you if the "cache" part was taken out"


Yes! I hunt Benchmarks. Its the planning then the hunt I enjoy.


Good point! I definately like looking up the maps, figuring out what the area and terrain is like, if it's urban figuring out the timing of when to grab the cache.


I also like that it is a surreptitious hunt that the rest of the world doesn't realize is going on. My first cache find was a micro under a tree on the side of a busy road. What a heady feeling to know I was directed to a spot which had something there that noone else around me knew about.


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All of the above for me. I've seen so many areas that I'd have never known about otherwise, some being truly amazing locations with a ton of history behind them.


Now that I have a fully suspensioned mountain bike given to me by my dad (who decided road biking was more fun), I have even more reason to go for caches furhter out in the boonies.



Team A.I.

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I really like two things the most about geocaching. First is getting to see places you didn't know about, and second is the sense of anticipation when you're on your way to a cache. Will I be able to find it? What's going to be in there? Who's been here before me? Will the cache site be what I imagined it to be?


I like the idea of going off to do something knowing that the outcome is not certain.


Ask not for whom the cache waits....It waits for thee.

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One thing is going places I would never otherwise go.


Another thing temporarily on hold, is getting out in the woods each weekend. (I am taking a tick break - those parasites started freaking me out, so I'll be doing some urban caching for a while.)



Not all those that wander are lost. But in my case... icon_biggrin.gif

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My most favorite part of Geocaching is making the cache. Planning something to make others really think like you (I) do. When I put the hints to the cache, it's like I want to tell them but not wanting to say anything. Making the cache look like a tree root growing out of the ground is so cool. Using trash in an area to hide the cache in is also neat for me. I do like finding the spot where someone has taken the time for me to see. icon_smile.gif

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My best reason to GeoCache is that it gives me reason to get off my butt and go do something! Like, I hate walking because walking in a circle seems pointless, but when you Cache, you have a reason to get up off your butt and move around!

This sounds good, but what seems hilarious to me is that while walking in a circle seems pointless, that is what usually happens to me when I'm looking for a cache. I end up walking in circles! hehehe

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