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  1. Found at http://www.southgatearc.org/news/march2009/gps_jamming.htm "The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has informed Ofcom of the following GPS jamming exercise. Dates: 6 July to 16 July 2009. Times: limited periods between 11:00 and 15:00 hrs Location: To sea westwards from N58° 57.4’ W003° 13.9’ (60 nautical miles west of Kirkwall). " I wonder how far inland the effects could be noticed?
  2. No mention of "high tech hide and seek"? Or that kids love the treasure hunt aspect and the trinkets in the caches? No clarifying that the GPS only takes you so far and then you have to search (we did see an aspect of that, but it didn't seem to be stressed enough to answer people wrongly wondering "What's the point if the GPS takes you right to it?"). Apart from that, not bad at all The piece on metal "detectoring" ( ! ) at 00:23:35 may interest many here too. All in all, a good episode of Countryfile for tech fans.
  3. but the 2800ml jug has no lid and evaporates in a few weeks, whereas the Eneloop/Infinium/Hybrio ones stay at 2300ml for months
  4. I use high capacity 7dayshop ones if I'm charging them immediately before leaving the house to go cacheing, otherwise the newer Eneloop type (that don't lose charge so quickly sitting around doing nothing) make a lot of sense. I recently switched something on after many months, expecting it to be dead, and was surprised to find it was as right as rain. I looked to see which of my rechargebles were in it, and it was the Panasonic "infiniums". They really do hold their charge longer. Excellent stuff. They might have a smaller mAH number on them, but after a few days sitting around, the so-called 2800s will probably be closer to 2300 anyway (and after a few tens of charges and associated heat damage they'll be nowhere near 2800 any more). A week or two later the 2800s will be close to useless while the low-self-discharge ones will be as fresh as a daisy wearing deodorant
  5. I just ignore the stupid things, they're not proper caches. If they want me to find it, they can give me the coords. If they want me to jump through hoops, they can go **** That's how I feel when I can't solve them Sometimes you just have to let 'em go
  6. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, well done on finding 50 of them... please come back and find the rest btw I believe there are OS maps still available in certain bookshops and newsagents over here.
  7. The mindshift I've had is... before : kept up with things, knew all the caches, happy to place some after : frustrated, reluctant to place more, will hunt for non-puzzles only I just don't fancy putting effort into finding new hiding places that could get rejected. I'm sure the rest of you around the world are used to it and can't see the problem, but there has been a noticeable change for the worse in my experience, and that's that. It's one of those things you accept if it's always been that way, but is really disheartening when something starts good and goes bad. I may try asking the puzzle cache owners for general areas I should avoid, but if that comes to nothing then it's no big deal, I just won't place any more. No-one's going to cry about that, I'm sure!
  8. JamGuys, with all due respect you can't really judge the situation here unless you know the place! Often a whole mile a two of coast is thought of as one area, and once there's a cache there somewhere that's it - it's done and dusted... and putting another one in that area seems like overkill. That seems to be how everyone here is treating it, and I think it will stay like that until it's REALLY hard to find new spots. Juicepig, it's not about what type of caches I enjoy - although I've relished the chance to moan about my preferences! To me, caching is healthy outdoors hide and seek with a GPS, and puzzles are an unnecessary extra layer of cruft that gets in the way. Everything that initially attracted me to caching is soured by pointless puzzles. But hey, go ahead and enjoy them if that floats your boat. Yes I'll ignore puzzles. But the issue is about keeping track of what's where, when you start ignoring puzzles or member caches, because you then have caches you don't know about. You said "If you can't find a place to put your cache that doesn't have a cache there already, I recommend looking elsewhere." that's the whole point - how can I tell if there is a cache there already?! Caches should, IMHO, be divided into two networks : visible (coords published) and invisible (members only, multi stages, puzzles) and the proximity rules should apply separately to the two sets - with a closer proximity rule between the two types. That's my Big Idea and I'm sticking to it No, I don't expect anyone else to agree
  9. I feel your pain... http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...=175960&hl= - only with puzzle caches!
  10. It's got to the point with one particular puzzle that I know I'll be spending the rest of my life occasionaly wondering just what the heck it was all about. Other people here have cracked it, obviously their brains work differently to mine. Someone's given me extra clues and I still don't get it. Apparently it's really easy! Nice... now I feel totally dumb, and excluded. I just don't need that kind of Unsolved Mysteries frustration, so I'm not even going to LOOK at further puzzles, whether I could have solved them or not. I shall just ignore them completely. I say: if you want me to go looking for your cache, post the *&%£& coords!
  11. Sounds dumb to me, it's not playing the game properly to delay logging like that. Although... I'd be tempted to not log it either... waiting for my turn in the queue (until the FTF is logged). Share the joy
  12. I'm sure it would suffer a loss, I'm glad people enjoy puzzles BUT I still can't help feeling they're a spin-off from the original idea of caching and not true to the pure idea of 1) hide cache 2) provide coords online 3) let others find it WITH A GPS Such puzzles make step 2 too convoluted and move the challenge from step 3 to step 2... i.e. using the GPS to find something in the wild should be the challenge, getting us outdoors in the fresh air instead of spending even more time sitting around Just my opinion, of course. Remember, I was not saying to ban puzzles, just to stop them making complicate the proximity rules. I realise you could then end up with a minimum separation network of non-puzzle caches and another network of puzzle caches overlaid... with puzzle caches that could be right next to normal caches. Obviously that would be less than desirable... my solution to that would be to keep the proximity rules for puzzles and non-puzzles within their own types BUT allow a normal cache to be within 150-200ft or so of a puzzle cache. That way you'd only ever get one normal cache next to a puzzle cache and not especially close. It would be a reasonable compromise because I'd have to be pretty unlucky to pick a spot that close to a puzzle cache I didn't know about. But hey, I do know I'm just daydreaming out loud.
  13. I went to my local Boots photo counter (when no-one else was around!) and asked nicely if I could recycle any from their bin (which was clean!).. got a bag full of them! The translucent oval ones from APS films are better sealed than 35mm ones - though a bit smaller to squeeze a log into. HTH
  14. That's a good idea to try, I suppose - thanks. I don't normally like to pester people, but it might be worth asking these puzzlefolks at least roughly where there caches are, and then I might feel happy enough to start putting some more out there I'll hold my hands up to getting so carried away with my frustration and my wonderful new suggestion that I missed the blindingly obvious, LOL Grumble grumble... blasted puzzles... hehe Cheers
  15. I stand by my opinion (and we all know what those are worth ) that puzzle caches are an unwelcome deviation from the original spirit of caching, and if they didn't count towards the proximity rule I wouldn't have to be asking reviewers about new hides. That's probably a good place to wrap up the thread, thanks for letting me vent... looks like it's just me then
  16. My 'puzzle' caches are of the variety where you collect clues at the cache area.. scavenger hunts that can be solved by anyone being there and looking around. The locals here won't have a problem with it, and won't be in my predicament because the posted coords aren't far away from my caches. The puzzles I cannot stand are the ones where the posted coordinates are miles offshore (for the safe of having coords at all) and you have to read the cache owner's mind! Yes I could ask the other local cachers, but then they'd know where I was placing one! (and probably beat me to it, knowing them, LOL) ta.
  17. I'm happy to ignore puzzle caches I can't solve, but I can't ignore them if they affect my ability to know where all the local caches are in my quest to find new places to hide more. Simple as that... I was just floating the idea to see what people made of it... it's been interesting so far I live on an island that fits within 12 x 5 miles, and it started off with a few dozen caches... I could keep up and knew where they all were. Then along came puzzles I just couldn't crack, and now there are a dozen or so out there that I don't know where they are. Given that there are about 100,000 of us clinging to these 40 sq miles in the English Channel, as you can imagine almost every square foot of land is highly prized, worth a fortune, and tended by someone. There are no scruffy areas - it's either wild and safeguarded from development, or someone has squeezed as many housing units as possible into it for profit. The possible places to place caches (given the proximity limit which should be a bit closer for us in the circumstances, IMHO) are getting more and more few and far between. It's bad enough trying to fit one in between the others without worrying about it being too close to one I didn't even know about! That's where I'm coming from, if the background helps. Maybe it's similar where you are and it's not a problem for you... but that's how it is from where I'm sitting Maybe it's just the frustration of being "in the know" one year and then not the next (where they all are). Cheers.
  18. Good thinking, ReadyOrNot - that sounds like a fair plan to me! It only needs to give a Yes or No answer... it would take weeks for someone to figure out a puzzle cache in an otherwise unpopulated area using that method to triangulate (perhaps limit the number of requests per IP address per locality too !! )
  19. thanks, it's always refreshing to find I've had thoughts that no-one else has ever had. I do enjoy being totally out of step with humankind, I seem to be quite good at it.
  20. Thanks... that might be the answer - ask the local reviewer about possible locations so often that he gets totally fed up with it too, and something changes somewhere (probably the reviewer would quit!). An automated online check would be good, but would probably be abused by people using it in trial-and-error mode, hoping to triangulate on puzzle caches!
  21. Puzzle caches have spoiled the hobby for me... I wish they could all be moved off to their own spin-off site (puzzlecache.com or something?!) and didn't count towards the proximity rule or even the finders' scores. I'm afraid that as long as I don't know where all the local caches are, I'm not going to waste my time looking for new spots only to risk having them ruled out because they're too close to a cache I didn't know about. Shame really, but it really has soured the whole thing for me I don't mind puzzles that can be solved by looking for clues at the cache area, I'm talking about the ones where you have to work out where on earth the cache is from the cache page on the website - by being able to mind-read the cache owner, look at the HTML source (!), solve some tedious soduko or have a flash of inspiration. That's not what caching's about for me - I want a cache and coordinates and let me find it. I'm happy if people enjoy that sort of thing, but I think it has polluted the hobby and taken the edge off it. People are asking me to put out more caches, and I'm feeling guilty about finding more than I place, but it's just too annoying to think I could find a good spot and then have it ruled out. No thanks!
  22. As I'm stuck on an island 9 miles by 5, with less than 100 caches, and most of them found, the only way I can *continue* is if the few other players here place more caches! At the moment most of the new caches are either ridiculously hard to find or puzzles that don't interest me, so it's Game Over for the time being. It seems that every new cache these days has to be a fiendish hassle to find, which is disappointing and means I'll just ignore them. I'm not in it for mind-reading puzzles. But if that's the way my fellow islanders want to play it good luck to them if they're keeping themselves happy. I daresay my GPS will boot up again one day when I need it.
  23. Thanks for clearing up the confusion. Pity it doesn't store the datum separately for each format!
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