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Favorite snacks while on the trails

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Hey! So I just did a search to see if this topic had ever come up. But didn't notice any previous ones so here goes.


What's your favorite snack while geocaching?


*Sweetarts are commonly refered to as "proton energy pills" in this clan. Wish I could find the huge kind that they made when I was a kid.


*Licorice. I had a bag of 4 flavores (black the best in my opinion, red, green apple and peach) in the van when we went to Ottawa. Was a big hit with the entire group of 11 cachers. But I did notice grimmaces when I mentioned black was my favorite. I also like chocolate licorice which used to be easiest found in PA.


*Cereal & yogurt bars. Not the favorite around here cause if they are in the pack for any amount of time they get crushed.....I also found out that if you put them near the bug spray the plastic packaging doesn't protect from odor absorption....oh well at least we wont get any bugs zooming in while yawning on the trails.


*Candy bars. Snickers hands down. But I have to remember to take 5. None like to share.


Does anyone actually take healthy stuff...carrots and such?


Just wish I could find a way to take coffee ... oh yeah...I love chocolate covered coffee beans...great energy booster too...esp for mutli cache days





"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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I like Powerbars for hikes. Small, compact, hold up well (still good when bent and smashed), and they now taste pretty good. Used to keep a couple in the bottom of the pack as backup, the taste a few years ago insured they would be around for emergency situations. icon_biggrin.gif

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On longish hikes I bring sandwichs, fruit and something salty. I always have a few clif bars and some gu with me for emergencys though.



As always, the above statements are just MHO.


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Clif or Power bars--A Guard unit in Minnesota has a 25 mile march every year to remember the Bataan Death March, and I participated a couple of years ago. I only brought plenty of water and an assortment of six or seven Clif and Power bars. during the last 10 miles or so, when I felt I couldn't keep walking, I'd eat a bar, and it would keep me going for a couple of miles until the carbs burned off, then I'd eat another one. As far as flavors--with the Clif bars, the chocolate espresso and cookies and cream are fairly palatable, and banana and vanilla Power bars are pretty good.



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Being on the Atkins diet for many years, trail snacks are a bit of a chalenge. I like jerky but don't often have any. Nuts go a long way. Also Atkins has his own low carb bars. Thoses are my main stays.


Sometimes I get inverntive and bring meats (cold cuts) or hard boiled eggs - that's mainly for longer hikes though.


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I like to make a trail mix from:


Coconut flakes

Dried Bananna Chips

Salted Almonds

Dried Sugared Diced Mango Chunks

Dried Sugared Diced Pinapple Chunks



Brazil nuts


Its tasty, satisfying, provides lots of energy and holds up well on the trail. Dried ingredients can be found in the bulk food section of larger grocery stores.




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I am an insulin dependent diabetic and notorious for leaving with no food on me. After suffering a few times, I have learned to carry Starburst and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!!! At least the Starburst make an insulin reaction fun!!! icon_eek.gif


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So it's right around dinner time and I thought I would post while I'm hungry......


Ever so glad that there is a mix of nutritious snacks as well as "calorie busters".


Did I mention that when we left our hotel in Ottawa to come home we met a guy in the evlevator with a huge pack.....You could have fit my 11 year old inside and still had room. Anyway, I just had to ask this guy what was inside. Come to find out (and yes this is related to snacks) he is from Moscow. He was sent by his wife to do grocery shopping and the number 1 item she had to have was licorice!!


On a caching vein... maybe someone could make up cacher baskets. energy foods for a pick me up and chocolate when you just can't find the cache.....


Dx....pizzas on the way. I hate to cook but love to sew icon_biggrin.gif


"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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If it's a long afternoon cache hunt, I'll bring a sandwich and maybe some 'slaw and a bag of chips or popcorn and a bottle of Snapple. If I'm on a

multi day backpacking trip where preserving food is important, then it's pepperoni sticks, hard cheese, canned smoked oysters, small cans of tuna and sardines (in chili, or mustard sauce).

Also crackers and perhaps some chorizo and some Spam or GORP.

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Originally posted by DxChallenged:


What's your favorite snack while geocaching?


Actually, I could go all day without eating. I don't know if that's still going to be true during the summer if the caching goes on until 8 pm but that's the way it was on those winter cache dashes. I do have peanuts in the car, just in case.

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I rarly eat while in the process of caching. However, I do drink lots of water. Why stop to eat something...there is a cache to find!


Afterward, on the drive home, a fine Avanti cigar is nice.


Does that count?





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and the last stream is polluted,

and the last fish is caught,

will we realize that you can't eat the money"

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Originally posted by BruceS:

I seldom eat anything while caching. I may drink a gallon or more of juice and/or water in day of caching. Often my caching day starts before light and ends well after dark but I don't get hungry when I am out caching.


Now we know who has been chewing on the gladware lids. icon_wink.gif

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Hey! What an assortment of foods....


Beef jerky...my kids love it...I go in for 2 extra salt packets on fries...


Cliff bars and Power bars....I eat the slim fast kind. Chocloate nut or peanut butter. The brownie kind is really nasty. But an espresso bar seems very nice!!


Cliff bars and long 25 mile hikes reminds me of the Tolkien tales and what they had on their travels...elves food....and flasks of "warmer uppers". Hey no flasks mentioned icon_confused.gif


I love hard boiled eggs but haven't taken any on the trails.....Ya know that would help mask some of the nasty smells while on the trails. I'm never quilte sure if those are from a clan member or the surrounding area icon_eek.gif


Like the dried trail mix....Hey we should start a geocaching cook book!!


Starburst plus insulin reaction = fun. What a most interesting outlook!!


Beannie Weannies....wouldn't that be messy in a pack? Hey another oder masker I mean maker LOL


Beer and Elk jerky...The caching event I'm going to June 1 has already posted what peole are bringing. One guy is bringing vennison. He says he can't promise that all the glass and small car parts will be out but he'll try...His goes by the name of RoadKill....


Spam...I heard that that is a delicacy in Hawaii.


Ice Cream.....You must go on really short hikes...or is it the dehydrated kind?


Avanti cigar....I just finished a quilt for the cache event....the backing is a print of old cigar labels! Really! And Avanti is one of them!


Drinking a gallon of water...My husband had a major kidney attack last year. I'de never seen him in such pain. And in the midst of it all the Doc says...."This could have been prevented by just drinking enough water"...adds to the off trail excursions but is way better than gut wrenching pain.....


Glad ware lids....Any particular seasoning that you use. I have noticed several on the trails that have been nibbled on!


With all this posting I'm planning on making a picnic for lunch today with everyones favorites...meatball subs, slaw, new extra flavor rice cakes, oranges, assortment of beverages in cool bottles and something with heavy duty coffee in it for me!


Happy trails!




"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)


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We rarely snack while on the trail, but if we're going for a long drive TO a cache, we PACK.


I mean, two kids, ages 5 and 8? If they aren't saying "Are we there yet?", they're saying, "Mom, I'm hungry!"


Quaker Oats Granola Bars - S'mores and Chocolate Blast flavors;

Rold Gold Pretzel sticks - put a few handfuls in a ziplock and they don't fight over the bag;

Jerky strips - for Steak, the meat-eater;

Bananas - compact and the peel can be "added to the environment";

Gatorade in the sport bottles so I don't have to worry about spills so much;

Gatorade, water and Sprite for Steak - he drinks constantly;

Water or Coffee for me. Unfortunately, unlike the fellows, I have a more difficult time "whipping it out" when my body's fluid levels need lowering, so I can't drink all of the coffee that I'd prefer. Cream and sugar, please. "I like my coffee like I like my men - blond and sweet!"


We always take a cooler for drinks in the back of the truck and a box with the snacks in the cab. Sure makes life a bit simpler, and when they're eating they aren't yelling at each other... ARGH!


"Mom... he hit me!"

"Mom... he won't stop touching me!"


My mom laughs when I tell her about this problem, but I swear that we never did that stuff as kids!


Lori aka: RedwoodRed


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My parents were always taking us on road trips. My Dad got furious if he noticed spit balls hitting trucks (of course I never did that icon_wink.gif

hated potty stops and had the "drive till you drop" philosophy of travel.


We got into wicked fights in the car......My Mom used to find sticks by the side of the road and line us up in front of the car....never could do that now....instead I give extra house chores...dusting, vacuuming and picking up sticks in the back yard.


Sugar in Coffee.... icon_eek.gif





"Have you no news on your travels?" the Book of fairy & folk tales of Ireland (1888)

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No, really. I can't get wasabi peanuts anymore icon_frown.gif I think they call it the oriental mix you can get in bulk. I always have an energy bar with me too.


Water is preferred over anything else.




Jeremy Irish

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Originally posted by Jeremy Irish:

No, really. I can't get wasabi peanuts anymore icon_frown.gif



I love sushi (my whole family does), but I think one of the coolest things about sushi is burping the wasabi for hours afterward. I know that that sounds disgusting, but hey, if you've got to relive a meal due to gastrointestinal processes, at least the flavor should be pleasant!


Days later I find myself craving sushi, wasabi and miso soup again. Of course the Wasabi Wars between Steak and I at restaurants would make your eyes water! icon_biggrin.gif


Where can I get wasabi mix?


Lori aka: RedwoodRed


"I don't get lost, I investigate alternative destinations."

GeoGadgets Team Website

Comics, Video Games and Movie Fansite


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I always carry granola bars. They have been helpfull a few times when I had a craving.I have given some to others on the trail too. I also like to carry a energie /boost or vector bar too. For liquids I usually bring juice and water. One I also like is a snickers bars. I have seen great sugestions in this topic. But I remember when Dx Challenged came in our area I was surprise to see that bag of licorice. I helped her out by holding the bag icon_wink.gif I eventually handed the bag back to her as it seemed to be getting light. TKS Deb lol I'll remember to bring my own next time these are addictive icon_biggrin.gif



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