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  1. I noticed the same thing too. Even some of the dirt roads in my area that are on Mapsend Topo and even DR ore not on the new 3D. What gives? This is enough of a drawback in my opinion not to upgrade. Bummer. Where are you getting this information about the trails in 3D? Did you have a hands on demo? --Marky I was viewing it off of Magellan's web site.(preview map) And I could be jumping the gun, but just comparing areas where we ride atvs at it is not very promising.
  2. Comparing my old mapsend topo to the 3D, i've noticed alot of trails and roads missing on the 3D. I hope this isn't something you have to pay extra for on that trails.com scam. Other wise this could be a waste of money in my opinion.
  3. I was playing around with the nearest to feature today and I thought I would use the other position choice. Well now on the screen were you have your options of positions to choose from( position, cities,address and other) I have this landmark on there now and can not figure out how to delete this. I have done clear all waypoints and tracks and it is still there. Any other suggestions would be great. I own a Meridian Platinum.
  4. Well, reflashed 5.12(second time) after clearing all exsting files. And I still have the same proplem. It appears to be about 30+- degrees off. I even let it sit for about 2hrs to collect enough data and it still won't let me recalibrate.
  5. Sounds like we have the exact same proplem. I'm going to reflash 5.12 one more time. If that does not fix this issue i'm going back to 4.02..
  6. Been their done that! When I change the temp and press save it goes right back to the previous incorrect temp. This does not work either reset, change temp, save.
  7. After carefully reading all of the discussions with the new firmware (5.xx) I decided to upload. Everything went fine except one little annoying proplem, no not the location of the new user waypoint. I seemed to be having a proplem with recalibrating my tempature. It is telling me that it is 103+- inside my house, 84+- outside when it is only 40degrees right now. I've done everything from clear all memory, the annoying compass calibration(long and short version). Does anybody have a suggestion that could solve this proplem without taking a hammer to it.
  8. So far I yet to come cross a forest service road that does not show up on my gps. But not all of them are numbered, it just says it is a NFSR.
  9. We use a three way with no side effects. Two gpsr and a radar dectector or cell phone charger. Never have had any problems.
  10. I was in RadioShack yesterday and got a pamplet on the sportrak map,sportrak pro and the platinum. The weather screen they show on the platinum is different than the one I have. Uhhhh!! As anybody else seen this? I know this is off the topic but didn't think the original topic was worth responding to.
  11. I encounter poor satellite reception and the backward compass. But I don't believe it had anything to do with the firmware. I didn't follow the complete instructions. I followed there instructions and the gpsr works like a charm. Remember that is just my own experience.
  12. I use the window mount and love it. With two geo-rigs it makes it real easy to swap from one vehicle to the other. The only problem I have is my wife gets mad at me if I don't clean off the little rings the suction cups leave on the window.
  13. Night caching is the best. And were I'm from it is starting to catch on.
  14. I quess nobody really doesn't come over here!
  15. I must be looking for the wrong caches, the best I can do is one little beetle. That did live to see the next cacher.
  16. I'm proud owner of a MeriPlat, and have no problems with signal in moderate tree cover. Nor do I have problem in dense tree cover. Three satellites is enough to find any cache. My problem is next to big cliff over hangs. But was interested in buying a sportrak for my boy.
  17. The only problem with dan millers site is that it can be inaccurate. Take me for example, according to dan millers site I have zero hides. When I actually have Four. Owyhee Lodging Pack Rats Bluff and Jumpin'up the Canyon These are co-owned. And Rock-n-Hole. So if you are not the first person listed as owner or there are no log finds, you will not be credit with a hide. Just my view!
  18. You are more or less on the honor system here, when it comes to being skunked. I don't think to many people would mine reading not found logs. It is part of the game!
  19. I just purchased the Energizer rechargeable and am completetly satisfied with it. Model# CHM4AA
  20. I just purchased the Energizer rechargeable and am completetly satisfied with it. Model# CHM4AA
  21. Give the individual cacher the option of showing or hiding his/her finds.
  22. What we need is X-treme geocaching. 4X4 required. Survivor gear required.
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