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  1. Finish this one: Geocachers never grow old, they just... Have GPS, Will Travel.
  2. One of my caches here in San Diego has an active beehive close by but only six out of 65 finders mentioned it. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  3. Went on an impromptu search that turned out to be in an area ravaged by fire. As I walked around the ashes, I can feel the heat from the ground even without any visible smoke. Took pictures of what was left of the hiding spot from 27 feet away. I don't want to risk melting my Tevas or getting burned myself. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  4. XOC member #134. Also moderate the hiking and climbing forum. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  5. I collect spores, molds and fungus but navel lint?!!! That's disgusting! Have GPS, Will Travel.
  6. What do you find inside a clean nose?.......fingerprints Have GPS, Will Travel.
  7. I'm actually looking for something to cover the walls of my extra room. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  8. on your keychain? Anything geocaching-related? Have GPS, Will Travel.
  9. the longer the better Have GPS, Will Travel.
  10. Most fads are cheap. Geocaching requires technology that can be expensive. The GPS is here to stay and will only evolve into more advanced electronics. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  11. 22. lighters, knives, illegal drugs and condoms are amusing trade items. Useful too! 23. Why clean up after your dog? Just cover their poop with rocks and dirt. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  12. A lot on my way to unfamiliar locales A lot more when I get lost. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  13. Bought my Vista on impulse when me and my wife had an argument 2 years ago. I paid $450 with insurance but up to now, my wife still brings it up and drives me crazy at times Accessories: Mapsource, power+pc cable, holder for the truck...just under $600 in all. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  14. One of my latest caches have this: "You gotta be kidding if you need a hint for this one! But if you must, its under large rocks with dead braches stuffed inside. Happy?" Have GPS, Will Travel.
  15. My first Vista started malfunctioning four months after I bought it due to repeated falls (the unit, not me ) The store I bought it from replaced it without question and since then my Vista have given me problem free operation for over a year and a half now. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  16. I'll call them "cashews". cache+waypoint Searchers Have GPS, Will Travel.
  17. I already have $1.5M so I took nothing and left nothing. Signed log. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  18. Here's my requirements for choosing a daypack: -well-padded shoulder strap that doesn't pinch -with a sternum strap -hip belt with adjustments -ample storage space without being too bulky when full -outside pockets -sturdy material -lightweight Its really a matter of personal preference and you will have to try on a dozen (or more) packs before you decide on one. I have a bit of a pack fetish and that accounts to my 6 backpacks. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  19. I've had a dozen maglites and minis, then I got a very bright pelican xenon flashlight. Out of my 3 headlamps, I like the Rayovac 3-in-1 Sportsman headlamp because of its versatility, size and best of all...the price which is under $15. Features compare to more expensive Petzl and princeton tec models. Here's a link: Rayovac Sportsman Have GPS, Will Travel.
  20. If you paint it yellow maybe it won't look too menacingly threatening. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  21. I'm voting for the tie too! Something I can wear to the formal Geocaching convention Have GPS, Will Travel.
  22. Hmmm...what's next? Geocaching neckties? Boxer short? (You can't see it, but its there! ) What else...ah, headbands to soak up the sweat on hot summer days, umbrellas, bandanas? Have GPS, Will Travel.
  23. Out on parole, perhaps? Have GPS, Will Travel.
  24. I don't like my caches to be archived. Have GPS, Will Travel.
  25. I removed the link. Thanks for the tip. With regards to possible disturbance to flora and fauna, The rock sits behind a small spiny bush bordering some gravel. Because gravel would be too small, dark and rough to write on, my stone is obviously set apart from the surrounding. I do intend to coat the written side with clear enamel or nail polish to keep the coords from fading. Have GPS, Will Travel.
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