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360 Panorama


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I have something similar on this cache page (click on scenic overlook link). But I linked to another website to get it.


I'd like to learn how to do it on my own. It would be a great addition to some of my cache pages.


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Wow! That is so cool. Your pics on the Photo Megapost thread are incredible too. I would love to do some caching in Utah. It is one of those places that I *must* return to. My husband and I had an opportunity to visit a couple years ago. Kind of a whirlwind trip. We hit 8 National Parks & Monuments in a week, mostly in southern Utah. My description of your state to anyone that hasn't been there is: Everywhere you look in Utah, you just have to say *WOW!*

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For reference, my favorite software for producing 360s is Live Picture's Photo Vista. It may also be the cheapest (except for freeware). You can usually find it in the discount rack for under $10. You can use any camera. Be sure to get version 1 (not version 2). It provides images without the distortion usually seen in 360s. Tell it which images to use and press one button. Couldn't be easier.


Another is Pixaround. You can view them on a PDA and email them to friends. Unfortunately the price for it has skyrocketed. I got it early, when it was cheap.


Many realtors use Ipix, but the 360-world frowns on Ipix since they charge for each image produced.

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I use a Nikon 5000 with a fisheye lens. I take 3 pictures at 120 degrees and then use PTGUI to stitch together the images. PTGUI is a front end to the free Panorama Tools program.


If you use a fisheye lens to make a 360 panorama, you will also need to download the modified pano12.dll at



This is because IPIX has a patent on creating 360 panoramas (really lame) with a fisheye lens and normally the software does not allow you to go more than 180 degrees. You can read more about the patent at http://www.wired.com/news/business/0,1367,20824-2,00.html


There are single shot 360 panorama lenses such as the one at http://www.0-360.com This will allow you to just take one shot and not have to mess with the stitching (which can be a real pain sometimes). The only thing with a one shot lens though is that it will not capture "everything" such as sky and the ground. You need to use a fish eye for that. I created a full 360 panorama of the inside of my old house at http://www.holdman.com/house/pan.html



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The Rock pile is real. I did not use a tripod and eyeballed the shot so everything did not match up perfectly. That is why there is a break in the rockpile. When you use a Tripod, you can get more accurate. This is why it would be nice to have a one shot 360 lens.


HEY, is that a fake rock pile I saw when I looked at the ground in that pic?

I know a good 360 when I see it...

TEAM 360.



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Thanks DapperDanMan!!! Your Provo Peak cache page helped me get my spinning panoramic view working again over at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=62457. Every since GC moved the cache photos to a separate server, I haven't been able to get the viewer to work. It kept on displaying a red box instead of the actual picture.


I also like the fact that you were able to pull in a panoramic picture from your own website instead of GC. That's a real plus. You're not limited to the 100k file size limit that GC imposes. Now I can post high resolution panos if I wanted to, within reason of course.


Thanks for sharing that awesome view! Maybe I'll drive out there and check it out some day.


The Boonie Man

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Great work DapperDanMan. I'm jealous. Maybe with luck I can figure out how to do that over the winter as I can think of a lot of great places that would make great panoramas. Who knows, I may even justify buying a new digital camera to get those kind of results, as the one I currently have is getting quite dated.


As for those looking to geocache in Utah, it can be tough. I can't count how many times I've planned on caching in areas only to find myself wandering off in the wrong direction exploring, never actually getting around to actually going after the cache. My "To Do" list is getting quite extensive.

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This is true. The link below is a Panorama from 6 images of a 6x7 Camera (4 times the resoultion of a 35mm camerea). We made a print that is 5 feet long and it is razor sharp.




Originally posted by geospotter:

Don't feel bad about sticking to stitching. In my opinion it results in a better pano (with the right software).



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