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  1. FYI: I noticed the benchmark log entries are no longer displayed in chronological order under Details for Benchmarks. They appear to be random now. See AD7283for an example.
  2. Hey Z Statman, You're famous now. I saw an article in the newspaper about someone getting airlifted by a helicopter. We're you looking for the Pawpaw Cache. It seems to have eluded a lot of people lately. Glad to hear you made it out okay. The Boonie Man
  3. I have had that problem too. Try going into "My Cache Page" after you see the agreement notice. That usually resets something that allows you to download waypoints. Hope that helps.
  4. Yahoo/Geocities won't let you link to an image (.jpg file) from an external website like geocaching.com. That would allow people to bypass their annoying advertisements. Can't have that. You have to link to a web page (.html file) instead. Try the following. http://www.geocities.com/friared1/route66.html
  5. I just saw a message (see http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=61665 ) about a user receiving a virus alert from their ISP (Yahoo) indicating that a pocket query file had a virus in it. More likely it's a false positive report, but I wonder if Road Runner is getting the same kind of report and has decided to take action by blocking all connections including e-mail from Geocaching.com. It might be worth tracking down that pocket query. Who knows. There might be a cache listing out there that looks like a virus. The Boonie Man
  6. Yep! Looks like Road Runner is blocking legitimate e-mail addresses again. I just modified my GC profile so it would use my AT&T Worldnet e-mail address instead and now the pocket queries are starting to come in. I wonder what happens to all the bounced/rejected e-mail (i.e. private messages). Do they ever get resent? The Boonie Man
  7. A couple months ago I noticed a strange thing was happening whenever I used the vertical scroll bars in Internet Explorer to view long cache pages on Geocaching.com. Every once in a while, the scroll bar would not let me go back to the top of the page. It would go up a little ways and then stop. As soon I let go of the mouse button, the screen would jump back down to the bottom of the page. Weird! Has anybody else seen this problem? It doesn't do it when I use the scroll wheel on the mouse. It only happens when I drag the scroll bar up and down. I noticed this happening on two different computers that I use. Both are running Internet Explore 6.0 and Windows XP Home Edition with all the latest service packs and hotfixes. No special mouse software is loaded. The Boonie Man
  8. Yes, I totally agree. They should bring this function back. I used it sometimes to correct the location of travel bugs. Instead of cluttering up the cache log with a bunch of meaningless t-bug transaction statements, I would just edit my original log entry and specify that I had dropped off a t-bug. Worked perfectly. No fuss and no muss!
  9. Try coordinates N29° 13.755 and W81° 00.515. That should put you right on top of the hotel.
  10. Thanks DapperDanMan!!! Your Provo Peak cache page helped me get my spinning panoramic view working again over at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=62457. Every since GC moved the cache photos to a separate server, I haven't been able to get the viewer to work. It kept on displaying a red box instead of the actual picture. I also like the fact that you were able to pull in a panoramic picture from your own website instead of GC. That's a real plus. You're not limited to the 100k file size limit that GC imposes. Now I can post high resolution panos if I wanted to, within reason of course. Thanks for sharing that awesome view! Maybe I'll drive out there and check it out some day. The Boonie Man
  11. This is probably old news to some, but I just saw an article in the St. Johns River Water Management District's StreamLines Edition that talks about Geocaching. Sounds like they are behind it 100 percent. If you want to read the entire article, click on the link below. http://sjr.state.fl.us/programs/outreach/pubs/streamln/03summer/su03sln1.html The Boonie Man
  12. You must have a plug-in like QuickTime loaded on your computer. To find out, click on the Help menu under Mozilla and select About Plug-ins. Do you see a plug-in that has MIMI types like audio/mid, audio/x-midi or audio/midi. If you do and it's called QuickTime, then follow these steps to disable the MIDI. 1) Click the Start button, select Settings and then Control Panel. 2) Double-click on QuickTime. 3) Set the drop down menu to Browser Plug-in. 4) Click the MIME Settings button. 5) Find Audio and click the plus sign (+) next to it. 6) Uncheck MIDI file. 7) Click OK to exit the MIME Settings. 8) Close the QuickTime Settings dialog box. Whew! I hope that stops the music. The Boonie Man
  13. Sure it does. Just go into Mozilla's Preferences and remove the Helper Application for the MIME type audio/x-midi. Here's how I did it: 1) Under Mozilla's Edit menu, click on Preferences. 2) Under Category, double-click on Navigator. 3) Click on Helper Applications. 4) Under File types, select audio/x-midi and then click the remove button. 5) Click the Ok button to exit Preferences. That should kill the noise. The Boonie Man
  14. I kinda liked the tune. If you hit the escape key while viewing the cache page, it will turn off the sound. The Boonie Man
  15. After reading some documentation on Java applets, I've learned that for security reasons, they are not permitted to access files on the client, nor are they allowed to make network connections to other servers. That last part is what's breaking PTViewer. The fact that the images are now on their own server, makes them inaccessible to applets on the www.geocaching.com website. By the way, this is not some applet I found on the Internet and would like to get it to work in my cache pages. It's actually hosted on www.geocaching.com under the "applet" web directory. It's been out there for a couple years now. If it's not supported anymore, just tell me and I'll drop the subject. Thanks!
  16. Is anybody else seeing red when they try to display panoramic pictures on their cache page using the PTViewer Java Applet? The one on my Capt. Boonie's Long Lost Treasure cache (http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=62457) stopped working (I believe) right after the images were moved to the new server. I tried specifying the new path to the image (http://img.Groundspeak.com/cache/62457_400.jpg) but it didn't help. I think the applet is expecting the images to be on the same server as the cache page. Boy, I hope there's a fix for this. I would hate to see this feature go away. The Boonie Man
  17. Thanks Stunod! I never thought to look at the home page. That would explain the problem.
  18. I'm not sure waiting 24 or 48 hours is going to resolve this particular problem, unless images are still being transferred to the new system. I think the reason why the admin recommended that we be patient is because it takes time for a new IP address to propagate and update all the DNS caches out in the world. Since I was able to see all my old pictures just fine using the new IP address, I suspected there was a different reason (non-DNS related) for why the newer pictures weren't working. That's why I posted my original message. The Boonie Man
  19. The Thumbnails and Small Display Pictures are missing on all the logs I entered today. I think it might have something to do with the upgrade. Note: The original submitted pictures still come up, if you click on the picture-not-found icons. See log entry at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=79952 for an example. Should I repost these pictures or is this something that can be fixed by the admin? The Boonie Man
  20. Did anybody try to find the caches that were hidden by the Palm Beach Post down in Palm Beach County, Florida? Supposedly, there were four of them spread out over the county. They were only suppose to be out there until last Sunday. Wish I had known about it sooner. I probably would have gone to look for them. You can get more information about the caches by going to PBP's website at: http://www.palmbeachpost.com/accent/content/accent/local/geocaching_index.html Also when you're there, read the story by Kim Folstad. It's an excellent article about a geocacher named Seaside Sam. Sounds like someone that enjoys the boonies more than I do. The Boonie Man
  21. No problem. It's a long drive but I'm going to be doing some hiking this weekend in that area anyways. If all goes according to plan, I should have your travel bug up in the Ocala National Forest area by April 26th or 27th. Thanks Federation for offering to help out. I'll let you know which cache I end up picking for the travel bug. Sure you don't want me to pick Fl. Wolf's Wolf's Where the Wild Things Go cache. Could be a nice warm up for the your extreme geocaching event.
  22. Since I was the last one that moved your travel bug, I better go get him. He's in a tough cache right now, which from the looks of it, doesn't get very many visitors. Wish I had hung onto him and brought him back home with me. I live only a few hours from Tallahassee. Keep an eye on him. He might be moving soon.
  23. I had a similar problem with Paypal when it tried to automatically withdraw $30 from my checking account to pay for my charter membership. It failed for some reason, so it sent me an e-mail message saying it would try again in about 4 days. Well, I didn't want to wait 4 days to get my charter membership back, so I went to Groundspeak and paid for a new subscription using my credit card. Until recently I thought my old subscription was cancelled, but after reading this thread and following El Diablo's directions, I discovered that Paypal was still trying to renew my old subscription. If one more day had gone by, it probably would have successfully withdrawn another $30. That was close. Thanks El Diablo for sharing this helpful information about Paypal subscriptions. It saved me 30 bucks.
  24. How about some place in the Ocala National Forest. Every time I go out there I'm saddened by how much garbage is tossed into the rivers or dumped along the roads. I picked up over 3 bags worth of garbage by Rock's Hickory Landing Cache (GC166D) and there was still plenty left lying around. I would think the area around Rock's Redneck Oasis Cache (GC404D) would be a nice place to clean up. I'm sure there's plenty of bear cans and bottles tossed around that popular swimming hole. I'm definitely willing to get my hands dirty to make a park look nice. Count me in. The Boonie Man
  25. Didn't mean to change the subject. I created a separate thread for the St. Johns River Cleanup Celebration.
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