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  1. BTW - I know several men who are Girl Scouts! You have to be an adult male. And you obviously cannot meet with the girls without an adult female present.
  2. I've been a Girl Scout for a total of 15+ years. 11 as a girl and I'm now in my 5th as a leader. This year I introduced my 5th graders to geocaching. In fact, we just went out last weekend to send out our troop travel bug Troop549. The girls thought it was a blast!
  3. How about a horde of cachers? I also like confluence above.
  4. "He said he ran into some other hunters who helped dress his wounds, then continued on his way. They offered to help him get back to his truck, but Murphy told them he could make it on his own." Who would let this guy drive off on his own?!!
  5. I think I'm more obsessive about it than my hubby, although he's the one who got us started. We log as a team, so there's no stat competition. I think he's only been on one hunt without me. The kids and I have done a few without him. I thought that once the kids went back to school, I might start hunting some on my own. I went on one solo and found that it wasn't nearly as much fun as spending the time with my family. Besides, it took me about a half-hour of searching to find the cache. The hubby and kids are *way* better than me at the final search. When the kids are with us, they run the GPSr. When it's just the two of us, we take turns.
  6. I'd also like to hear Robert Lipe's story. He didn't claim FTF on the Grand Treasure, but is listed as the winner. (Congrats BTW )
  7. Wow! That is so cool. Your pics on the Photo Megapost thread are incredible too. I would love to do some caching in Utah. It is one of those places that I *must* return to. My husband and I had an opportunity to visit a couple years ago. Kind of a whirlwind trip. We hit 8 National Parks & Monuments in a week, mostly in southern Utah. My description of your state to anyone that hasn't been there is: Everywhere you look in Utah, you just have to say *WOW!*
  8. Did you log it on the travel bug page? Just indicating you took the travel bug in the cache log won't do it. Click on the bug's name on the cache page and to go to the bug's page.
  9. I was thinking the same thing - bikers everywhere makes hiding a treasure chest difficult! The hide in CT surprised me. I thought for sure it would be Norfolk and Milwaukee. Hope they don't opt for Norfolk since we had a close one in Chicago. I couldn't make it down there for that one.
  10. I wonder why they've only released coords for 2 of the hides. There are three that got 4th clues w/o coords. I'm also confused on the number of treasures hidden. I count there have only been 30 (+ 2 bonuses in CA and PA). Maybe there's still hope for Milwaukee?
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