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Yrium's Geocacher Trading Cards


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picked up a Flinstones misprint while at Max's Park this morning. I also got a geocoin and a pin from PassingWind.

Picked up a YMS#24 misprint while at Max's Park this morning, left a San Diego Geocachert pin.


Only 1 Chuy remains

Not anymore, I picked up the last Chuy card and one Flintstones misprint. There are a bunch of Flintstones cards in the cache.

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Headed for Max's park mid-morning and grabbed a YMS #24 Flintstone misprint for $kimmer. Splashette gave me one of the three misprints she picked up so $kimmer didn't get one last week. I've been feeling guilty about that so took care of the problem.


There's still a bunch of YMS #24 cards and related misprints in the container so come get 'em gang.



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On my way to Max's with 25x YMS #25 cards. ETA, 8:20 a.m.

8:45 am.

Happened to be online posting photos from yesterday's two cache finds and saw the Forum's Automatated Topic Subscription Reply Notification that new cards were in the wild. Hustled down and got there as FM was pulling out of the parking lot. We chatted for a couple of minutes about his next cache objective while Max ran around and got suitably wet. Then I headed over to Max's and pulled 1@ #25 and #25 misprint. There are presently:


3@ #24 Flintstones

1@ #24 Flintstones misprint

24@ #24 D-Jollyman

24@ #24 D-Jollyman misprint


Should be plenty to satisfy demand.


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Made a mad rush for cards yesterday and was there at about 4:00 p.m. Grabbed three YMS #25 and three related misprints for Splashette and for $kimmer, and for me of course. Had to have them for a 5:30 p.m. party with the Geobabes in attendance.


That's another fine job on the card.



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Tm and I took 3 of each of the #25's. (one set is for Duncan!).


We ran in to John...He asked us to post for him...He would not be able to post untill after work...and knows that would piss some-one off....sooooo John took one set also. Should be about 7 of each left...@ Max's


Thanks Tom...you are the Man!

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Thanks for the cards Tom!!! They look super sweet!!


I stopped by on Sunday and swiped 3 sets of #25...gotta send a set to my parents waaaaaaaaaaaaaay up in Ely, MN.

I also grabbed a set of #24.


Thanks PW and Caching Widow for hookin' me up!!!


Oh... just to clear things up, I'm NOT Jamaican and DEFINITELY NOT Norwegian.


I'm a Finnish Poika.


That PassingWind sure has a funny sense of humor!!

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. . .  up in Ely, MN.

In the 70's (I know I'm an old fart) I spent part of a summer on an island in Burntside Lake (and a day in each direction in Ely). Beautiful place. I'd love to have both the island and my summers off!


[Grammer edit]

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;):back: Congrats D-Jollymon! :mad::mad:


PW...nice work 'mon! :mad:;)


Thanks GoBolts! for the "cover"! :mad:


I stopped by Max's the other day and grabbed one each YMS #25 (D-Jollymon) original and misprint. A "few" days before that I left one each YMS #23 (Chuy) original and misprint in Richland Stone Circle. They should be long gone by now. :mad:


Thanks all!



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Introducing YMS #25 - D-Jollymon.  Thanks to PassingWind for the design work.  Now don't go running out to Max's yet -- I probably won't get around to placing any of these cards until tomorrow morning, at the earliest....



Dats a good card....don't ya know! :blink:

This is awesome! Makes me want to start collecting! LOL!



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Introducing YMS #26 - Team Reid


Thanks, Harmon, for the design work!

should I be on my way to Max's now? :laughing:

To answer my own question, they are there and it looks like the misprinter made it by as well. :laughing: I picked up 2 sets. 1 for me and 1 for someone else (in case he doesn't make it by). It is a very nice card fior a well deserving team. :huh:

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