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  1. Anyone hitting the GeoWoodStock this year? Trying to determine if I can go. Paul Team Adelos
  2. Paul, give us a call, we may have some . Whatever are they for? JnJ Thanks -- I will check in with you on Saturday. Need them for some Bionicles of course.
  3. Fisnjack confirmed that my "Count on Me" puzzle was still at GZ and in great condition, thanks Jack! I requested that it be re-activated. Here is the link http://coord.info/GC10KFZ if you have not solved/found it yet. Also, I am in need of six ammo cans. Does anyone have any that I can have or buy? I would hate to use bisons as I hate bisons. Thanks, Paul Team Adelos
  4. I have several but I dont know if you want to count puzzles. My oldest traditional not visited is Jamul Mountain (http://coord.info/GC11VV7) which Jahoadi and John did maintenance back in April 2011 (Thanks again John). It has not had a new find since 13 October 2008. I have queries that cover all caches 25 miles from El Cajon, CA. I will check my database for oldest caches not found and post a list here.
  5. General travel bugs are ok but sometimes people place them in high risk caches that get muggled. Geocoins often end up taken and dont show back up. I have had dozens disappear. unfortunately. Paul
  6. IF this GPS is still available, my nephew would be stoked! Yup.. Still have it and it is now yours. I sent an email to you, just let me know what works. Paul TA
  7. Does anyone in San Diego need a GPSr? I have an old yellow Garmin etrex that still works great and in very good shape. It does use a serial cable though so you have to either have a serial port or buy a USB to Serial port adapter. I am not looking for any money for it, but I do want it to go to someone who actually would use it. Here is an image of the model from Garmin site: Paul Team Adelos
  8. Yes. I have noticed at different time when the GPS is off consistently 200+ feet showing me on the freeway when I am on a parallel street. I have read that some of the new 4G testing cell towers frequency bands can interfere with GPS signals. This was in another state but maybe it is being tested in San Diego.
  9. Make sure you send me a good picture of your Yeep for the 4x4's of the OTT series!! :D What area of the series needs that? Is that the North/East section? Throw me a cache name so I can mark it down. Duh.. You posted a link.. Thanks Tom!
  10. Make sure you send me a good picture of your Yeep for the 4x4's of the OTT series!! :D What area of the series needs that? Is that the North/East section? Throw me a cache name so I can mark it down.
  11. Might be looking to do the Otay Truck Trail this weekend maybe both Saturday and Sunday. Looking at working on the Hall of Fame series there. There are a bunch of caches since I was there last so lots of work to do. TA
  12. :antenna:20,000...Very nice! Congratulations you two!!! :antenna: A class act! You guys Rock! Thanks for bringing so many smiles to us all! awesome milestone! Awesome job.. Truly amazing and there nice peeps too!
  13. We are! I think I can make this one because we aren't going to Wisconsin this year... Not sure what trails I'm doing but I cant wait for the mountains again! I think I want to hit some long trails and I think the peak is open again abut I have to confirm. I have never been up there and it is suppose to be amazing!
  14. Anyone going to the Big Bear Bash event August 20th? TA
  15. Apparently that rock must have two names. Fanita Ranch's Final Erection... It was built when the NIMBYs shut down the development project...
  16. Apparently that rock must have two names. Fanita Ranch's Final Erection... It was built when the NIMBYs shut down the development project...
  17. Thanks, Paul!! I was a little worried!! Glad all is well, and hope to join up for a hike or Jeep run!! I'm sorry to see you archiving your excellent puzzles! Some are really excellent and although they may not get visited often, I'm sure they could provide puzzling fun for future puzzlers... There are a half-dozen I haven't finished, maybe I'd better get them before it is too late! So glad to hear that everything is OK, Paul. I was just about to e-mail you myself when I spotted this post. We sure have missed you lately! I hope you'll reconsider archiving those puzzles - at least the ones that haven't been DNF'd. Some of us put a lot of work into solving them, and have just never gotten down your way to find them. I bet if you put a call out on the forums for someone to help you check on them, you'd get a bunch of volunteers! I am planning on collecting most of them. If I find caches in great shap, those will probably stay -- no promises though. I have a bunch of ideas, but I want to do some serious clean up/maintenance before I put anymore out there. Paul
  18. Hi everyone! I received a couple emails that showed concern, so I thought I would post this update for everyone. I hope everyone is doing great. It has been a long time since I have been on the forum and my caching has been very minimal. Some of you have noticed that almost all of my caches were recently disabled. The caches are still in place, but some have DNF's. I would assume the DNF's are missing but I will check still check them. I will be archiving them as I re-collect my caches. Anyone that has hiked with me knows it will be slow going, so if you really need to still log a find -- you may want to consider sooner rather than later.. I am re-organizing. I need to buckle down on the exercise and getting back into wonderful game of caching. If you know me, then you know who much I love being out on the trail and jeepin too! I have been so busy with life that I neglect to get out. Just wanted to let everyone know that everything is good and not to worry about Team Adelos. I am sure that someday we will torment everyone again. Paul
  19. Who killed Team Adelos' As the saying goes: "You can't keep a good man down, even if you keep killing him"...or something like that. Anyway, I enjoyed all the FTFs this morning. The page also mentioned a possible "Resurrection of Team Adelos" cache. I'm looking forward to that one too. It should be interesting. By the time I saw he revived it, you already found it! That was quick..
  20. How many times can you kill a guy? http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...64-bc32ed4ea033 TA
  21. Hey Bruce.. Good to see you out the forum. Paul ki6qdb Team Adelos
  22. Yea YODA even has his own CACHE now. Yeah, I noticed ... just off the wire from that commie-pinko reviewer guy. What's the deal with the Lakeside 4WD rigs always getting stuck or busted? Looks to me like Santee is the tow-truck capital of the redneck tri-cities. Must be why Chrysler-Jeep is beggin' for bailout money. So sad. Me and YODA would never leave a JEEP stuck or busted. Cool Pics. Are you sure you did not tilt the camera to make it look as though you were pulling the jeep and not the other way around?
  23. Splashes Team Duckit Flagman and myself with Fattboy are doing pancake Rock . Go back to 93 and near the bottom it starts about the GC that is close to the start of the trail. No reports back.. did you all survive? TA
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