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  1. I see that they are allowing residents back into Julian. That means the roads should be opening up soon. At this point there is a sign at the east end of Ramona saying that the 78 is closed at Santa Ysabel.
  2. http://sosdfireblog.blogspot.com/2007/10/r...der-lifted.html Does that mean the 78 to Julian is open? Jess and I are still planning on at least coming for some time. We initially were planning to spend a couple days but now it will probably be less.
  3. No problem there. We have all our camping gear and our pool to fill the toilets. I'm also buying water in Chula Vista because it will probably scarce in Ramona for a while. They heavily restocked all the stores on water and at the moment you can get some water free at the Community Center off of 5th (went by tonight and got a case).
  4. I stopped by and checked on Toby's Gang's and finkbr's houses while I was out and about. There were no open doors/windows on the front or sides of the houses. I also stopped by 3 of my coworkers houses as well. I found 2 of them at home and 1 of them had fled. The coworker who fled left a couple animals in his yard (large lizard and some geese) and one of the other coworkers said he will go drop off some food later today. My coworkers and their families. One of the coworkers had two kids that had their property burn in the fire. They only lost a barn and plants though (no houses). The navy is at 7-11 in Ramona passing out bottled water. If you know anyone still in this area that needs water, let them know.
  5. I didn't make it south of main street there. We are about to head out and see if we can find a couple of my coworkers that we haven't heard from. We can stop by your place on our way out. I'll try to give you a call when we are over there.
  6. Water pressure is fairly low so I don't know if I would want to do that quite yet. I found out from some neighbors last night that someone had physically gone door to door and turned the water main off at each house and then water mains to the areas. We turned our main back on at about 10 last night and got enough water pressure for necessities. We wandered through the ghost town of Ramona last night and found that there were quite a few people that did not evacuate. We found Stater Brothers open for groceries. We found Stars, Circle K, and Daniels all open for gas. We found the Cheers, Subway, and the Turkey Inn open for food and drink. And we noticed at least one feed store open for food for the animals. We were actually suprised and thankful this many places had enough employees still in the area so that they could stay open.
  7. Wohoo, water is coming back on. ---------------------------------------------------------- The county's Office of Emergency Service has issued a boil water order for residents in Ramona. Any residents remaining in the city are asked use boiled water or bottled water for drinking and cooking until further notice. Tap water pressure is to be restored at 1 a.m.
  8. Just saw that they are now having Rancho San Diego evacuate. ------------------------------------------ The San Diego Office of Emergency Services has just reported that reverse 9-1-1 calls are being used to issue mandatory evacuation orders to Rancho San Diego . Residents should evacuate to Qualcomm Stadium.
  9. I just heard on one of the news stations that the water pumping station that pumps water up to Ramona has burned. They expect to have it back up and running in two days. It seems like there is water still in storage towers (since I still have water) at the moment but it probably won't last.
  10. The UT Blog shows that they are letting some of Poway back in: Poway city officials have reopened some sections of the city for residents to return to homes. The areas: -- South of Twin Peaks Road -- East of Community Road to Tierra Bonita Road on the north and Donard Drive on the south -- West of Ipava Drive -- West and North of Poway Road A detailed list of areas is on the city's Web site: www.poway.org The city will be streamlining the development services process as much as possible and reducing fees to make it easier for residents, officials said.
  11. This is the main one I have been watching (of course I also have the TV and/or radio on as well). It is only for the San Diego fires. http://fireblog.signonsandiego.com/
  12. The news is talking about the fire being near the Miller Ranch Road area. Hope it doesn't make it to Jodi and John's place.
  13. I can see the fire on a hillside a good distance south west of our house (it is past us). It look like it is heading over near the Mussy Grade area. I also hear there is a new fire in San Marcos. http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/metro/fireblog/
  14. Traffic has cleared up on the 67 near where we are. Hopefully they have gotten out by now. If that is Indian Head peak, the fire would be close to finkbr's house and my coworker's house as well (and I know my coworker will stay as long as possible since he did in the cedar fire). Aside from some red in the smoke, I haven't seen the fire from we are yet.
  15. They've just called for a mandatory evac of all of Ramona. I hope dugarm, Yeshua Girls, Toby's Gang, Finkbr and anyone else from that area are going to be OK... We are at the west end of town so we don't think we will have problems. We loaded up some of the more important stuff we have into the truck (including my main computer and the GPS ). We will be up all night keeping track of where the fire goes.
  16. maybe if you responded to your email.
  17. yep. got multiple emails due to it... I also caught this on one of the caches...
  18. The Dak Girls are offering a great series up for adoption.
  19. I have been hearing commercials on the radio today for this... They've been running promos since Friday too. I haven't heard the radio piece. Do you hear my son talking on the radio promo? The reported contacted me on Saturday and told me that the piece turned out really nice. We''ll see. Now I'm nervous. I have the radio on at work so I hear it every hour or two. Yes, I hear a couple words from your son in the promo. The bad is that I think they start the promo mentioning "Buried Treasure"....
  20. I have been hearing commercials on the radio today for this...
  21. It's a possibility for Team Reid. Not quite sure yet... I've sent the e-mail to Janie. Does anyone know the terrain? My Mom made it through the Forbidden Forest with flying colors (I'm so proud of her!), but I'd hate to do much more than that. Hopefully you will see us tonight! Robyn of Team Reid terrain is easier than the forest. She should have no problems. I hope to show up to watch.
  22. I see that you opted out of hitting up the Cowles Mtn caches a day or two back. You still interested? I was going to hit up the Cowles trail via Barker trailhead tomorrow morning. I probably have at least a dozen caches to hit up. I still need 3 up there but my definition of morning is very liberal.
  23. Just got done with Flagman,Duncan,and Thunder 4. There's some walking but it's not that bad. Good Luck. I tried to convince the guys we should head over for the cache since we finished by 8 but a trip to Chilis won out.....
  24. Timing, it seems, is everything and, as usual, mine is lousy... I'm really looking forward to doing this one. It sounds like a lot of fun, but... ...I won't be able to go after this cache for a couple of weeks. I'm hoping that there will still be a brave adventurer or two around who will not have done it by then... I'll still be willing to watch and laugh if you need company.
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