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  1. For those of you who have a few extra bucks and want to help the San Diego River Park Foundation acquire another 160 acres of land on El Capitan, now is your chance. Click the link below. San Diego River Park Foundation
  2. Did anyone notice or take advantage of today's low tide. Here is proof that at some low tides you can simply walk to the small island in Mission Bay, normally you would have to wade, swim or take a boat to it. Coords: N32 47.060 W117 12.567 Happy New Year!!!!
  3. Wow, I'm surprised to find out that this somewhat true. Enforcement was supposed to start July 1 but hasn't yet and after talking with the parking office they didn't know when enforcement would begin. The web site has yet to indicate the change. This web page clearly shows that weekends are still free.
  4. The San Diego River Park Foundation is still in need of funding to make another land acquisition. For any of you who can shake a few bucks loose. Please consider this extremely worthy cause. After all, we do play our game on the land that they maintain. Click this link to learn more San Diego River Park Foundation
  5. Came across this one today while mountain biking in Sycamore canyon.
  6. Devhead? I thought he was just a computer geek. Who would think that he could hike too? Congrats, devhead!!! Which HoF is next? Black Mountain with Thunder-4 next weekend. Stay tuned. @Harmon, you are forgetting that I found this cache.
  7. In case you don't have plans yet for tomorrow evening....or if one of the items on your bucket list is to meet Tucson Thompsen, consider enjoying the evening with a bunch of geocachers (TT being one of them) at this event. This is a good opportunity to get hints on puzzles or simply relax and swap stories. Everyone is welcome. Hope to see you there. Date: Friday, May 21, 2010 Time: 5-9 p.m. Venue: Giovanni's, 9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd., 858-279-6700
  8. Bomb squad in Anaheim goes geocaching. Orange County Register Article
  9. I'm planning on riding this new bike trail on Friday 3/26 starting sometime in the morning. Anybody want to join me? It was quite an enjoyable ride. I did it today with irish10 and fastlane1601, and it took us about 5 leisurely hours to complete. Sooo...now that this has received an endorsement from Tiek00n, is there anyone who has the day off or willing to play hookie? i figure I can get to Neptune way and cleaveland street at about 9am and will have all day to ride and cache.
  10. I'm planning on riding this new bike trail on Friday 3/26 starting sometime in the morning. Anybody want to join me?
  11. Kawikaturn found # 8000 today. WooooHooooo!!!!
  12. We've all been enjoying or soon will enjoy the new series that Lulu499 placed along the San Diego River. I'm sure folks have noticed how the river is being kept up nicely and that there is 1 mile of new bike path. This is due to the efforts of The San Diego River Park Foundation. The foundation is currently trying to buy more land with an ultimate goal of someday having a trail that will go from the ocean to the mountains. They are currently trying to obtain a $1 million dollar grant but need to raise some money to get the matching grant. Please consider making a donation that fits your current life style and ability to give: San Diego River Park Foundation Donation Page
  13. My understanding is that Kearny Mesa Bowl will only put up the gutter guards for people age 10 and under. You can always ask but don't expect them to say yes.
  14. Not that they are in it for the numbers....but.... Team Gecko just logged their3000th cache find! 3
  15. This is kind of short notice don't you think????. There already is a large ammo can not to far from there that acts as TB Hotel. Try GC1J459
  16. Thunder-4 found his 4000th cache today. Wooohoooo!!!
  17. That was Triplecrown...he was trying to sneak in on an FTF just placed by Game4Travel.... Nice find James, if you pan a little bit to the east you will find the Air & Space Museum, the roof still say Aerospace Museum. I just thought the juxtaposition of this is pretty cool.
  18. Thanks Jodi. Just so people know, I may be the publisher and the editor but I am getting help on the stories from a Rowdy guy who lives here in San Diego and has the initials HH.
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