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T-Rex Geocoin


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Some time ago we had a nice chat with friends about geocache hunting, FTF hunting - so we were thinking: Who would be the greatest (or biggest) hunter? And we have found one. The one who would be hunting not for caches, but for cachers. And he would only count FTFs.


Here is the first draft design of the possible geocoin.




Hope you like the concept, feedback is welcome before we go for final design and production.

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I like it, especially the head on the front. Very nicely done! I agree that "cacher hunter" seems a tad too close to the claws at the top of the coin. I'd recommend dropping the text size a point or two, and also playing with the character spacing on "cacher" since there's more space between the left and middle digits of the print than there are between the middle & right digits.

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Here is the revised design. We wanted to keep it simple to let the head come out. On the backiside we have played a little more with the idea of tyrannosarus hunting for the lonely cacher. Thus the human footprints are below the t-rex footprint. There will be different textures on certain levels to increase the footprint contrast and skin feel.



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We have decided for the following four versions to be produced:




We would like to try to get the coins to those interested before Christmas. Based on the production schedule we should be able to ship geocoins in the first week of December. In order to be able to ship the coins as soon as possible we have prepared a pre-order possibility.


Please see a pre-order at our gecoin site


NB: For those outside EU the tax will be deducted during checkout.

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Wow, it turned out great! I sure would like one of these but I really find the price is too dear, especially after conversion <_<


If you live in Australia you can divide the price by 1.2 to see the price withou tax, which would not apply. Price includes 20% tax, which does not apply when shipping anywhere outside European union.

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The coin looks really sweet.

Just one thing...T-Rex wasn't a hunter, he was carrion feeder so in reality he'd most likely not get lots of FTF *duck* :ph34r:


Ah, the great, "Was T. rex a hunter or scavenger" debate. This debate is very much unsettled!


I side with Calvin (of Calvin and Hobbes) when he says, in essence: "of course they were hunters! Because it would be totally bogus if they just ate things that were already dead!" :D

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