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  1. Good thinking; that cache looks like a good candidate for trackables wanting to travel to other countries. Whenever I travel I tend to look for trackables near airports to help move them along. Generally it's a good idea to avoid placing TB's and geocoins in puzzle caches or multi-caches that rarely get visited, unless the trackable's goal specifies such.
  2. Where do the bags of hamster cedar chips come in? Hamster cedar chips account for 0% of the budget since hamsters shouldn't use cedar for bedding material. The Groundspeak Hamster team use a variety of other bedding materials based on individual hamster preference. All hamster-related expenses are included in the above 10% IT infrastructure which is subdivided as follows: 3% Hamster bedding/housing 2% Hamster food supplies 2% Hamster wheel maintenance 1% Hamster behavioral consultants 2% Actual computers/Server/infrastucture expenses
  3. This is a very nice coin. I have the copper version and put in an order for the silver version this week. The coin is much nicer in person and the detailing on it is very intricate. Happy to add it to my collection of pirate-inspired coins!
  4. Is this the bug? - http://coord.info/TB4958W For some reason the link you posted didn't work for me. Good luck with the bug! It looks like something easy to get in a random photo at an event, and it appears it has made its way to the German and DGS black-market travel bug lists. You can always delete any logs that you feel are virtual. Unfortunately it has to be done on an individual basis as there is no bulk-delete function. Click on "Visit Log", and then on the next page the red trash can. -RedjackRyan
  5. Wow, the guys doing this sound like a real bunch of lamp-post film-can hiders!
  6. Interesting coin. What is the thickness of it?
  7. My set arrived this weekend. Great coins! Thanks again, Log Dawgs! -RedjackRyan
  8. Great looking coin! I hope to order one (or more) when they are available.
  9. The owner was very helpful and had a look at the cache. Unfortunately the coin was not in The last 2 geocachers were "Team Velocity" and "Velocity Youth" on 27th July 2013. Here on Groundspeak they are not registered or I can't find them. They didn't log here, just in the book. Where else can a geocacher in the USA look for caches in the www? Is there a chance to find them? It looks as though the geocacher that logged a find on 7/27/13 as "apple9" online also goes by Team Velocity based on a photo caption I saw on one of their other geocache logs... I hope this helps! Hopefully they are responsive.
  10. There is unfortunately no bulk delete option. You could always email Groundspeak and have them lock/kill your trackable. I have been going through and deleting logs of people who don't show the particular mega-event as attended. It takes a little time, but that's one nice thing about multi-tabbed browsing
  11. Speaking of deleting logs, does the logger get any kind of notice for log deletions on TB? I thought that was the case on caches, but not sure about TB. Yes they do... I wish there was a bulk delete option that would also have a text-box we could enter reason for deletion.
  12. Sorry to hear about your coin, it may have gone missing. I know the owner of the cache it is supposedly in and let them know about you looking for the coin. Hopefully they can check it and let you know.
  13. I found one at Midwest Geobash in the daytime. They are much easier after a mega-event evening. Just follow the trail!
  14. Have I experienced this? Yes I have. This is a picture of two "geocoins" that were at a travel bug hotel in Plainfield, IN. It seems many geocoins that pass through it end up like this. One of them used to be my own geocoin, which even had a hole drilled through it for one of those "geocoin-buddy" tags attached by a chain. Obviously it didn't stop the despicable person from stealing it. I would love to see the hotel owners' coin collection.. but since I have no proof of who it is, all I can do is continue to remind people not to leave geocoins at that particular TB hotel. If I see geocoins around the Indy area, I try to move them away so they don't meet the same fate.
  15. Longest Streak: 366 consecutive days with finds from 10/04/2011 to 10/03/2012 Longest Slump: 892 consecutive days without a find from 01/16/2008 to 06/26/2010 Dang, looks like I would have a LOT of work to do if I wanted to ever qualify for these challenges!
  16. Good water-tight containers don't matter if a random cacher doesn't put the lid back on securely. I've even had a Lock&Lock replaced with the lid on upside down! A good baggy helps prolong the life of the contents. I've found the pill bags tend to be more thick and brittle, and often lose their ability to seal shut quickly when the bags are folded this way and that to put back in micro containers. Craft baggies may not be as thick, but have better flexibility and are still quality.
  17. The maps also show it on the edge of Westdale Park, an area which is likely to be frequently used by adults not associated with the school. If that area was entirely school grounds I might agree with you, but it isn't. And Google Streetview shows the location in question as being on the school parking lot side of the fence.
  18. Well yes it is. And also one of my favorite coins. Your turn!
  19. I'm sure I put too much work into this
  20. Good that you removed it! A cacher noted in a find log on one of my caches that they removed a half-used can of skoal (chewing tobacco). You just gotta wonder if it's cachers or muggles that do this. I found a cache with an unused shotgun shell in it. Needless to say I removed it. Kept it though and ended up getting a 12ga shotgun to use it in
  21. CacheQuarter makes a GeoAward Geocoin for 1 find: Available on GeoCoinshop.de - http://www.geocoinshop.de/Geocoins-with-Engraving/Geo-Award-Geocoin-1-Find-Set-incl-Pin::2589.html
  22. For my bison-tube micros, I typically tape the end of the logsheet to a small LEGO technic axle that is slightly longer than the width of the paper. This way the logsheets have a roller included for easier rolling
  23. "Email us if you need a hint" Because everyone has access to email while out in the field while searching...
  24. I don't see that. Do you have a link? It was a Buy It Now, sold for $40. - 221113764021
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