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  1. Hello, last few pieces. Who do not have or want geocoin notradition material so do not hesitate. I do not think I've ever seen travel "rubber" geocoin after cache. Juraf369
  2. Hallo all, Czech rubber geocoins are at home. I think it just does not break and can withstand rough handling when traveling from cache to cache around the world. One small drawback do it have - not float on the water surface. Geocoins red&blue are sold.
  3. Hallo collectors geocoins, About 14 days to expand nontraditional Czech Geocoins series of 11 materials. Geocoin is made ​​from rubber. Geocoins are handmade. Geocoins made ​​3 versions (red 30pcs, 25pcs blue and red and blue 5pcs). Geocoin has a diameter of 45 mm thickness of around 10 mm. Scriptures and lizards are painted silver. Geocoins is of course trackables only on Geocaching.com, without icons. Production was not easy, I hope that it will be "coin" like. Does not mind the water when you drop to the pavement does not break. Price is $11 red, $11 blue and $13 red and blue . I attached is photo. Who will be interested send me a message or e-mail Juraf369@gmail.com . Shipping to USA is $5 for 1-2 geocoins, $7 for 3-... geocoins. Juraf369
  4. Hi everyone, I have bad news, all Czech gem geocoins are sold. Thank you very much. Juraf369
  5. Dear collectors, I have last 10 pcs of red agate and 8 pcs of gray agate. It is unique in the world of geocaching geocoin first in the world. Thanks to all Juraf369
  6. Hallo, Geocoins are at home. Juraf369
  7. Hallo, preorder you can on my email address ferencik.jiri@seznam.cz Thank you Juraf369
  8. Czech gem geocoin Geocoin is made of high quality machined mineral agate. Agates are imported from faraway China, which is also one of the biggest sites. Geocoin is made by cutting and polishing of rough agates. After this operation, it is difficult in the future Geocoin sandblasted inscription Czech gem, lizard and letter "G". Its circumference and code is engraved by laser. To geocoin gained its price and rarity is the inscription, lizard and "G" 24 carat gold-plated right-sliced ​​(pure) gold. Each geocoin is unique in its grain, which is characteristic of agate. Geocoin diameter is 45 mm ± 9 mm thickness. Geocoin is produced in two versions: grey(60 pcs),striped red(40pcs). Geocoin is stored in a cardboard box. Geocoin is Trackable at Geocaching.com. Grey Czech gem geocoin costs 22USD, striped red Czech gem geocoin costs 25USD.Shipping to USA is 5USD (3 and more geocoins 6USD) Preorder send me email ferencik.jiri@seznam.cz or message to my profile. (for 14 days to be geocoins completed)
  9. Hallo everybody, I have last 3! geocoins. Who want it, write me message. Juraf369
  10. Hallo everybody, I have last 5 geocoins. Who want it, write me message. Juraf369
  11. Czech geocoin paper Geocoin is made of recycled newspapers. Geocoin made ​​recycled paper, paper had to be diluted in water and this "pulp" had to get rid of excess water and give Geocoin shape and size. Wheels moulding on hand with form. Geocoin before use had completely dry. Once dry geocoin. Trimmed the edges. Then the geocoin laser burn text and lizards. On the other hand, stick carved and stained "G", describes the circuit trackable number. The last operation is followed by impregnation and partial protection against water and moisture. Geocoin diameter is about 45 mm thickness of ± 10mm. Geocoin is produced in two versions: green (20pcs) - SOLD OUT, and naturally gray (40pcs). Geocoin is stored in a cardboard box. Geocoin worth 12USD and 5USD shipping. Geocoin is trackable only Geocaching.com Juraf369
  12. Czech geocoin plastic Geocoin is made of high quality plastic (PP - polypropylene) with 30% glass fibers. Geocoin are manufactured by injection molding on the injection molding machine, Engel into the mold, where the molten plastic (injection temperature 240 ° C - 250 ° C) must solidify into a solid shape. To all of this might arise. It was necessary to produce a shaped insert with descriptions of "Czech plastic" and lizard (the production of which involves micromill engraving letters and lizards), describing the insert with "G" and the frame form that shapes what they hold. The cylindrical shape was made ​​of iron, brass inserts inscription and the rest of the frame forms of beech wood (yes wood). The production cycle was about 120s ± 15s. It was not easy. After splashing and cooling, followed by dismantling forms, removing and re-composition Geocoin shapes together. After pressing and cooling painted lizard special varnish. Then filled luminescent color "G". Laser is described circuit track number. Geocoin diameter is 45 mm ± 10 mm thickness. Geocoin is produced in two versions: black (20pcs)- SOLD OUT, gray (40pcs). Geocoin is stored in a cardboard box. The geocoin worth 12USD and 5USD shipping to USA. Geocoin is trackable only Geocaching.com Juraf369
  13. Hallo all, Czech ceramic geocoins are made. Who would be interested, send me an email address on paypal account. The price for one is 13 USD shipping to USA 4 USD for one geocoin and 5 USD 2 and more. Juraf369
  14. Hallo all, geocoin´s price is 13 USD for all colour variations. Shipping to USA is 4 USD for 1 geocoin, next geocoins(2 and more) is 5 USD. Geocoin are maked half December. Juraf369
  15. I take it that is the price? 75 ks? No, "ks" is a Czech abbreviation for pieces. I am sorry. I corrected a mistake. Juraf369
  16. Preparing for your delicacy in a series of Czech geocoins. Geocoin will be made from ceramic pottery casting technology. Diameter 45mm, thickness 10mm. Geocoin will be Trackable in geocaching.com. Without icon. Made will only 75 pcs. I have samples of the 3 colors. Black, brown, white glaze. I need you to help me choose two colors of glaze. I enclose a photo. Who wants reserved still can. For reserved geocoin will add color and glaze. For reserved please send me email ferencik.jiri@seznam.cz The geocoin you can enjoy the beginning of December 2011. Juraf369
  17. juraf369

    T-Rex Geocoin

    Very nice geocoin. Good idea. Juraf369
  18. Hallo, all Czech pottery geocoins - DARK are SOLD OUT Thank you very much Juraf369
  19. Hallo all, I have last 3 Czech pottery geocoins DARK. Do you have anyone interested? Juraf369
  20. Hallo all, Czech pottery geocoins DARK are sold. I have only Czech pottery geocoins red. Juraf369
  21. Czech pottery geocoin. Geocoin is hand made me. Geocoin is made from high quality pottery - red color and dark color (each is unique for its color). Geocoin before the firing had perfectly dry, because moisture in the soil when it is destroyed by burning. The actual burning takes place at temperatures higher than 1000°C and this hot hell stayed for several hours. Dark Geocoin were in flames again, and in charcoal in charcoal. Here the actual burning took about 2 hours and then slow cooling. Geocoin color is darker, and what piece is original. Geocoin diameter is about 45 mm thickness of 10mm. Geocoin is produced in two versions, dark (20 pieces) and red (45ks).Geocoin is trackable only on Geocaching.com. Each Geocoin has its unique number (description is on the edge) Geocoin are stored in a cardboard carton. Prices are nice red geocoin 12USD, dark geocoin 13USD international shipping is 5USD
  22. watch the last few geocoins for sale. Juraf369
  23. Hallo, Czech leather geocoin is total unique. It is hand made. Juraf369
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