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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya

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Arizona Geocachers, I think you where going for the one with the red center, but I like the Pink one since it is Oct and today was the Race for the Cure here in Arkansas :D


well, it looks red on my monitor! but yes, that is the coin i was going for. :D

It looks kind of rust red on my monitor, too. Not pink.


Why do I only get IPB Image, where a picture should be? I noticed that several times in this thread. B)

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It is because the photo needs to be hosted outside of gc.com on a photo site like flickr or photobucket first, then linked to gc.com. You can't directly upload a picture. If you find a photo and it is from the forums you don't need to do that extra step.

No, someone is linking a picture, but all I can see in their posting are the letters:

IPB Image


If I try to quote their posting, I can see the link address.


Curious.... B)

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To post a photo, first it has to be stored online.

When posting, first copy your link, then when writing your post, use the little picture of a tree icon on the tool bar, to insert the image link. If you remove the image from the online storage, your photo will not stay in your post.

Perhaps this is what is happening?


No, someone is linking a picture, but all I can see in their posting are the letters:

IPB Image


I see this in some of the posts here.

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