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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya

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I do not think it is the scream coin... but...


BTW... this coin is so amazing!!! Do you have it?


had one but gifted it away. would love love love to have another.


I always wanted to know... is it engraved or it is a photo on the coin?


well you have to get the version correct in your answer to know that!


It is a very special coin for sure!!!


for sure!

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Uh - Just to understand RSG -


Are you talking about darthi’s dark coin V.2 in GOLD? (left middle?)


I hope so, 'cause it was not easy finding a picture!




ding ding ding we have a winner! it is a very different coin than the OTHER version 2 which looks more like a picture with epoxy. so the gold doesn't really matter, just the fact that one version was an engraved coin and the other was not. you can tell by detail around the edge of the coin.




this is one of my dream coins.


your turn holazola!

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