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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya

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Ok! So a couple of the comments from my last thread gave me a neat idea. Wanna play a game? Here’s how it will work: I’ll start things off by posting a sketchy drawing of a geocoin of my choice and everyone else will have a chance to identify it. The first player to give the correct name AND post an actual picture wins that round. Whoever wins gets to draw the next coin… and so on and so forth…


A few rules before we begin:

1. You have to win the round to be able to draw the next coin

2. You have to draw the coin from memory (no peeking at your collection!)

3. You have to draw the coin yourself

4. The drawings have to be pretty shabby looking and must be drawn in a basic program like Microsoft paint or something else simplistic

5. If you’re an actual GOOD artist (aka big time coin designer you know who you are!) you have to draw the coin with your left hand… or if you happen to be left handed then use your right hand… or if you’re ambidextrous…well… use your feet or some other appendage…


Ok I’m starting the game off with an easy one. This was my first geocoin ever and it was given to me by somebody awesome. It means a lot to me and that’s why I’m going to poke fun at it (please don't hate me you-know-who).



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that's funny!!! :P


I tried to make a draw with my right hand (I am left handed) just in case I find one... but it came too good!!! Strange! :huh:


I used the microsolf paint... but I probably made it too easy to find... or I put many details...


Nope, I didn't see the coin... But I remember the design quite good and... it is an easy design!! :) Hmm.... I actually remember only the one side of the coin..... what is on the other side????


anyway.... if you see my design you will find the coin immediatelly!!! :D

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Thanks ElliPirelli :lol:


Ok so it is a plain coin and thats why I thought I would draw it as requested from memory...


So I drew it saved it and uploaded it... then I checked it from my collection (not listed on my cointrackers :laughing: ) only to discover I might have fudged the edge bits. Not to worry. :yikes:




You really shouldn't drink and draw :sad:

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