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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya

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What is that:


Best regards René

Golly, I can't figure this one out... Anybody? Buehler?

My sentiments exactly.

But with the new hint I found some pictures:


Could it be the Leipzig Event Coin?


(By the way, that was a mean question, it is such a rare and unknown coin....)






it's funny, i thought of a Leipzig, but remembered only one from my collection a couple of years ago and it didn't have that funny border. i should have done a search! nice job elli!

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:) I am so glad to see Eartha playing! :D This is real fun!

I hope FSM will join too! :lol:


there are some lovely coins here! The duck (Auntie Nae) was lovely!!! :D


Hmm...the coin looks like the icecream I ate, but.... no.. :lol:


I tried to search if this was in the inventory of Eartha but no! :mad: this is no cheat! :(


I saw something else that... WOW!! Eartha, you didn't keep any? (I am sure you know for what I am talking about!) you gave them all? You are amazing and so generous!!! These coins are rare and so pretty! I was honored with a 05 and a 08, gifts from a very special friend and I know! B)


Ok, back in searching.... :(

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I joined in because there is no prize involved, other than you get to go next. It's a fun thread to watch. And with the thousands of coins out there, this could go on forever! B)

Don't you take your moderator responsibilities to strict? Why shouldn't you play, even when there's a prize involved?

But you're right, the number of coins I've never even seen a picture of in this thread is pretty high. Embarrassingly high, I thought I know many coins.... :lol:

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