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  1. Nothing good has ever has come out of the state of Minnesota, so that's who I'm going with - The state can't seem to come up with a Super Bowl trophy, so maybe Lord Stanley will grace them with a Cup! My Pick: Minnesota for the win.
  2. Visual Euphoria Designs presents MERLIN'S CIRCLE Merlin's Circle features the great wizard on the obverse with a jeweled staff casting his spell from within the forest. The tree is 3D under translucent soft enamel, sealed with an epoxy coating and surrounded by Merlin's six basic principles - Motion, Matter, Elements, Transformation, Mind and Time. The reverse of the coin shows how these principles are displayed in his life circle, commonly called "Merlin's Circle". Each of the basic principles are represented by its own symbol, and all symbols are surrounding the eternal circle of Love. The symbols are represented on the back in raised metal, surrounded in translucent hard enamels. The reverse is also covered with a 3D cobblestone overlay. These editions are finished in Antique Silver platings. Each share a common back. There are 3 regular editions (Aquamarine, Black & Red) and 2 limited editions (Purple & Orange). Merlin's Circle is trackable on geocaching.com and has its own unique icon set (2). Sale begins on Friday, July 1st at 11am US Pacific Daylight Time at Visual Euphoria Design Studio (www.visualeuphoriadesigns.com/shop).
  3. Anyone got photos of these in Black Nickel?
  4. That is Jerry Bloomfield's edition (GeekboyfromIllinois)
  5. I so would love one of these... absolutely stunning! Would make a fantastic addition to my Geocoin Fairy!
  6. These are the 2006 C&P California coins:
  7. ALL SPOTS ARE NOW FILLED!!!! Thank you all and Good Luck!
  8. I have a pair - They were produced in 2006 by Coins & Pins I have a colored version and a no enamel Two tone version
  9. Just a quick note: 19 spots (out of 40) are still available. Most people are contacting me through Facebook.
  10. It's the "2016 Great North American Geocoin Race!" That's right race fans - the race is on. Here's how you can play: 40 Corvette Racers will begin racing in Southern California, USA and finish in Nova Scotia, Canada. There will be a requirement of 1 waypoint cache before reaching the final destination. You may enter more than once, but only 40 participants will be allowed. --- Race begins on FEB 29th, 2016 at GC43XZX (Cerritos, California, USA) Waypoint requirement cache: GC1CWD1 (Indianapolis, Indiana, of course!) Finish Line: GC314ND (Nova Scotia, Canada) --- Entry fee: $10 ($5 for the Corvette Racer, $5 for the prize pool) --- All racers will be activated and adopted over to participants no later than February 20th, 2016. All racers will begin in the very same geocache. First to reach the finish line geocache wins. It's that simple. --- Prizes: 1st Place - $100 cash and a full set of Corvette Racers (8 coins, unactivated) 2nd Place - $50 cash 3rd Place - $25 cash 4th Place - $15 cash 5th Place - $10 cash --- Questions can be sent to me by PM, or email (info@visualeuphoriadesigns.com) I will announce when all entries have been filled. Good Luck!
  11. It's called "Cache or Charge", and I have one set on my keyring - but it's mine.. sorry
  12. I think I have a 2010 - Do you have a trade list? ~GG
  13. Seven new versions of Parity will be going on sale on Monday, Jan 11 at 12pm US Pacific Standard Time. This post is to explain how the Parity Geocoins will be sold tomorrow. What we have done is created 'groups' of coins. You will be given an opportunity to purchase All new editions, some new editions or individual coins. How you choose to purchase is entirely up to you, but I suggest having a plan prior to entering the webstore. The Parity geocoins are a pretty hot commodity, and so there will be limits as to what you will be able to put in your cart. There will be a total of 6 groups of Parity geocoins available. These groups will be limited to 1 per cart. There is some strategizing to be done, so plan accordingly. You'll see why when I break it down. 3 Group sets of 7 (new editions) will be available. 5 Regular edition only groups will be available. 16 groups (4 REs + 1 LE) will be available. 8 of these groups will have the Luzon edition, 8 will have the Phoenix edition. 5 groups (4 REs + 1 XLE) will be available. Obviously the 4 REs and the Fury XLE in this group. 5 groups (2 LEs + 1 XLE) will be available. This will contain the Limited/Extra Limited editions only. Individual coin editions will also be activated when the groups of coins go live. As a friendly reminder, choose your purchases wisely - if you attempt to check out with more than 1 of any one group - the webstore will not allow you to check out, and that group of coins will become available to someone else. This is the fairest way we could come up with to provide everybody with an equal opportunity to acquire these coins. Good Luck and again, Parity goes on sale at NOON (12PM) US PACIFIC STANDARD TIME, Tomorrow!
  14. NEW EDITIONS AVAILABLE!!!! 4 New editions of Parity will be available at Visual Euphoria Designs in 10 minutes!!!
  15. Just a quick look at the "Christmas" edition of Parity. This picture was sent to me by the mint at my request. I wanted to show you how exactly the mint enamels a coin. It's a tedious task that is taken upon by hand with a syringe. Each coin is handled individually (for those thinking that coins were a machine only process).
  16. I'm happy you like them. The next four should be out the second week of December. They too shall prove to be just as stunning!
  17. Parity - "Stirling" LE50 & "Leadhills" XLE25 on sale Nov 11th at GeocacheLand.com
  18. Parity has arrived and will be available at Visual Euphoria Designs at 6pm EST TODAY!
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