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Geocoin Pictionary

Woyi and Waya

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How about this one then...should be easy, as must be a favourite for a lot of people! :blink:


Very hard to control my right hand, it goes all over, so I've included a back view of the coin and hope that helps with picking the exact coin. :P





Celtic Peacock




Ding ding ding!


Your go ElliPirelli! :-)

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This should be an equally easy one....



Signal November 2006 Germany




A coin in my collection close to my heart.

My muggle brother got it on eBay for me, cause I'm a notorious too-fast-driver. I usually drive as the road allows, not the signs.... So this could well be me, making antenna holding on for dear life.

Also I love being on the motorway, off to see new places. Before geocaching and even more so now.


Off to your drawing board, Toojin! :anibad:

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