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We were just reviewing some of the found it logs for our caches, and some of them really jumped out at us. "Great historical sight" "Never would have visited this great spot if not for the cache" "Wonderful view" What kind of logs put a smile on your face as a cache owner?

I always enjoy reading "What a beautiful spot, thanks for bringing us here" or "One of my favorites so far. Went home and figured it out...found on the 2nd visit" (although they didnt log the DNF) Least favorites are the obligatory TFTC SL...which is ok...but...COME ON..you found 6 of my caches in one day....some of which are hard to find or are placed in a beautiful, scenic area and you pasted the same log on all of them?

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Of course it's important that they did find it, and it's good if they enjoyed it. But I do appreciate some amount of effort to write something specific about the experience. Of course the finders that actually leave a paragraph or two are gold. It doesn't have to be all flowery and glowing. Just a little narrative about what you experienced that was a tiny bit out of the ordinary will do fine.

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I haven't been playing very long but so far, the logs the make me smile are the ones where I am told I've done a good job. I've hidden it so that it's not obvious but still findable. I've had a couple where the person had to come back twice - but they did it with enthusiasm and had that "victory!" feeling when they found it.


As a looker, I most enjoy the ones that I can't just walk up to. I am going back out to Katy today to find one that I'm pretty sure I've figured out but I couldn't find the first time. I like my victories to be fun, so I like to make sure that the people who find my hides will feel the same way.


And then there was the log that talked about the evil things coming from the ground to attack... that made me really laugh.


And there was th one about the police showing up.... :o

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The cache that is on top of a local mountain, I like to hear that people appreciate the view;


"Thanks for the hunt, gave us a chance to show our granddaughter the sights from them mountain."


At the cache I spend a lot of time and effort on creating the container;


"Great container and good craftsmanship. Thanks."


"Our favorite cache of the day. Very creative cache. Thanks for the fun."


The container I spend considerable time working on that looks like a bee hive;


"SUPER JOB!!! Very Creative and Very well done!!! I'm jealous of your talents!!!! YOU SIMPLY RULE!!!! TFTH!!!!!"


"Found it quickly even in the dark, but then the rest of Team House Pet made Rainbow Kitty stick his hand in there because they weren't completely sure."


My cache that is out in the open, in plain view, and when cachers get into the story I wrote for this one;


"A very bold and creative hide. Now I get to see this one EVERY TIME I GO THIS WAY. Thanks!!"


"OH WOW one of the Iron Dragons went on a rampage and destroyed one of the two Iron Trees on the Isle of Crimson Glow, but fortunately they are aware of the master of the isle's power and left the most important Iron Tree standing."


These logs are why I create hides.

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Many logs on By The Elfin Moon bring a smile to my face. It is great to put in the effort and get the reaction you are going for. :D


Or how about: "Found where I was suppose to go and climbed up. I didn't even care about a cache after that. Went as high as I could and took it all in. There is something about being one standing high, with the wind in your ears, observing nature that gives you a natural high. I did not want to leave this place! Unfortunately, this was my last GEO.JOE (cache) for this trip. But next time, I know which hunts I'll want to do. Thanks Pal! TNLNSL-TFTC!"

Ghost Dance


"What can I say, Geo Joe has some of the best cache sites in S.IL. Thanks again."

From Arch


"Now this was an excellent cache. I hadn't read the cache page so it was a total shock to see where the coords were taking us!" Sand Cave


I really enjoy reading through all the old logs, I have spent well over an hour reading logs, there are so many great ones it is hard to pick just a few.


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I liked this one:


"YAY!!! I finally found it! This was a clever hide! I loved the challenge of this one!!! sl."


It's from a cache that some people have gone back to several times. Some ask for help and others have said not to tell them, they want to figure it out. Seems like people are having fun with it.

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What do I like to read?

  • It was their first cache
  • How much fun they were having that day
  • Memories of the area, usually from their college days
  • Their friend brought them, laughed at their mistakes, then how everyone laughed when it was found
  • Came back to revisit and drop a TB

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We were just reviewing some of the found it logs for our caches, and some of them really jumped out at us. "Great historical sight" "Never would have visited this great spot if not for the cache" "Wonderful view" What kind of logs put a smile on your face as a cache owner?


Depends on the cache.

One that was called ...Thorny Island any log that mentioned bleading or successfully not bleeding was a good log. The thorns were the challenge and I wanted to see how folks adapted. You didn't have to get poked, but you couldn't be a numbnutz about it either.


Another one is a rest area cache. Anything that mentions the hike. It's a short hike but it's all vertical.


An urban micro, if they have the tools on hand to get it in one trip or have to come back I like to hear how many trips it takes.


The common thread is if the log mentions in some way the reason I put the cache there it's a bonus.

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My favorite recently was on one of my magnetic flat cache hides where 9 people searched for over an hour and still had fun doing it, even though they didn't find it. I got one more DNF from them before they found it on the third time. They also told me that they were new to the sport and knew they were missing what others could see right away. I loved it when they finally got it and silently cheered for their persistence. When they finally got it, they couldn't believe that they'd been fooled so badly by it, but loved the creativity.


Others call it a quick park and grab.


The majority of my hides are personal creations that took several trips to Home Depot or Lowes to finally call them "perfect". I love to hear that people thought they were creative and great jobs at camo.


But my favorite to date is the fellow cacher I met at someone else's hide who described me as "one of his heros" when describing our meeting. :laughing::D :D :)


Made me beam that he liked my hides that much!


Those of us who build our own caches and don't hide magnetic bison tubes would like to start a campaign to delete all logs that simply read: TFTC, especially the ones you can tell were posted by GSAK. Impersonal is bad. Impersonal and robotic is even worse.


I have 11 hides out there. Some cachers will find 3 or 4 in a day. All will have identical logs. ICK.


To date, I've found 110 caches. I've taken a moment to write something about each experience in every one of them. Because of that, I can drive by anything I've found and remember my time there, good or bad. Fun or not. I can even name most of them by cache name.


In short, (I know...too late) I like to be the kind of cacher that I like to have visit my caches.


Mac Hammer


"The spirit of a misplaced childhood is rising to speak his mind" -Marrillion

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anything that's not


nice hide! tnlnsl tftc!


or some other such non-log.


i would rather read a few words about the experience, an unrelated anecdote, or even a polemic on the hider.


all of these are vastly more amusing, and i'm in it for amusement.

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