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  1. You know this whole "You cant find something when you know where it is and GS says its bad form anyway" argument could be easily solved with a couple of lines of code that make the found it log disappear for a CO and on a cache that has been previously found and GS knows it. This obviously means that regardless of the "Bad Form" statement they know there are legitimate reasons to do either. Now as stated I wont log my own cache but I should add currently to that statement, and because I don't like it when things don't add up I try to make sure I don't double log a cache. Now the only times I have double logged a cache is when One was adopted out and moved and at the time I didn't think twice about it, but I changed it once numbers started getting on my nerves. Then there was the Good cache that fell in a run of 101 consisting of mostly quick hide caches. Because I hadn't properly updated my database and couldn't remember doing that cache it got found and logged a year later. As far as I am concerned both are legitimate reasons for double logging and the first reason would be a good reason for a CO to log their own especially when you consider that it doesn't effect me.
  2. Boil it in paraffin wax. Or hit it with a heat gun and melt the wax in. Boiling get in deeper.
  3. stlhiker, Do you weld? I'm currently working on an ER308 box for a UW cache. No hing for the lid just double ammo can style latches. The best part is it's being made out of 100% scrap except the gasket.
  4. Mhe, I wouldn't bother with it but I also wouldn't complain about the CO or those that do considering the circumstance.
  5. Technically... To locate, attain, or obtain by search or effort means that you still find it whether you know where it is or not but a COFI is pointless.
  6. I have been keeping track since 2009 and find that locally the maximum radius for ATAU gets smaller faster than the radius for PMOC. In Michigan as of 07-21-2012 we have 27040 caches with only 1513 (about 5.6%) and when you start factoring in cluster distribution the chances that the average Michigan foot only traveling BM will encounter one in their home zone is slim. Frankly it doesn't matter if a BM cant see a PMOC listing because if they have a average or better brain they can figure out the coords close enough to find the cache and even if they couldn't there is nothing to stop them from visiting the general area.
  7. I don't think it makes any difference, unless UK cachers are allowed to have cache-hunting events when the rest of us aren't. B. But it does make a difference when UK cachers of like mind can be more closely targeted rather than shouting to the world. Then someone might recommended meeting at the pub to tick some ale and hunt afterwards.
  8. Apparently one of the PQ servers is still running slow, the one that I have been waiting on 4 PSs for the last 5 1/2 hours.
  9. Maybe it would work if it were something like a Chirp where cachers could send a little log-code-data thing to be stored on it. I'm not 110% certain that the Cache Owners who have caches with wet, full log sheets and torn baggies are responsible enough to check the device, change batteries, and keep it functional. Too true.
  10. My as well just be a Wherigo with extremely precise Lat long and elevation set for the unlock.
  11. Q: What exactly is a dangerous cache? A: One that is booby trapped. The terrain does not mack a cache dangerous, inexperience and or lack of preparation make the trek to the cache dangerous. I regularly travel across bogs where massasaugas are common with zero fear. As far as I am concerned it is more dangerous to walk across a prairie with grass taller than 3 inches just because one is less likely to pay attention.
  12. They are, I have one in red. It is only about 20% the brightness of green but that was a tactical decision. When playing multi day airsoft games you want to read not wave a target that screams come and get me. I hear that the green can actually charge fast glow photo-luminescent pigment, but that is hearsay and I don't like the yellow greens so wont be testing it. Any idea where to get these in the US? Got mine during a gun and knife show at the Taylor Gibraltar Trade Center. The guy made me a deal at $45 because the key-chains hardly moved now you can get them at $24 on amazon.
  13. +1 Well, I was nice about it! Around 2006 or so, a guy in my area, who was known for minimal cache pages, told seekers to watch out for Muggers. Yes, he changed it after the first couple finders, and even locals who hadn't looked for it yet, corrected him. I say mug and mugged, they work and it is not because I don't know it is because I refuse.
  14. They are, I have one in red. It is only about 20% the brightness of green but that was a tactical decision. When playing multi day airsoft games you want to read not wave a target that screams come and get me. I hear that the green can actually charge fast glow photo-luminescent pigment, but that is hearsay and I don't like the yellow greens so wont be testing it.
  15. The makerbot (and all affordable 3D printers I've come across) are molten polymer deposit types. A plastic filament is heated up, molten, and extruded on a surface layer by layer. I'm not sure if it is precise enough for highly detailed moving parts. It isn't. The newer powder machines are great for making working prototypes. Glad to know about Maker Works tho. Having access to CNC mill and lathe means aluminum cryptex. The shears and TIG also means I can make the equivalent of ammo boxes.
  16. Glow Pebbles 3 colors. Gravel 2 colors, the red is great. Glow Sand. You can also get slow sand cheaper in pet stores and pet supply sections that cater to hermit crabs and reptiles but only white w/green glow. If I remember correctly I was paying about a dollar an ounce. Riskreactor.com also has great deals on high quality UV and photo-luminescent paints, inks, pigment, and dye. They are part of the recipe for the makeup and hair spray I used in my avatar photo.
  17. Glue the seat to a 5 gallon bucket lid. Rig the bucket with a solar electric fence. Attach the log so no one has to put their hands in the bucket. That'll learn 'im.
  18. Any Ultra Bright Blue L.E.D. (mostly the only readily available blue) Is U.V. Reactive. I regularly find them as finger lights for 50¢ and occasionally find strings of 20 for 2.00. In groups of 5 or more they work better at distance than most hand held florescent lights. I can find pet stains wile standing vs kneeling with the florescent. I have never bothered to find out how far they can be used at, but probably should considering their use on stage would lower the temperature.
  19. Above you see some information I have been tracking for several years.I notice myself wanting to quote some statistics but unfortunately can only go off of what I have in my personal files so next to no one could verify the old data. So what I figure I should do is start to track that data in a thread like I was doing with the PMOC Vs. ATAU radii. This way atleast people have a chance to verify it around the time I post. I ask for suggestions as to what type of (state) data I should keep track of and invite anyone who is capable to post simmiler data for their country, state, province, county, township, city, etc. etc. All long strings will be truncated to fit. Michigan | LARGE | Regular | SMALL | MICRO | OTHER | NOT LISTED | TOTAL | Traditional | Multi | Letterbox | Mystery | PMOC | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 07-21-2012 | 198 | 6433 | 8085 | 10182 | 866 | 1275 | 27040 | 23474 | 1214 | 118 | 2234 | 1513 | -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Percentages| 0.73224852071| 23.7906804733| 29.9001479289| 37.4556213017| 3.20266272189| 4.71523668639| DUH | 86.812130177| 4.4896449704| 0.4363905325| 8.2618343195| 5.5954142011| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Square Mile| 0.00204723106| 0.06651433061| 0.08359526862| 0.10527730675| 0.00895405103| 0.01318292733| 0.27958145498| 0.2427106166| 0.0125522147| 0.0012200670| 0.0230985565| 0.0156437404| -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- County ave | 2.27710843373| 77.5060240963| 97.4096385542| 122.674698795| 10.4337349397| 15.3614457831| 325.783132530| 282.81927710| 14.626506024| 1.4216867469| 26.915662650| 18.228915662| ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I sure would like being able to use the bb table codes. Ten oldest nonarchived caches (active or not) by claimed placed date 07-21-2012 Power Island, GC35, 07/16/2000 Geocache 612, GC36, 08/21/2000 Pine Bowl, GC1AG55, 02/11/2001 (supposedly re hidden GC27A, I'm not gonna wast effort disputing this time but when I figure out the macros I need it wont be included) Brain Hill, GC2B9, 02/17/2001 Observation Deck, GC2C5, 02/17/2001 Power Lady, GC34E, 02/24/2001 Squirrel nutkin, GC363, 02/24/2001 Rabbit Island, GC3EA, 03/04/2001 Spartan Cache, GC44D, 03/11/2001 My Old School, GC479, 03/12/2001
  20. Challenges have a separate count that appears next to your Found count. If you haven't done any Challenges it doesn't appear at all. They don't show up on Geocaching Maps and on your stats they are now displayed on a separate tab. Seems Challenges meet the criteria to be "invisible" to the haters, but they keep hating away. I haven't noticed an "I hate challenges/verts" what I see is them descending upon threads that others start. Heck, they should almost be applauded for not starting an anti thread every other week. Seems like those who pine for them will start a new thread about a week after the last one dropped off the first page. Now I use to be a virt hater but because they don't interfere with the max display on the map anymore they are relegated to simply being disliked for not being caches. I acknowledge there are things that could improve the system but I think that the true issue is GS knows that no matter what they implement it will only be a sieve not a filter. If you put crap in a sieve and add water it will get through. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I feel sorry for the people who get told to "Make challenges work for you" I tried to follow that advice with Waymarking and not only got rejected but disrespected for it. Trying to make it so people dont have the same child waypoint taking up space on their GPSr 20 times isn't a stupid idea, even twice is once to many.
  21. Looks like it contains things to me. Yeah, I also find it funny that yellow was used to censor.
  22. Do not integrate them into the find count for physical caches and I'm quite sure that they will not dominate. Cezanne Not only would they not dominate, geocachers would quickly forget what it was that they liked so much about virtuals and they'd go the way of Waymarking, challenges and benchmarking. A niche game that only a small number of people participate in. YUP YUP. I think that number runners are the reason that virts haven't skyrocketed on the other sites. Even though out of those who want Virts back, they are supposedly the minority.Well that and when it comes to exposure the other sites are statistically insignificant. Tho I would be waaaaay more impressed with a person who found 5k OC.us than I would with one who found 5k GC.
  23. Don't forget "easy to hide". If there wasn't any restriction like the WOW factor, I would fully expect the maps to be cluttered with innumerable poor virtuals in very short order. Remember, the proximity guideline doesn't apply to virtuals. They could be placed anywhere, no matter how saturated an area may already be. As you mentioned, there are many people these days that are willing to put minimal effort, time, and expense into placing a micro. What if they then didn't need to put any effort/time/expense into placing caches? Do you really believe that people wouldn't jump all over a cache type with no restrictions? They put no effort, expense, time, and quality in micros now, so what is the difference? If they get archived, they are left as litter! Other sites allow virtuals and don't seem to have the "problems" you describe. John Because other sites have less than 5% the amount of users. So they must be the top 5% in intelligence? They are smart enough to think before placing caches. John Do you find yourself being incapable of staying in context often? OC.com is for the most part a partial mirror of here and half the time the true CO didn't upload them there. The Virts I bothered to look at there where weaker than the ones that made me dislike them here. The closest cache to me has been there since 2010 it has 2 logs. The first log is only there because the user uploaded their finds. Since 2010 that same cache has 46 logs here. Within 20 miles of my location there is still only 2 caches that aren't mirrors of my own and when a new cache does pop up within 40 miles, according to GSAK I have already done it as a GC. There seem to be 4 types of users there. Users who aren't using due to the severe lack of uniqueness. Users who have been banned from GC.com. Users who found out that they allow Virts and placed some. Users who found out that they allow Virts and either saw how lame they where or that they weren't being made fast enough. There are also zero virts in the state, so YUP YUP Michiganders on OC.com are doing it right. OC.us, when looking at the caches there, they tend to be more unique to the site, but they have even less than OC.com. When it comes to virts, they have 12 in Michigan with an average of 0.75 finds. TC is simply effete. None of the other sites have enough users to matter. When you only have 100 users in say 96,716 square miles on a given site they really cant inundate it with crap even if they produce 100% crap.
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