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  1. I've seen it done. Personally, I would archive the cache and then publish a new cache for the new sized container because it would change the nature of the cache significantly, change the experience finding it, and change the stats of the people that have already logged it online.
  2. I see complaints about slow PQ downloads. FYI, my pocket queries downloaded quickly. OK, I take it back. This morning PQs downloaded quickly. This evening I am downloading one and it's crawling slower than a snail.
  3. I upgraded and was given the option to migrate my data. I chose this and it seemed to lock up. I left it for a very long time but it made no progress. I tried turning the phone off and on but it did not help. In the end I force closed which screwed up the program and it would not open again. I ended up deleting it and then re-installing. Works fine now. it if much faster than the previous version so that alone is worth it since it crawled before. Thanks for the update.
  4. We just had a database issue. Statistics and personalization settings on the maps are currently affected. We're working on it; thanks for your patience! And we are back in operation. Now that I've used the Beta map for a while, I find that the personalization features come and go. I'll see my finds sometimes and sometimes not at the same zoom level. Seems like they are there initially but after I scroll around they disappear.
  5. We just had a database issue. Statistics and personalization settings on the maps are currently affected. We're working on it; thanks for your patience! And we are back in operation. Perfect. Appear to be working fine now. Thanks.
  6. Update -- now the Beta maps don't show any caches at all at any zoom level. Same in IE and Firefox.
  7. "New in Phase 2 * Display your cache finds and hides * Remove your cache finds and hides (Premium) * Filter by cache type (Premium) * Added My Topo mapping" I don't see any change in the Beta maps.
  8. After uninstalling it and re-installing it twice, this is finally corrected. However, I still get Force Closes, it is very slow, and yesterday, my PQ disappeared while I was reviewing caches in it and I had to re-download it. Later in the day, I got "searching" on the screen and it would not go away. I waited for quite a while and finally had to turn off the phone to get rid of it.
  9. Since the last update I am unable to use the menu button. If I try, it force closes the app. The only things I can do are those things on the main menu. So I can't access PQs that I downloaded, souvenirs, etc.
  10. I also suggest the wiki. I think you'll find most things answered there. It's very thorough and helped me a great deal.
  11. I used Cachemate on my Palm. GSAK on my computer. And I used City Navigator and topo maps on my Venture. That worked well for me.
  12. Yes. You may go to "Your Account Details" to turn it off. Yes, I turned it off since it does not appear to allow you to select what statistics you want or to select a more readable color. I'll stick with my own generated stats from GSAK which allow me to select exactly what I want to show.
  13. What popup? The new map does not appear to be interactive in any manner. It just shows distribution of caches but does not allow for selecting, identifying caches, or otherwise interacting with anything on the map -- at least for me.
  14. When I left it on, my batteries died much sooner (by a few hours) than they normally do. So I only turn it on when I need it and leave it off the rest of the time.
  15. I was asked to leave once and the CO archived the cache when I relayed my experience. Another time I was followed for miles down a county road until I stopped. An elderly couple wanted to know what I was doing and said I was on their property. I was not, I drove by homes on the county road and turned around on a county road but I never got off the county road. THey just didn't like people in their neighborhood. If I had been thinking, I would have turned the tables by snapping their photos and getting their license plate (they were threatening to give my license plate to the police if anything happened in their neighborhood). If it looks iffy, I just leave.
  16. in my lame power consumption tests, i found that having chirp searching enabled draws about 10-15 mA more current than without, which is about +10%. Interesting. Clearly not my experience. I'll be paying more attention to future use and battery drain.
  17. most likely, everything else would deplete the battery very fast. it's safe to assume that the chirp is talking ANT. as i understand it, ANT is proprietary, but not exclusive - it can be licensed. now it's all just a matter of what data is sent between the chirp and the receiver and in what format. unless it's somehow encrypted, it should be trivial to reverse engineer. An ANT development kit is available, from links provided some posts previously. I wonder how chirp searching mode affects battery life on the GPSr. It would be nice to be able to enable / disable it easily, instead of Setup->(scroll down long way)->Geocache->chirp searching. I would like to hear what others say about this. I have only looked for one chirp cache so far. I left chirp enabled afterward. I found it to deplete the battery very fast. I definitely only want to turn it on when it's needed and then turn it off. Now when I say fast, I didn't time it but my battery ran down hours before it usually does.
  18. Maybe this has been brought up already but there are many caches that cannot be found without specific equipment. I see this as no different. If you can rent or borrow a boat to get a cache that requires a boat, you can rent or borrow a GPSr to find the cache.
  19. Both are good Earthcaches. The one with the terrain rating was challenging but we had a blast doing it. Glad to see some Earthcaches in the area.
  20. Ram Mounts are great for holding GPSr or other items. I use a 300cc scooter while caching sometimes.
  21. How are you looking on my profile page? That is something I see when I log in. I am not looking at your Your Profile page. I am looking at my Your Profile page.
  22. June 18 finds continue to not show on the Your Profile page. They do show if I click on Geocaches. At least the find count is correct even when the finds are not shown.
  23. My June 18 finds to not show up on my Your Profile page but do show up if I just click on Geocaches to list all that I've logged. My find count remains correct. It appears to just be the Your Profile page that will not show those finds. This has happened sometime after the 18th because they did show up that day when I first logged them.
  24. If I can't find a way to reach it, walk away. I do not log a find. One time I used my car to reach the cache overhead, I drove under it and stood on the bumper.
  25. That's a great resource. Also look at the GPS and Technology topic in this forum for info and advice related to GPS.
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