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  1. Sorry to be thick here but what does that mean? What kind of a bookmark list?
  2. Question (re: FootyFan 123) if I let my premium membership lapse, can I still put caches on watch?
  3. Well, I might just take the advise given here. I've transferred a few and I already see an issue... now I have to check her email to see activity on my hides.
  4. When I met my (now) wife we were both already caching and had our own accounts. Though being an item for several years we maintained our own accounts. But we eventually got married (yay!) and have decided to use one account. We are not so concerned with moving finds but we are interested in merging our owned caches together. I started the process with the adoption page (https://www.geocaching.com/adopt/) but with 400-500 active caches that is going take a lot of time and effort. Is there a way to move them over en masse? Thanks
  5. It might be too much to ask of an algorithm to analyze words but not numbers. I had a couple of caches fall victim to this recently which I feel was completely unwarranted. One was logged by to newbies with single digit finds. And were within a week or two of each other. I don't feel it's unreasonable to ask of the algorithm to weed out DNF's of members with 10 or less finds. Similarly, a pair of cachers hunting together, logging on the same day will technically register as 2 DNFs. One of the caches I got a note on was a puzzle! Surely two DNFs on a puzzle isn't that unusual. Maybe the algorithm could be configured to take puzzles into account.
  6. I don't see how this type of hyperbolic "contribution" helps the discussion. I've read the whole thread and did not see one mention conspiracy theories.
  7. I'm not a fan of challenges in general - there is always going to be those who set unrealistic goals. For me it takes the fun out of it. The new guidelines are an improvement. One of the issues I have is that the harder ones still affect the saturation guidelines. There are some near me in a beautiful park/open space that are like find 20,000 caches. Obviously they rarely get logged yet they are taking up spots that could be better utilized (in my humble opinion) to guide people to nature trails.
  8. That was my fist thought too. Send me a link to it if you get one up and running. Heck, maybe I'll put one out for your next visit!
  9. Email verification is required to log a cache from a web browser. An App user is already validated eight ways to Sunday, by using an App. You can't download (therefore can't use) any App without first verifying a whole lotta things about yourself, and that often includes paying for phone data and other proof of not being a bot, that better identifies people than using a one-time throw-away email address to be "verified" on the web site. While either can of course send Spam (til blocked), App users are more verified than web users. Disagree. You are making a technical distinction between IT issues and what the rest of us feel is more the "soul" of the sport. Sure, by downloading the app you could be technically be considered verified. But it's clear that Groundspeak wants new users to officially verify their accounts online - it says so right on the app. And sure, I'll grant you that GS uses its website to promote and monetize... they have to to fund the site. I don't begrudge them that. It's their site, they can run it how they wish. But none of that changes how us end users perceive their experience when dealing with new app users who don't care to play with integrity. The trolls who prompted this thread kept taunting me despite my attempts to help them join in. In contrast, yesterday I had another new user message me and and ask for a specific hint for one of my caches. He had no finds and was not a validated user. I wrote back and and explained that the hint should be adiquate. I further explained that I didn't normally give additional hints to NVMs and asked, why not validate? He did, and continued to find that and more caches. In my opinion, if someone is serious about this game they will do what is expected and required of them. It's just a sign of respect. I'm sure there are some but I bet there aren't many NVMs with over a hundred finds. And that's really the problem in my opinion, it's not the NVMs with thousands of finds who bother me (not that they actually exist) it's the jerks who insist on trolling me who have NO finds... maybe 1 at the most.
  10. I'm trying to find a way to 'back into' a coordinate projection. For example if I know the starting location, the angle of projection and the distance, I can plug that info into a calculator such as this: http://www.geocachingtoolbox.com/index.php?lang=en&page=coordinateProjection And derive the final coordinates. What I am looking for is a calculator for finding the angle of projection and the distance given starting coordinates and final coordinates. Does such a thing exist?
  11. Thanks caccbag, I just wasn't familiar with that term. Reading your post in context makes it clear.
  12. I like to educate occasionally so sometimes I'll put the hint in the cache description and the hint informs you of that fact: https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC6EFB3_de-anza-trailhead-via-price-historical-park
  13. I was recently gifted a cool cryptex device. I want to put it out in a fashion that would maximize its potential enjoyment for finders. To that end I don't want to make the puzzle that gives you the cryptex "password" too hard. Nor do I want to just hand it out either. I'm hoping for suggestions of ideas for ways to make cachers have to work a bit for it but still enjoy the process. And it should be cache related if possible. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the replies. I think I will contact GS. In response to a question up thread, yes it was a message and not an email only but I feel my complaint is valid. Some kid gets an account with the the apparent sole reason of messing with people (since my OP I've discovered another cacher in the are they are targeting - using the same language). They still have no finds or hides logged. I'm not planning on dying on this hill or fighting city hall but it doesn't seem right to be able to sign up, look for caches, log finds and have access to contact members without validating their own account.
  15. As a hider of about 600 or so caches, I can assure you your most favorite points will probably come from location rather that evil.
  16. As a test I alway enter the coordinates (as posted on the cache page) into google maps. That will tell you if you are 80 ft off or not. Though I've heard it claimed that the google map overlay can be off a bit in different pats of the country, here in central CA they are dead on. But I always use and highly recommend using a real GPS.
  17. I have been getting spammy type messages to my email account lately from a person with no hides and no finds. They are writing me non stop. It's clear by now they are just messing with me. There is also another noob who is asking me where (specifically) are my caches. They have two finds and their account email has not been validated. It doesn't seem fair that Groundspeak allows someone to email me or question me about my caches if they can't bother to complete the registration process. Sorry, just had to vent.
  18. @TriciaG I'm intrigued by this idea. But doesn't this entail have to put out a trad anyway that's susceptible to noobs with intro apps? And if the vandalize that cache doesn't it render the multi unworkable? Also, how do you handle the posted coords for the multi? If you lust them as the traditional, don't the icons stack up over each other?
  19. A couple of thoughts from central California. The reviewers here are great and seem to take the responsibility of NM and NA seriously. As a dedicated CO myself I post NM logs as needed. I try to do so in as polite a manner as possible. Same for NA. I believe it helps elevate the experience for everyone. If you are going to take up real estate by hosting a cache on it, you need to be prepared to do the work required to maintain it. Regarding the numbers issue, while not a big numbers fan myself, I see the value in having a cachers stats posted. I think I have about 5-600 hides. That's a lot of maintainance. I keep track of the DNFs and NM logs and dedicate at least one weekend a month to just that. If I get a "It's gone" log (happens more than you might think) the first thing I do is check their find number. If they only have 5 finds (for example) I'll wait for another DNF before checking on it. If they have hundreds or more I'll move it up in importance. Of course that's just a general guideline. I've had finders with thousands of finds DNF easy ones too. And I don't put more value in high numbers than low numbers but experience does count when finding.
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