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Pax: Baby Dragon Cache Slayer


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I want only one Baby Dragon, any color will be beautiful...I missed the sale, because i was sleeping,...and who sleeps can't lose money :D perhaps it's under my pillow B)

I'm looking forward to the reservation, it's better for me and my sleep :D



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I put this on my FB page suppose I better mention it here too. As always, there will be a remint. The remint will be a reservation style system. Next week I'll work on getting some color/metal combos done and have samples made :D


There will be a blue version and I may even throw a glow or possible glitter version in the mix too.




Please please add me to your reservation system. This little guy is too cute to miss a second time.

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I'd LOVE to get a PAX if anyone has an extra. Prefer purple, but any are OK. Don't have much for trades, and the ones I do are activated(I've activated all my coins) with the exception of 2 Anasazi's that are on the way to me. Can buy outright or trade with what I have.

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My Paxs came in Wednesday but I couldn't pick them up until today. WOWWWEEEEE. I love all four of them. I thought my favorite was going to be the purple or green one but it may turn out to be the copper one. When I first saw it I thought it was kind of plain but the feel and look of it is amazing. Great design Tsun. They will be boarding a plane with me on Monday for a little cross country trip.


Can't wait for the bears. :)

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First time I'm glad my toddler is an awful sleeper. Except I was so excited and tired that I didn't realize that I had the wrong address on paypal. I may have to fight my ex to get my coins if I don't get it straightened out. Limit was 2 and I'm not sure yet if I'm going to trade the extra, save it for my DS or try to sell it so I can support my habit. If tomorrow wasn't my anniversary and I didn't know know that my husband hasn't even thought to buy me anything (forgot mother's day too) I know he would have killed me for ordering PAX. Now he's happy he doesn't have to go shopping or get the cold shoulder. LOL

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Any notice you would have received would not have come from me but from Geo What? site. It was up to Angela when she wanted to have the sale and how she wanted to run it.


Please keep in mind this was a "test" run for both of us to see how a sale on the other side of the planet would fare. Only a very small number amount of coins were minted for this since neither of us knew how well a coin sale over there would go.


You gotta start somewhere and build from there.


As for the "silly" comment. You're free to sleep through the next Aussie sale :D I can't make everyone happy ;) I'm sure you can find something else to ebay in the mean time :)

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WOW! Pax Fire already gone? I checked this morning and they were not on sale yet!!

Trade anyone????


dang...I missed it too. :)


Missed it too. :D The red one was the one I really wanted too. Oh well I guess I saved some money for the next time......... ;)

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my green replacement dragons came over the weekend and wowser! the ones with the translucent enamels are the best. now i am wishing i had not sold them sight unseen - but i figure they went to people who wanted them more than i did and they just missed the sale.


i hope if tsun remints these she sticks with just translucents. the solid black enamel does not allow the detail in the metal to show through like the green does.



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I've got a Lil' Buck, to trade for a Lil Hiccup, or Aussie Fire. :rolleyes:


I just got mine from whomever I bought them from. SO NICE!! No activation code included, but I'd have thought they'd be on coincodes...... Haven't looked for them, as I'm starting to learn to only activate a select few.

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