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  1. Seeking: # Here Comes The Sun, shiny gold # Earth Turtle Oceania, any color, with the seahorse design in the middle # Pax Dragon, purple # Tengwar, purple # Tama Maneki Neko # Dragon Ladon # Nature's Night And Day # Tribal Eye, blue and silver # Cat Got Your Cache? # My Catche! # Suncatcher coins, especially Mouskakat # Native American Moon # Klingon Cloaking Device Trading: (all mint in flip folder and unactivated) # Dark Onyx's Fantasy Butterfly, Royal # Broken W "Dream", copper # Hamburg By Night (Cityline glows in the dark!) # Gingko Leaf, Spring (Green) # Pure Color Geocoing (Square, pink background, with pewter geologo in middle) # FMS Moderator (Black nickel and red sparkle) # Jangor micro-kitty, white # Jangor micro-kitty, cocoa # Jangor micro-kitty, orange # Summer Solstice '09 Blueberry ice cream cone # Red herring # Happy New Year 2010 # Year of the Tiger 2010 (copper/red)
  2. Please please add me to your reservation system. This little guy is too cute to miss a second time.
  3. I haz a huge sad. I MISSED the sale. I would be happy to buy or trade for a purple dragon. My personal mascot is a purple dragon. Anyone interested?
  4. MUST HAVE PURPLE ONE! MUST HAVE!!!!! ...goes off to stalk Tsun....
  5. As it happens, I'm already talking to Phil's son Josh about this. I was thinking about merely engraving the edge and drilling a hole in the coin so it's not saleable....but sending Josh the engraved coin and sending a proxy out instead is probably safer for the coin.
  6. As some of you may remember from February, I'm putting together a travelling Geocoin memorial for Phil Harris ("Deadliest Catch"). Here's what I have planned: I have a Deadliest Cache geocoin that was donated for this purpose; I'm looking into engraving Phil's name, dates, and a farewell quote around the edge. The coin will then go into one of those coin protector/holders, and will live in a presentation box. Also inside the box will be a small printed memorial to Phil with photo explaining who he was and then listing out the coin's mission goals. On the outside of the box I'll put Phil's custom logo. I'm wondering about the engraving portion. Do you think engraving the edge of the coin in that fashion will prevent coin thieves from grabbing the coin and attempting to re-sell it? I'm also wondering if the box itself would make the coin more or less liable to get swiped. I'd like to make it a nice-looking memorial traveller, and I'd obviously prefer it to stay in circulation as long as possible. Has anyone else done this kind of memorial with a single coin?
  8. I see that kitting out the bus with the overdrive injector and the nitrous tank worked quite well indeed.
  9. You could call it "Ctacheu" where it becomes a play on "Cthulhu" instead of "Vishnu". No follower of Cthulhu would be upset, because they know that in the end, the Great Old Ones would rise from the ocean and devour you ROFLMAO! I tend to worry more about upsetting the god in question more than the humans! Having said that, I named a BattleBot "Shiva" and revamped the classic pose of Lord Shiva in the Nataraja form: he's standing on a wedge bot instead of the demon of ignorance, and instead of the drum he's holding a wrench. I'm not TOO worried about it since Lord Shiva is known for liking games, and combat robots seems like a game he'd get a kick out of.
  10. Those of you who stay up on the Dutch Harbor fleet from Deadliest Catch have no doubt heard the news by now: Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie passed away on Feb. 9 of complications from a stroke. Phil was a larger-than-life guy with a heart of gold; he leaves a substantial hole behind even for those of us who only knew him through the series. I'm looking to buy or trade for a crab geocoin or a Deadliest Cache coin (activated is fine if you can switch ownership to me); I'd like to give it the specific mission to travel up to Dutch Harbor and be photographed with the Cornelia Marie and then dipped in the Bering Sea, and then travel to as many fishing ports as possible, in memory of Phil. Let me know if you've got one of these coins and would like to make a deal. Thanks!
  11. Just retrieved mine from the mailbox tonight! I have two perfect caches to put these in, too! I'll hit up one tomorrow, and the second on Wed.
  12. Put me on the alternates list too, this sounds fun.
  13. The hiking stick I'm currently using is redwood, I think....but I'm not entirely sure. I bought it in Santa Cruz; a homeless fellow there was making them and selling them, and I gave him twice his asking price. It comes to just under my chin.
  14. Let's see, I've done three of those in the immediate area, plus another couple here or there. The first one....I felt a little weird wandering around in someone's yard looking for a cache. Until I spotted the trebuchet....with a travel bug hanging off it. Then I got a little bolder....I mean, anyone with a trebuchet clearly visible in their front yard has pretty good odds of having folks come over to see it. I could hear someone in the garage, but didn't want to disturb them. Then a couple kids came outta the house, and nonchalantly said, "Hi." Didn't phase them in the slightest to find a fat forty year old woman wandering around their front yard with a GPS unit. Found out later this is one of our better-known locals who holds events at his house! Awesome guy. Another one was another well-known locals....he'd gone so far as to post the "G" logo with an *arrow* on it pointing around the side of his house, so I traipsed across his lawn and spent the next half an hour browsing the ammo can behind his fence. Got to meet him later, too, and he left me a geocoin in the can, and I left him nummy goodies in his mailbox. Also got to meet his FABULOUS neighbor with a GORGEOUS old restored Ford, and spent an hour talking to his neighbor about robots! Yet a third one is in front of *another* well known cacher's house, and he's invited people to stop over if his car is in the drive. I never do, but I like to drop stuff off in his travelbug hotel. As a good person, I see properly placed yard caches as a gesture of good will towards others....the kind of thing we might do if our population density and a**hole density was substantially lower. I'd like to place a clever and VERY LARGE cache on my own property when that time comes around. By the time I get around to the cache the neighbors ought to have come to terms with having an odd but fun-loving neighbor who builds robots in the garage, drives them in the yard, plays bagpipes occasionally in the house, and has a geocache in the yard. I'm betting the bagpipes receive more ire than the cache.
  15. Can we post what we didn't do? Someone dropped a really cool coin into a cache; I was going to go discover it, but a couple hours later someone else picked it up to move it on. Drat. And then I found that the person who dropped it off had posted the geocoin tracking number on it. I was tempted, but I did NOT 'discover' it because I actually never saw it in person.
  16. On my single cache, very early on, I had a cacher post a note that he 'was afraid' that the cache constituted a commercial cache. It seems that he completely misunderstood one of the employees there who speaks with a very heavy accent. I got fairly upset at this, as I'd followed all of the guidelines to the T; emails to the reporting cacher went unanswered. I ended up running into this cacher *at the cache* a couple weeks later, and he refused to discuss his note. After he made some ....interesting.... comments I was forced to reach the conclusion that there is a subset of the geocacher population that just doesn't do well socially with other people. Which doesn't come as a surprise; we have pilots like that, and most of Silicon Valley has that tendency too. This event was duplicated locally in another city, with another set of cachers. The cache owner had full permission to place the cache were it was, the cache was not advertising or selling anything, and you did not have to purchase anything to access the cache. Yet, another cacher complained that it was commercial in nature since it resided on the premises of a museum where you paid a fee in order to see the contents of the museum. The cache was located in the non-fee area of the building. Fortunately this cache also came to a happy end and was deemed perfectly fine. Then there are also those cachers who understand only the letter of the law and not the spirit. I have various swag around from various trade shows and such that I attend; most of them have some kind of branding on them. If I leave an "Industrial Lathes" yoyo in a cache, it's because it's a yoyo and the fact that it has "Industrial Lathes" burned into the wood is something I can't really do anything about; it's still a cool yoyo. Yet there are cachers that will complain about THAT too. I'm waiting for someone to complain that I'm advertising PlayDough in some of the caches I visit cuz that's a pretty common swag dropoff that I have!
  17. I do, however I will not waste my time or resources attempting to breathe life into what I consider to be a crappy cache. Yes, this is entirely subjective. I'm OK with that. A quality hide, (again, entirely subjective), is worth preserving. A hide-a-key in a drain spout of a Burger King that, (surprise!), has a wet log, will get no CPR from me. I refuse to be a crappy cache enabler. heh, glad to see I'm not alone. There was once a magnetic keyholder stuck on a gate post near a flood ditch. There's nothing special about this place, and nothing special about the cache description. The magnet had fallen out of the keyholder, so the cache was buried under rocks at the base of the gate post. Cache got muggled; I went to check on it and found an ideal way to hide the cache with the exact same coordinates that would be invisible to muggles. When the keyholder got archived, I thought long and hard about placing a new one.....was the spot THAT AWESOME to go to the trouble of planting a new cache there? No, it wasn't. And I prefer to put caches in awesome spots instead of 'in the smoking corner of the dumpster behind the business' (that was an icky cache). I also won't go to caches that are clearly noted "a guy lives in the bushes here and uses this place for his bathroom"".
  18. I'm not convinced it's players. I've seen articles online where some of the more, shall we say "testosterone poisoned" writers, encourage people to purposefully move or destroy geocaches. Written by and for the kind of people who like to screw up other people's fun. It's also worth taking a look through the logs for a cache to see if there are any known hostiles in the area; one nice GeoBead cache in my area was situated next to a hostile who knew it was there but who clearly had been watching too much "24". As it went missing a mere week or two after the hostile had a nice rant at me I have my suspicions where it went.
  19. I was considering "storm caching" this weekend (we're in for a week of sequential storms here in CA) and was all for it, until I considered.....how am I going to keep the cache interior dry? If it's urban, I can scurry it back to the truck without too much trouble. But if it's off the path, I will have to "turtle" into my poncho, and that will inevitably let some moisture in.
  20. I try to put in things that I think are fun when I open a cache. I have a large collection of Mardi Gras beads, so there's always at least one of those; there's generally at least one sticker with a tiki on it; I like cats so there's generally something cat-themed (I found a bag-o-cats at a dollar store that even fit in film canisters!); and I go hit up the end-of-holiday sales at stores for discounted items like these little cloth sacks with wooden puzzles and yoyos in them. Eyeglass chums are always great; eyeglass repair kits are always useful; so are carabiners. Kids seem to dig the little packs of Fimo that I leave there too. I also try to make sure there's at least one geocoin and/or travel bug as well for folks who like to move the travellers around. Check out places like http://www.toyconnection.com where you can get large quantities of varies kinds of nifty toys....like cats! I ADORE larger caches. There are lots ways to do large urban caches, but you really do gotta go talk to the owners and get it all kosher with them. My one single medium (shoebox size) cache is located smack dab in the middle of a few dozen micros. I'm honestly astonished nobody had put one there yet as it's a classic historic spot. The owners of the property have been DELIGHTED with geocaching, they think we're a fantastic bunch of people, and they have as much fun watching us search for the cache as the cachers do! They even did some fast cache repair for me when we were having some glue problems.
  21. I'll give it a crack! Why do I deserve to win: I don't. No more than anyone else chosen by random selection. It all depends on how happy Lord Shiva is with me this week. Let's see, I've been doing the occasional cointest since September, when I found out about them from some fellow cachers at the 9/9/9 event; you can see my photos in the DJ Rock's Photo Cointest thread. I always manage to get in on the darn things too late, or they're too esoteric for me to figure out . Of the four, I like the orange and the green best. The green with the gold chest banding is very pretty aesthetically; the orange shows off the wood slats better than the other colors (plus I'm a sucker for silver). Pity you didn't get a chest in purple, tho! The blue is a GORGEOUS shade, but from that angle I can't really see the wood slats very well. It's a great little design. Reminds me of when I was a kid....I'd pile up all the stuffed animals from my bed into the rocking chair next to my bed, then climb into bed and turn out the light. Only to see at least three pairs of glowing stuffed animal eyes watching me!!!!!!!
  22. The other day, despite the cold, I went somewhere in my car. What did I have to do to the car before I could drive? Pour your hot coffee on the lock to unfreeze it so you could get the key in the lock, then pour hot coffee on the door hinge so you could open the door. I actually had a customer from New York tell me he had to do this to get to work in the morning.
  23. Definitely A. You get the head of the unicorn plus the rainbow, but it's not so cluttered you can't tell what it is. I LOVE well-done icons, and of the three, that one is the most appealing that I'd want to see show up in my icon list. Nice job!
  24. YESSSSSS! I've been waiting for these....SO glad I checked the forums tonight!!!!!
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