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  1. Sorry times have been tough. Hope they are getting better by now. I can't buy anything because we've had a rough few years. Wish I could though. I actually came on here to see if I could figure out what some of my coins might be worth. Wishing for a Christmas Miracle to get us to Florida for Christmas. (That's where my family is.) I had some idea that I might sell my 7 year old son's "Bell Witch" coin because he's so upset that he won't get to see his grandma & grandpa. But I just can't do it. Partly because it doesn't seem right no matter how much we need the money and partly it's the memory of him clutching that little taped up coin so tightly in his fist... I do know how it is to go through tough times and I wish I could help out. At least for us I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere. sigh.
  2. We are going to the Taos - Angel Fire area of New Mexico for Easter and I'd really love to hear of some "Don't miss" geocaches in area. What better place to ask than here? We would like to do some hiking and some sightseeing. We will also spend a night at the St. James in Cimarron. I've done the cache there and another nearby last year, but it was snowing a lot so we didn't get to do much. We are driving so anything in between Conroe, TX (driving up the Dallas I think.) and within about 100 miles of Angel Fire would be awesome too. We would love to know places we shouldn't miss seeing. We already plan to got the Taos Pueblo and to revisit the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. We are considering a day drive up to Sand Dunes National Monument. (Is it worth it or are there too many other things that are must sees for our week?) One of the hikes I want to take is down to the river. While I was researching I found several that looked interesting. Little and big Arsenic Springs and one where the Rio Grande and the Red River meet. Those all seem pretty well traveled and I was hoping for a bit more remote. One I was reading about on a River Rapids site said they would hike down to the campground just south of Ski Jump Rapid and that while they make a meal you can explore a side canyon called the Cathedral. I thought that sounded very interesting and I want to know why they call it that. Since they said it was through some of the wildest area of the Rio Grande I thought that is where I'd love to go. Only I can't seem to find any trail down there and only references to it being a place for rafters to stop for the night. (Nothing else that even mentions "The Cathedral" so I can see if it's really somewhere I want to explore of just hype from the rafting group. I guess it just seems like something with a name like that should be beautiful or spiritual in some way. I tried Google earth and the only trail I seem to find is to Manbary Springs which I think is above Ski Jump rapid. I think the harder it is for me to find the more I want to go. LOL Can anyone help me? I am going to look for Geocaches from the one at the bridge (which I found last year) but I'm not sure how easy it will be to tell if they are up or down without opening each one and my MIL is ill and likely dying so we are spending as much time with her as possible, which leaves me little time to search after Home Schooling my son and Work. Also if you have any suggestions for places to eat that are not too expensive (we will mostly be eating in) that would be awesome too. We got the room in Angel Fire pretty much free or we couldn't afford to go. We are trying to save up for 1 "big" fun thing. Like maybe a snow shoe hike or a sleigh ride if the weather is right. My son is 5 though so we are tempered by that. We don't ski and no way we can afford to do that. But I'd rather ramble through the stunning countryside anyway. Which reminds me scenic drives, besides the enchanted circle which we took on our way too and from Pagosa Springs last year. We would love to see some Elk and Deer. My son wants to pan for gold (will it be too cold and is there a place?) and hunt for sheds and arrow heads, because someone told him they do that out there. But I'm not sure about the laws or if there are places go do those. Something else I want to know. Thank you so much to anyone who helps.
  3. We had a such a great time last year that I'd love to enter again. I'll have to see what we can do about coming up with coins. Maybe check out some new ones. It's been a long time since I bought anything. Come to think of it it's been months since I saw one of our coins move. But things have been difficult so maybe I just missed the message. I wish we could come to the event.
  4. I really don’t have time to read back thru all the posts right now, but when I belatedly got around to logging the coin that came with my package I received a message saying they were glad it had arrived and they were worried because I didn’t report it here. I’m so embarrassed. I remember typing up a very nice but short post that it had arrived and I swear I even added a picture of my son Wolf’s Song enjoying the cute ladybug chocolates. (very melted since it arrived in 100+ degree weather. LOL) The box arrived during a very dark time in our lives and it brought us a little light to cheer us up. I’m not sure if I never hit the button to actually post or if there was glitch, but I’m sorry I never checked back. My computer went down (couldn’t even turn it on.) within days of getting the box and I still haven’t gotten the data off it onto this one so I can’t post pictures. I was without a computer for about 2 weeks and then life went on its crazy way. Shortly before the box (I believe it was the pirates booty one) arrived my SIL forced my husband’s mother (who lived next door) into a nursing home. She actually had her committed first and it was awful. The family was torn apart by her actions and will never recover. My son used to see his beloved grandma almost daily and now we have to drive 15 miles to visit her. To make matters worse SIL (who has some kind of Power of Attorney) decided that since I didn’t agree with her I was not allowed to see their mom and the nursing home said that they didn’t have a choice but to abide by her wishes since she has the POA. I was livid. We were going out of town for an extended trip so I didn’t push it at the time, but when we got back on Sunday I decided that I’d had enough and went to visit. SIL made them call the police who didn’t really seem to know what to do. They ended up advising me that SIL might be able to file a civil suit against me and that she might be able to file criminal charges. A POA does not make you GOD and give you the right to tell the person who they can and can’t see. In the beginning I spent weeks while my MIL was in the first place where they committed her and the 2nd that was for people in the end stages of dementia (She is in the beginning.) trying to get an attorney for her. I failed and I felt like I failed her and my son. I’m pretty sure that the fact that SIL’s DH used to be a county judge and some bigwig politician in the past has something to do with the reason that none of the 20 or so attorneys I called would take the case. Most didn’t even call us back. A few admitted to having ties to the in-laws and some referred us to someone else. The day after my MIL was taken away a crazy neighbor walked down the middle of street shooting. I looked out the window to see him shoot onto our property twice. When my husband who was headed out, opened the door to see what was going on a stray dog that had showed up the day before came bursting in the door bleeding all over the place. It was only then that I realized that my Wolf had left our amazing dog Max outside for a few minutes while he came it to pee. I ran to the door screaming for Max to come in and he was always quick to obey. When I didn’t see him within seconds I knew in my heart that he couldn’t come. It was devastating. Max died on the edge of our property where the neighbor had shot him point blank from the looks of it. I wish I hadn’t seen because I’ll never forget the image. Max was a mini Australian Shepherd and his collar had been blown 4 feet up into a tree. I’m so glad my son who was almost always in the yard when Max was didn’t have to see that, but he was traumatized enough by losing his friend and companion. He and Max were so close and he even let Max sleep in his bed. He still asks about Max all the time, but for weeks he cried and wanted to go to heaven and get Max back. How do you explain something like that to a 3 ½ year old? When the police came the guy claimed that Max had killed one of his chickens and the police would only press any charges because he was a convicted felon with a gun. They refused to press charges against him because of anything else. They ignored the fact that the day before he shot a dog for killing the same chicken and that he shot the stray which was a 3rd dog and he shot at another neighbor’s dog and missed. That he shot onto our property toward our house endangering everyone inside. That you can’t shoot a dog for killing livestock unless you catch them in the act and his chickens are on the other side of the road at least 2 hundred yards away. Max was never outside alone for more than maybe 5 minutes (I’d say less) and he always came right away when he was called. Our next door neighbors chickens spent most of the day in our yard and Max never did anything more than heard them some. He never tried to hurt one, ever and we were outside a lot. The police said that Max wasn’t on a leash and they could write us up for that. I pointed out that he was in our yard, but they claimed that he was on the easement and that isn’t our property. He claimed Max was coming after his chickens at the time. Where he shot Max was on the opposite side of our property from where his coop was. If he had shot at Max near his chickens and then again on our property I’d be willing to bet that Max would have been running in a straight line toward our front door just like a little stray who had never even been in our house did, Only he was killed closer to the neighbors on the other side. But who kills a dog and breaks a child’s heart over a chicken anyway? As much time as Max and Daniel spent playing together in our front yard the guy had to know how close the 2 were. Later his mom almost ran me over with her car pulling up to yell at me and call me crazy for calling the police over a dog. Now neighbors have taken sides and I feel like I’m surrounded by people who don’t like us. (We do have some close friends but we don’t really feel safe. Not that we did much before because our house was broken into right before the new year and that was the 2nd time in less than 2 years, We were still trying to stop the world from spinning when a month later our very old Rottweiler Hoss passed. We knew his time was near for awhile and part of the reason we had gotten Max was to ease that sorrow a bit, instead we had to deal with both sorrows and try once again to comfort our child who dearly missed his playmate. A few days later my mom who had been pushing us to get Daniel a new dog (we looked at a few but the only one we clicked with was a little more than we could afford. We had just had Max vetted a few months before and we did the thing where you pay the fees over the entire year and we still had to pay that off, plus the cost of a dog. We just didn’t have enough to cover it.) called us and announced that she had purchased a dog and could we pick it up. She said the dog was for her unless Daniel wanted to keep her. Which I know she expected. The only problem was the dog was a mess. She was afraid of men and not much better with women. She wasn’t housebroken, knew no commands and wouldn’t come when you called her. Plus she ran outside everytime we opened the door and it could take me 20 minutes or more to get her back in during which time I was terrified the crazy neighbor would shoot her. My parents live in Florida and it was going to be late August before I could take the dog to them and I had to worry about a 3 day trip. I tried really hard to work with her but within 2 weeks I realized that she would be much happier in a home with an older woman and no men. My husband would walk her, pet her, feed her and even after a month of working with her she would still run behind the couch terrified when he or any other man walked into the room. It took me weeks to rehome her, but my mom’s house has even more people in and out of it than ours does and getting Abby there was more than I could handle. Once again I felt like a failure mostly because as the weeks went by and I dealt with a dog who was nothing like Max it started to wear on me. Why couldn’t I help her? Maybe if I’d given her more time? Maybe she sensed my anger over having her here instead of Max, because she looked so much like him and that was one thing I told my mom I didn’t want when we got a new dog. Plus if my mom had just given us the money she paid for Abby we could have bought the dog we’d seen 2 weeks before that all of us really liked and he liked us. Still I liked her in a way and I really do feel like I tried to do what was best for her and it was still hard to give her to someone else. She would never have been a dog who enjoyed going to crowded places like kidzfest and the Strawberry Festival like Max did no matter how long we worked with her. We rehomed her about 3 weeks before we left for FL. We stayed with my parents and had a pretty relaxing 3 weeks. Then my mom found an Aussie at the pound that she wanted to look at. He seemed like a good dog but he was too big for us so she got him for herself. 2 days later he growled at my husband and kind of nipped at his pants leg. I watched out for Wolf’s Song the next 2 days and the dog seemed to play fine with him so we decided he had a bit of male aggression going on and the pound assured my mom that he would settle down some after a month or two because he’d just been spayed. Wolf’s Song was playing with him throwing the ball and after a while I stopped paying so much attention. It was stupid of me and it could have been so much worse. I heard the dog growl and my mom and I said Daniel get back. He stepped forward instead and the dog bit him. I couldn’t see from the angle I was at and it was an awful few seconds The dog had bitten his face, until I could be sure the damage was not to his eyes and not nearly as bad as it easily could have been I was terrified. Thank god the dog only managed to get him with the fangs on one side because it would have been 100 times worse. As it was he had fang marks near his eyebrow and on his lower cheek along with teeth marks raked down his cheek and a clear bruise forming between. The lower fang mark was deep and missing a small piece of skin. We took him to the ER and they told us that the risk of infection would be higher if the stitched it and that with the piece missing it might be better to leave it to heal on its own anyway. His Doctor looked at it later and told us that was the right choice but to expect it to take 6-8 weeks for that part to heal. At the hospital we discovered that he had a wound on his lower lip inside and out and a bite mark on his arm that was bruising but not bleeding. My poor little angel. The next few days were spent in turmoil because my mom decided that she was going to keep the dog and all of us were now terrified of it. We packed up and left with anger and tears. When Wolf’s Song got bit my brother was there and while Wolf’s Song was screaming in pain and terror my brother came over and started yelling at him that it was his fault and that the dog was going to be killed because of him. If I hadn’t been holding him in my arms I would likely have slugged my brother. How could he do that to a child who had just turned 4? I found myself wishing the dog would bite him. It tried once but he was too fast. I know it’s awful of me but I wanted him to have an idea of what Daniel went thru. My son and all of us had, had enough. We needed something really good. So I did something I shouldn’t have and spent money that was supposed to go toward medical and dental expenses and I took us to Disney for a short trip on the way home to Texas. We needed it or we were going to break. Still not sure we won’t. But Wolf’s Song has some happy memories to temper all the bad ones. Now I have to find someone to help him deal with his new fear of dogs and his lingering sorrow over the loss of Max and his mama’s anger over all of this. We got home to the news that my mom had gotten rid of the dog after he nipped my sister. That’s a good thing but she should have done it when it bit a 4 year old instead of forcing us to choose between finishing our trip with a dog we didn’t trust in the house and leaving 2 weeks early feeling like she chose a dog she’d had for less than a week over us. She is right when she says it was her choice but the choice she made was to risk her grandsons safety and the safety of anyone who visited for a dog she barely knew. To keep that dog even when I made it clear that we would not only leave but never return to her house as long as the dog was there. (I also asked her to board it till we left) To choose him over the grandson she only sees when we visit her because they never find the time to visit us other than 4 years ago when he was born. If I do go back they’d better be prepared to pay part of the expenses, because our last 2 trips were done because I felt obligated to go for my dad’s 75th and their 50thwhen I hadn’t planned to go and both trips I ended up costing me dearly. I love my parents but I’m sick of it being a one way street. Always come visit us, when they are the ones who have more money and find the time to plenty of other places. Sorry I turned this into a vent. I’m tired of feeling like I failed and here I messed up again. I really enjoy geocaching and I’ve hated that I don’t get to do it much. I need to take time out from the doctors and the garbage and just go find a few every week or 2. I need to get back on this board and at least read about some fun. I’m trying to remember what was in the box because Daniel really enjoyed it. A crystal tree, he thought that awesome. There were a couple of things he claimed. A ring that lit up? The candy. The coins of course. The lucky horseshoe one is moving now and I’m going to kick myself because I really liked the other one and I can’t get the name to pop into my head. Sigh… Did I mention I haven’t been sleeping? I can’t even remember what was in the box I sent. I’ll try to catch up on the thread soon. I hope you will forgive me for messing up on this. It really gave us some joy and to us it was a great success. Thank you
  5. I love quotes. I have a whole collection of them. Let's see I'll try to pick one's that might in some way be related to geocaching. The first one that comes to mind is. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Robert Frost Beautiful coin by the way. Someday I hope to have one for our team. I already know what I want, just don't have the money to do it. Have to try and pay the bills first.
  6. Forgot to say Congratulations to GeorgiaTreasureQuester. It was so close on that one wasn't it. I was sure someone would pass our coin for milage after it vanished months ago. If I'd been in for the mileage I'd have been biting my nails.
  7. What a nice thing to find in my email today. It actually made me smile. The last week has been so awful and this is the first thing that lifted my spirits even a bit. First Wolf Dancer's sister had their mother comitted for what in my opinion was her own greed (althought I agree there mom needed to go to assisted living.) and we have barely been able to see her because of where she is. No minors are allowed and Wolf's Song (3 3/4 years old) who usually visits her at least 4 times a week (many times nightly) has not taken it well. He wouldn't have taken it well under the best of circumstances but the morning after Wolf's Song's grandmother was taken away my husband accidently left our Miniture Austrilian Sheperd Max outside for a few minutes when he came in, a crazy neighbor (convicted felon) shot and killed Max. He was the best dog ever and we are heartbroken and sick with guilt that we weren't more careful to make sure he came in. Not that we ever would have dreamed that anything like this would happen because we've alway had outside dogs here and Max was our first house dog. He was perfect and he and Wolf's Song were best friends who spent hours a day playing. We saved money for months to get him and Wolf's Song used some of his own Christmas money because that's what he wanted. We loved Max and from the first week he was part of our family and seemed like he'd been with us for years. We took him everywhere we could and I was training him (not a trainer and had no plans to show him.) for agility and to maybe be a service dog for my husband and I. I suffer from anxiaty that started after someone attempted to kidnap me many years ago, and had not had a bad panic attack since shortly before we got Max, because he seemed to know when one was coming on and he'd come over and somehow just seeing him looking at me and having him sit with me made them stay at a managable level or fade away. I never even thought that a pet could help with something like that. Needless to say since this happened I've been having major panic attacks, made worse by the fact that the guy shot toward our house with us and my preschooler inside. Not to mention that the crazy guy was out the next morning and his mother almost hit me with her car as she driving up to yell at me for having her son put in jail over a dog. I haven't slept either. So I'm sorry for getting off the subject. We really did need something nice to happen right now. I know it's not a huge thing but tomorrow when I tell Wolf's Song that we won a prize and he can open the package when it comes I know he'll be excited. He loves mail so maybe you could put Daniel on the label since he knows his name. Thank you so much. We really enjoyed watching our racers move and look forward to joining a race of some sort in the future. Let us know if you decide to do one. Wolf's Lady ~ Way of the Wolf
  8. There isn't a problem with putting a photo of the travel bug on the page as long as you can't read the number used to log it. That way they don't have to worry about virtual logging which is what can get a TB locked.
  9. Clearly my box should be the one without the $100 dollar bills. Now if we can make number 27 the one with the $100 dollar bills someone might be very happy. Then again it could be the kind that come with a game and that would just be mean. LOL I like "Lucky number 13" It's always been my lucky number. I got pregnant with my son on the 13th (or the 10th depending upon how you want to count it) and he was born on the 13th. Luckiest number ever for me.
  10. Her fingers lightly grasp the tools That draw the swirls and lines And Gaia’s essence slowly forms In her earth bound designs. Her heart lives in Montana But her soul is fused with all The earth, air and cerulean sea Are captured by her call. She sculpts them into coins Of minerals and clay Her art is colored with life’s shades Creation on display In her work, mere mortals touch A piece of the divine As metal and enamels Smoothly intertwine Her fanciful conceptions Hold us in their thrall and those of us who see her coins Must heed the sirens call But thru good deeds she gives back In a much deeper way She dreams the world she shapes This woman ~ Tsunrisebey WolfsLady AKA: Patricia Gibson~Williams My humble attempt to pay tribute to one of my favorite coin designers.
  11. Sorry I'm a little late sending this thank you. I wrote a rather long message about how difficult things have been lately, between money being tight and both Wolf Dancer and I loosing Aunt's last month, plus a few other things... Before I could post it my computer crashed. I still haven't gotten if fixed but I have this really old one to use. (No word or spell check and none of stuff, but it gets me online. LOL) I've just been feeling really down. One of the days I was really struggling over it all, my husband walked in with a package. To me from me. Oh how my spirits lifted. I knew it had to be a mystery coin. When I opened it up to find Mickey Diver lurking in dark, I had such a big smile on my face that Wolf's Song came over to see what I had gotten. When he spotted Mickey he did what any 3 1/2 year old would do and snatched it up proclaiming that it was his. I lauged as he inspected in and asked me about the colors were for. As I explained dive flags and diving to him I was flooded with memories of the past and all the times I'd settled into the sea to explore the mystery of her depths. Oh how I miss diving. I've always been a water person and from the first time I went scuba diving I felt almost as much at home there as I did a top the sea in the air. I long to get back to diving again but living so far away it seems like it's never a good time. Even when I'm in Florida all the friends I used to dive with have moved on or moved away, and right now we can't afford dive boat costs. (I even worked in a dive store for a short time, so many years ago and since I worked at the dock anytime the boat wasn't full I could hop on dive free.) Maybe when Wolf's Song is old enough to go... Thank you so much for sending this to me. I have enjoyed looking at it and letting the memories wash over me, like an old friend. All the smiles one little coin can bring are amazing. Mickey makes me think of so many things to do with my young son who still sleeps with his Mickey Mouse so there is that too. We both love it and will treasure it. Wolf's Lady
  12. Sorry I haven't checked in my computer isn't working. This one must be one of the first laptops ever made. It's so slow I think I could send the info by snail mail faster. It doesn't have any extras like Word or well, anything. It also doesn't have all my documents. My other computer is less than a year old and I'm not happy that it's not working. Why is it that 90% of everything I purchase has problems, gets broken or stolen? Sorry to vent I'm just frustrated. My box was sent and should have been there by yesterday. I guess you have it in the next pick up. I had it ready sooner but I had to wait to get paid to send it. We went to Wolf Dancer's aunt's funeral in LA and between that and the gas prices we were gathering up change to make it the last week. As soon as we got paid and could get into town I sent it. So glad that's done and I don't have to worry about it anymore. Excited to see what the boxes hold when everyone gets them. I had a really hard time figuring out what to put in mine. I hope I did OK. I was kind of wishing I could have stuffed it with $100 bills so that I could be sure whoever got it would be thrilled. LOL Now I have to go thank someone for a mystery coin. I wish I could get to the long TY I typed up on my computer right before it crashed. Thank you for all the work you are doing to make this mission happen.
  13. If I'd walked that far I'd have signed it in blood. LOL I stopped at one on the way to my brothers house when I was helping to get his house ready to rent while he was out of the country. It was the only cache I had a chance to find in Dec and even though it wasn't much of a walk I got there and discovered that I didn't have a pen. I was in his car and it didn't have anything in it at all. I didn't try to sign it with mud because I was sure I'd get back by. Did I mention his house needed a ton of work and the job I thought would take a few days to a week took over a month of full time work. I never got back by. Didn't even find time to visit some family and friends I only get to see once a year. Next time I sign in mud or whatever is handy, I was searching for a cache one time and I didn't have a pen if I'd needed to I was prepared to sign with mustard. OK so I don't know that I would actually have done that but the thought did cross my mind. Since you have a pic I don't think it would be out of line to ask the CO if you can log it.
  14. My son says it's a cool coin and I agree. I never would have thought to combine 2 of Wolf's Song's favorite things (Mickey and Light Saber's) into a coin. If Buzz Lightyear was on there somewhere I'd have to sell my wedding ring to buy the one on e-bay for him even though he is only 3. LOL Thankfully no Buzz so I'm off the hook since this one is already way outside my budget of well, right now I don't have a geocoin budget so I knew that even before I peeked. Thank you to all the Mystery Coiners for sharing your mystery coins even if we only get to see them via pictures.
  15. I'll have to keep an eye on this thread. I knew mystery coins weren't to be sold and I assumed that selling coins that were gifts was frowned upon. (Not that I can imagine ever sell any coin that was gift.) I didn't realzie that any coins that were sold came with a do not sell agreement. Maybe because my collection is so small which I hope in the future to remedy when Dr's aren't getting such a huge chunck of our budget. In the meantime I so enjoy seeing the coins posted here for me to lust after.
  16. My box arrived. I'm working on exactly how to best fill it. It seems like it has a bit more space and I need some small items to tuck in here and there. Or maybe I can adjust the items a bit to make a larger space for just 1 more item. I just don't know what to add right now. We've been focused on a Funeral for Wolf Dancer's aunt last weekend (out of state) and his cousin having surgery for liver cancer this week. On the good side we got a new dog who seems really great inbetween. It sounds like with the boxes from outside the US I will be OK if I take a few more days to make sure I do a better job on this. I really want to make it special but it's harder to do when you have no idea who it might be going to. Lots of fun though.
  17. My most brainless act is letting my husband drive. Here is an example from the other night. Me: There is a cache 345' that way. Pull over. Wolf: This way? Me: Yes - slow down. Wolf: I'm not going that fast. Me: It's 125' that way. (expecting him to stop.) You're going to go past it. Him: Where is it. Me: We were within 45 feet of it but you drove so fast I couldn't tell which side. Him: It's behind us? (as he drives down the a small road another 100 yards) Me: (Checking the clue because it's clear he's still being a bonehead after the 5 other caches he's driven past today with me saying there's one coming up slow down and him saying "Oh I didn't hear you." or something else crazy.) It's in a tire on the ground. Him: (driving back past at 20 mph) There are some tires (driving toward some leaning against a building at least 200' past GZ. Me: That's not it, it's on the ground, back that way. At which point he pulls out on the main road to head home. Me: What are you doing? Why didn't you stop? Him: Oh you wanted me to stop? You didn't tell me to stop. I can't repeat what I thought at that point. But I refrained from saying anything but "Honestly did I have to tell you to stop? We were looking for a geocache, the whole point is to stop and sign the log." He wonders why I've been getting angry with him lately. Gee I wonder?
  18. You are both misreading the call log. Read it from bottom to top. 6:14p Someone called the police to advise that man and child were seen off trail at park. The caller was unsure if child 'belonged' to the adult male. A description of what they were wearing was given. An officer was dispatched to the park. 6:34p Officer arrived at park. Left his vehicle in the lot and started looking for the subject. 6:57p Officer walked to the trailhead. 7:12p The caller called back to advise the police that the people in question had just left the park. The officer couldn't have stopped them from leaving because he wasn't in the parking lot. He was back at the trail looking for them. From the OP I guess you missed that and the part about that said "My daughter asks why all of the police are there, and I tell her it is probably because something happened nearby." So yes there was someone who could have kept him from driving off with her if there was any question. What good would a tag number be if he had stolen the truck and kidnapped the girl? Really the whole thing was odd. Sorry about the DD confusion. Yes it means dear daughter. Years of habit from infertility boards where it's just a quick way to type Daughter and I really don't think of it in the cutsie way. I try to remember that in the real world it's not used often but sometimes my fingers just type it without any help from me. (Smile)
  19. Personally I'd rather have the cops knock on my door a hundred times because my DH or I looked suspicious with our son, then to have them not knock on a door with some poor kid who needed them. Which sadly in this world could be any of our kids. The problem I have is that the cops didn’t check it out right there at the park. What is with that? Why would they let you drive away like that? I’d be royally pissed if someone thought that it was worth calling to police on wolf and our son, but the cops waited and let them out of their sight. I seem to remember that there was more than one child molester or serial killer who convinced the cops to go on their way. If the info the OP posted was the whole story the couple was being too cautious. I would explain to my child that isn’t it nice that someone cares and what’s a little embarrassment (not that I’d have been embarrassed.) and inconvenience if it might save another child from being harmed. I would also like to point out that we don’t know what frame of mind this couple was in when they called. Maybe they had seen an amber alert and your DD could have fit the description. Maybe they knew someone who was kidnapped and they see bad men everywhere. Maybe something horrible happened to the woman when she was young and she was just afraid that she was missing something. Unless I discovered that they were just trying to stir up trouble I’d give her credit that she cared. On some of the comments that they informant never said what they suspected, frankly I don’t think the caller had to say what they thought might be going on for someone to know what they thought. They certainly didn’t call because they thought a man was having a nice day with his DD. You’re walking around somewhat aimlessly and maybe it looks like you are waiting for a good moment to duck into the woods for something nefarious. Then you vanish and return perhaps a few times… Um seems a little suspicious if you aren’t aware of geocaching. Maybe your DD was frowning at the bones or as she was observing something and they just weren’t sure. Or maybe the just don’t like strangers in their park. Who knows. But I’d be glad that someone was looking out for my child and not ignoring their feeling that maybe they should let the cops check it out just to be sure. I think the saddest thing in this world are all the people who don’t want to or are afraid to get involved because of what someone else might think. When Wolf’s Song was 2 he took off in a store and headed straight for the door. He ducked between the baskets and I had to go around. I was yelling stop as he went thru the first set of doors and headed for the outer ones. That was when I noticed a woman stepped into the doorway. I know she heard me because she looked right at me as I was yelling stop. I almost sighed because he couldn’t get past her, and she stepped out of the way and let him by. I couldn’t believe it who lets a toddler whose mother is 15’ away and yelling stop run thru a doorway where a busy parking lot is waiting? When I related this story later someone told me “Oh I would, because people are really funny about you touching their kids and I might have gotten yelled at.” So you would rather live with the fact that you could have stopped a child from getting injured rather than having someone who would be wrong to do it chastise you over having helped their child? Not me. I want to know that I’ve always done my best to protect a child, even if they are not my child. I haven’t called on any suspicious men in parks but if I felt something wasn’t right you can bet I would. However in the situation you were I’d darn sure use my dogs to try and find out more about what you were doing before I called the cops. Some people aren’t that smart or maybe they were just afraid. I hope your dd is feeling less anxious. I'll bet if you stop acting like it's a big deal she will settle down faster. Like someone else said make it a funny thing and laugh about it. Good luck.
  20. My thought would be to make it a signature item. A laminated card or even a wooden nickel. Make the front something interesting with your geoname and a picture. On the back put the coordinates to your place and maybe a message to stop by and meet us sometime. If it’s a card you could add show us our sig. item and we will give you (insert whatever here) if it’s a wooden nickel you could put it in a baggie with a note. I use a small plastic baggie I got from the craft store to hold the wooden nickels Wolf’s Song paints, it has a business size card with his caching name that says it was hand painted by him, the year and his age along with the picture of something he painted to make it look nicer. A lot of people love to collect signature items. And there are some who like to collect business cards. If you could make yours a crossover I think it would be better received and less likely to be CITOed by those who don’t like them.
  21. BYOP Um it's listed as I micro I already know that. I didn't actually need the hint since it was clear it was a lamp post cache from over 100' away and if I had any doubt the geoscratches in the paint on the post was a dead give away. But a newbie who had never seen or hear of one might not be thankful for that hint on a 1/1. And boy was that the heaviest LP skirt I've ever lifted. What was it made of anyway, cast iron? Then again I seldom even bother with LPC's even whe I drive within 20' of them and only did this time because I want to dip a Bug and coin I have and we were right there in the parking lot anyway. I've seen a few of the others listed here and yes they are rude. I cache with a 3 1/2 year old and my (dear husband) DH who is only mildly interested there are times that I know I only have so long and I might choose one cache over another because I see it has a hint. One time I took a 1/2 mile walk into the woods while my Son slept in the car (don't freak DH waited with him.) I searched for about 20 minutes and then looked at the hint only to see some form of "no hint needed" only in about 2 sentences. I was not amused. Even less so when I happened to find it about 90' from GZ as I headed out on another way. I've had some good hints though. Maybe we need a thread on the most creative hints. I wouldn't be surprised if there is one and I just haven't stumbled across it.
  22. We could easily solve this problem if we just say no to mircos?
  23. I hate micros but if one is nearby and I'm in the mood I will sign the log. If it was OK to not sign the log I could have at least dozen more. If Just driving past within 10' and being sure it was there was good enough more like 50 more finds. I have had a few cases where it was impossible to sign the log but I at least attempted to make a mark. (see that little squiggle in the tear at the bottom of the disintegrating paper, that's my mark. LOL) I had one cache in S. FL where I really wanted to dip or leave some TB's so I looked for one that wasn't a micro and took a really short hike to the cache only to discover that it didn't have a pen. Rotten thing. Normally it would not have been a problem but I was driving my brothers old junker and there was nothing to write with in the thing. I got ill and never got to find another cache while I was down there so I was very disappointed that those bugs didn't get the mileage before I headed back to Texas. I guess I could have logged it but it just didn't seem right. The irony is I usually carry several extra small pencils and regular size pens in my geobag so I can leave one in cases like this and it didn’t even occur to me until there was no pen that I wasn’t in my own car and I didn’t have anything with me. I sure wish we didn't have sign those micros to claim a find, some of them are a real chore to get the logs back into. Another reason I don't care for them. Although I've found a couple that were hidden in a unique way that I enjoyed.
  24. I was talking to a local geocacher about Wolf's Song's GeoKid that was in Lousiana after she mentioned that she was going to New Orleans. She offered to rescue it since it had been sitting there since January 8th. She left the Houston area on Friday and was planning to stop for it that evening. When I saw a log that someone had picked it up pop up, I thought wow she drives fast. Only she wasn't there yet. Kind of funny since the cache hadn't had a visitor in over 2 months. Even funnier the cacher who picked it was headed to Texas so it ended up in the area. Interesting to think that it's very likely they passed each other on I-10.
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