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  1. Today is will be 353 for me. I started on 12/31/11, and intended on ending on 1/1/13, but have a caching buddy with 369, so I may pass him before I quit my streak. Some days are a challenge with family duties, or other things going on, but I've managed. Leave a lot of easy caches, or even caches you've "pre-found" without signing for the days without much time. Honestly, I'm ready to be done, but am so close to the goal....... Like others have said, sometimes it feels like work, but most days, it's fun. Good to get out of the house, and do something!
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    I agree, this is a major annoyance. I've always been able to have Safari on my laptop, and on my iPhone logged in at the same time. Now on either, and I don't necessarily go back and forth between the two, I have to login all the time. PLEASE FIX!
  3. I've noticed this too. Actually, the reason I came to the forums to check. Seems when I log from my phone, I get the right date. If I log from my computer, I need to check the date, as it will be an earlier date from today. I hope it gets fixed, as I hate having to go edit my logs after I forget to check it.
  4. I use my iPhone4 more and more for caching, as I am either chasing FTF's and don't stop to load the coords into my Garmin, or am caching spur of the moment. Being someone who has dropped my phones numerous times, and this one being my first touchscreen phone, I got a good case for it. I'd recommend an Otterbox Defender case for any iPhone user. Sure, it's a little more bulky, but it sure appears to be safe in there. Other than a drop/impact directly to the now-recessed screen, it's a sturdy case. Still not waterproof or anything, but for impacts..... FWIW.....
  5. I have a Rino 530hcx, and an Oregon 450. One benefit of the 530 along with premium membership is the ability to do Pocket Queries, and load all of your local caches to the GPS. No paperless. I used to use my phone for the cache page, or hints if I needed them. Otherwise, I'd just go looking for a cache!! I gotta admit, I haven't picked up the 530 but once, since I've gotten my Oregon though.
  6. you can also load them 1 by 1 from the cache page. just click the "send to gps" button that is slightly below the coordinates.
  7. Uh, oh. I must complete my collection...... Seriously though, I haven't been buying any coins, as I'm getting the big "D". I may have to break down and spend a little for these though!!
  8. I used to primarily cache with my wifes 09 Camry Hybrid. Great on gas, and I really liked the comfort of it. She decided recently that it was time for a divorce, so no more Camry for me.... My cache retrieving vehicle was an 02 lifted Avalanche, but that recently got traded for an 11 Silverado Crewcab Z71 4x4. Don't think I'll be taking it down any tight trails like I used to with the Avalanche. The AV, at least had plastic trim to prevent scratching the paint. Don't want any scratches in the new truck!!
  9. Good luck, I hope it travels long and safe for you!
  10. It is your TB, you can do whatever you like, as far as changing the "mission" or whatever else on the page.
  11. I've been to 1 cache that allowed that. It is GCGE6B if you want to check out the page. Really fun cache. And, YES I did log it 4 times. However, I would have preferred that it was listed as 4 separate caches, as each stage had a different D/T rating. It also had a LOG in each of the stages to be signed.
  12. I would check the penguin "sticker" on Mini Penguin. The size is listed as "unknown" which may not be a typical container. It could be a magnet with a log on the back. Now, don't be peeling actual stickers off of machines or anything....... Emergency Dogwalk has a pretty good hint, and a non-micro container. I'd look the area over after reading the hint to see if that helps.
  13. We have a local cacher around here that has over 550 finds without a GPS. He actually prefers the challenge. Still plans on finding caches without, even though I gave him my old Magellan Meridian Color, as it was just collecting dust. He'll use it to place caches now, and for hiking/camping. He also swears by Bing Maps because of better quality, and directionality(Satellite Views). Take the coords from the cache page and try them. Same cacher actually FTF'd a cache of mine, way back in the woods, in the dark, without a flashlight, before there was snow on the ground to follow footprints!
  14. Oh, I'd suggest practicing the method before the day of the party. That way you'll be ready. If you have all the spots already picked, you can do the same from your home(although the GPS will show your home coords), then you can edit the points to show at the areas of the park. I'd think it to be easier to mark them as you place them. The best way to learn a GPS is to use it, and often, until you are comfortable with it.
  15. No idea on the iphone, but your GPS should allow you to "mark a waypoint". As you are hiding the goodies, mark it, and then do the same for the others. They'll all show up on the GPS as waypoints, then you can do a "go to" on each waypoint, and they can search for them.
  16. Blocking the lightsource would be an easy way to bypass that. How about a timer/clock or something to that effect?
  17. I tried that on the "civil war vet", and WOW that link is cool. I had to bookmark it right away.
  18. I got the CIA-FBI one as soon as I was done reading the page. A little too far for me to go sign it though!!
  19. I know nothing about it, but just saw a post on our local forums about it. Here's the link. http://www.wi-geocaching.com/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=12151
  20. I disagree about keeping them both. You already have your Droid for backup. UNLESS your boyfriend caches with you often. Then keep it for him to use, or anyone else that may go with you. If you do decide to keep just one, keep the 62. The reason I disagree, is I have 3 handhelds right now. An old Magellan Meridian Color, a Garmin Rino 530HCx, and a Garmin Oregon 450. The Rino is under a year old, and hardly gets used. The Magellan just collects dust, and probably hasn't been turned on since I got the Rino. I like the paperless with the Oregon, and when I cache with my 4 and 5 year old daughters, I just hand the GPS to them and let them lead. They are the reason I've kept the Magellan, but we do just fine with just 1 GPS when they are along.
  21. I haven't gotten most of my notifications as of the site upgrade either. I've missed publish notifications, owner logs for publishing of my own cache, and owner logs for logging of my caches. I'm not the only one around my area, as I've emailed with other local cachers, that have had the same.
  22. Hey Terry, I'm from Appleton also. I find that as of lately, I have been caching less, more so because of it getting dark before I'm out of work. Snow won't stop me though, matter of fact, I just invested in new winter gear to keep me warmer while I'm out and about. I was out caching with my daughters in the snow last year, and will this year. Funny, I see we were at the same event last night. By your profile pic, I may have seen you there. I didn't get to talk to as many people as I would have liked, but my daughters being tired, were requiring more of my attention than expected.
  23. I didn't expect the score to be so low. Congrats to whoever won, and thanks for the cointest!
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