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Critter shots


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This little guy was a few feet from "Elves Explore the Forest" (GCQTH0). Let's just say MsIDFC screamed, dropped her sunglasses, and ran... :)



We went to the Tri-Cities for the CCMII a couple of weeks ago and the only snake I saw all weekend was a garter snake, I could have stayed home to see that. :lol:

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We found this little guy sleeping near the "til death do us part" cache in the cemetery in Huntley Montana. My daughter thought he needed a name & that he looked like an "Elmer". He also goes by the name Muggle. He scared the beejeezers out of me when he woke up and started watching us search. ;)

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Are those Black Oystercatchers really that rare? I recall seeing quite a few of them while looking for the cache on Little Deadman Island. They didn't seem to approve of my presence though...they're noisy little guys.

Seattle Audubon E-Bird web was the source for that info. I've also seen then on Little Deadman.

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This elk, was quite a ways up the trail when he crossed with two females and a baby...couldn't get the camera up fast enough to capture the others. This was on our hike to GCHX47.




Saw this one in the vicinity of GC19H7A, it just hung out and watched us until we left.



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