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  1. Today’s iOS Wherigo® app release includes the following: Search Options: Exclude Disabled, Exclude Hides, Exclude Finds Disabled caches shown in gray to indicate status German language localization Save cache name and GC code when downloading cartridges, show info button on Cartridges tab to display this cache info for user reference (for new downloads) Cartridges page should show options to view cache info page or wherigo.com page (for new downloads) Cartridges should now show distance from current location in list Support for downloading multiple cartridges when the cache page lists multiples Other small UI updates and various bug fixes Some have asked about a Wherigo application for Android. We do not have plans to create such an app at this time. However, this Help Center article lists Android applications to play Wherigo cartridges.
  2. It should be searchable in the store now. I believe there was just a temporary delay between the app going live to being able to be found via search.
  3. Thanks for your feedback on the API program. I do see your submission and have already added your name to our wait list. While it can seem like nothing has moved forward with the API program in terms of adding new partners recently, please note that we have been hard at work internally to transition from the old API to the new API. We felt it was best to make the transition complete before we started inviting new developers into the program. Our goal is to begin growing the program in the near future. We’re targeting applications and tools that help enhance the game for geocachers in new ways. We have a lot of valuable partners that already provide tools that geocachers can’t live without and our goal is to invite a limited set of developers with new ideas into the program soon. We will review your submission as part of this process.
  4. Although we are not accepting any new partners into the program at this time, we may consider options for opening the Geocaching API to partners in the future. We're still forming our plans on what this will look like so we don't have much information to share at this time. If you are a developer and have an idea you'd like us to consider, we'd be happy to add you to our wait list. Once we have new information regarding the Geocaching API program, we'll reach out to you. Submit a request via our help center (select #10 Business Partnerships) from the drop-down menu and include your username and information about the application you'd like to use our API on.
  5. The Lackey 2016 Geocoin icons have since been loaded.
  6. On Shop Geocaching we try to list in the description whether or not a coin/tag comes with a unique icon. I've seen on most other vendor sites that they usually do the same as well. If one is supposed to have an icon and it's not appearing, feel free to contact the vendor or us directly.
  7. I haven't heard of any major issues with icons. The occasional icon can go missing, in which case I'll just reload those files to the system. The particular series you referenced hasn't necessarily had all icons submitted yet. So those cases are up to the individual manufacturers.
  8. I just loaded these today and it looks like they're now appearing on the site. They'll load for your coin automatically, but if you don't see them now, try clearing your cookies/internet history or looking on another browser.
  9. There will be a custom icon within the next week most likely.
  10. I don't know that we had a specific reason for not having a patch/tag. We did make an acrylic key chain version of the Road Trip Hero design. But I believe most of those sold at Block Party. If there are any left, they'll be added to Shop Geocaching this week. This is good feedback in case we do similar promotions in the future. So thank you!
  11. If it does say "Trackable at Geocaching.com" and you still have trouble finding the code in the system, send us an email and include this information and a picture that clearly shows the tracking code on the coin.
  12. All of those countries drive on the "right" side of the road. I've driven through most of the countries that you'll be visiting and it's very easy to get around. There are websites online where you can study up on European traffic signs in advance. Also, study up in advance the speed limits for countries. I've found they tell you when a slower speed limit ends, but they don't tell you what the limit actually is. Most countries will have a general freeway/autobahn, highway and city speed. Keep in mind that most rental cars are manuals over there, so you're not used to driving a manual that might be the trickiest part. I've typically gotten international data for my iPhone and used the built in maps for directions and never run into any issues. Though you'll find many rental cars in Europe have a built in GPS so you may not even need an international data plan for your maps.
  13. We'll be making a full 15 years collection including various coins and tags for Shop Geocaching.
  14. Maybe it helped that I had a great local guide that gave me the history of the area and knew the best geocaches to show me, but Vienna really has a lot of great caches all within walking distance. The caches take you to see the highlights of the city too. Examples: http://coord.info/GC1D19M http://coord.info/GCPNMZ http://coord.info/GCR8N2 http://coord.info/GC3478T http://coord.info/GC1RWRX
  15. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Michele. My thoughts are with the family.
  16. I've definitely used grass and dirt with a stick to sign a cache log before (I often forget to bring a pen). My coworkers and I used each other to retrieve a cache once.
  17. Well, there you go!!! New Zealand meets that criteria (in my humbly biased opinion!!! ) Definately a beautiful country worth visiting anyway, and as a bonus some great caches. Snoogans has got the right idea! Annie My only regret is not knowing about geocaching until after I moved back from New Zealand. It's easily the best place I've been on Earth, so I'd imagine I'd love caching there.
  18. The thought put into GC47PV1 along with the craftsmanship of the actual waypoints make it one I'll never forget. Then this multi in Switzerland was amazing because of the 106% grade train ride, the walk and views: GC32DQT.
  19. It appears Groundspeak commissioned CoinsAndPins to do a special version for them. This is not their yearly offering which usually has a year attached to it and several metals. That's correct, it's a Groundspeak exclusive design.
  20. Florida (Harry Potter themed?), Alaska or somewhere in New England. Or really anywhere I don't have finds yet.
  21. Here are some images of Geo-Art from around the world on Pinterest.
  22. Well, Jayme, I'm glad you asked. I'm slowly working away at the Washington Delorme Challenge and noticed that I had a few sections open near the coast. I've also been craving some ocean time. It was pouring rain in Seattle, and I noticed that the coast might actually have a short window without rain so I hopped in the car Saturday. Had an amazing time finding some caches in parks I've never visited before in the Westport and Ocean Shores area. Definitely going to head back to that area sometime this summer for some more caching.
  23. Not sure if you're a Twilight fan....but the Twilight multi-cache in/near Forks takes you to some neat locations in that area. GC1N9H4 You probably have this on your bookmark list already, but if not: GC2B2VV
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