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chris evans show and Geo.kitten

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Geo.kitten has been shortlisted to be called for the show B) she will get to know if shes going to be on around 4.30 should be around five that she will be on if shes selected :D


That's a bit extreme, just to get someone to find her two unfound caches she going on National Radio?





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Totally didnt expect them to call back! I sent a song request last week friday and today they rang and said i was short listed now said I'm going to be called! My song is Coldplay - clocks and I've said the most intresting thing about me is I started geocaching 4 months ago (how sad is my life) :)







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Heard you on the radio Kirsten Robinson, Geokitten. Well done you sounded very nervous, I couldnt have done that. I think you mentioned Salem and then the Mega event great stuff. I heard you well enough regardless of the thoughtless lawnmower lol.


I think Chris knows loads about Caching but hes doing his best to not have a conversation about it. Prehaps Stuart wont let him.


Congrats anyway.


Yorkypudding Sarahxx

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Can anyone say how long into the program it was please? I heard "Schools out for Summer" live on the radio while I was in the car.... but managed to miss the Kitten call! I'm listening to the show from the start again now.... yawn, lol

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