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  1. I've been so busy with uni that I've *gasp* neglected caching...Then come on the forum for a quik look and find all this Duckie You are the best! and you gave it a bash!!! you rock <3 Kirsty
  2. Never Kirstie.... You have taken the time to discover what makes a good cache, actually did a fair few before placing your own etc.... My gripe is with those cachers who do a MM and a sidetracked cache - think they're all supposed to be like that and then go around setting gazillions of them.... grrrr you just like my kitty I really have enjoyed the whole geocaching thing forum fight club and all.. And I hope that in a few years time I'll be an 'old timer' too
  3. Before I say this please please please dont take offence I dont mean it to be or sound that way : I just wondered if people ('old timers') realised how off putting some of this could sound to someone like me only been caching maybe 6 months or so. In essense are people blaming newcomers for the problems? Are we all number whores and poor cache placers? I've placed a 13 caches in my area and while none are super amazing I tend to get goodish logs, I've been to a few events and felt very welcome! I've made loads of lovely new friends... I just worry that as a new comer am I resented?
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who answered and tried to help The person who set the cache has yet to answer my mail but I'm back in the uk so it wouldnt help anyway The cache was found the same day I'm not sure if it was after or before I tried - I do think its there I just missed it. Anyway again thanks for everyones emails K
  5. No sadly I dound a differant one. Yeah I read the logs and realised its been found recently I still think its there I just missed it :< oh well at least I found one - better than nothing
  6. Pleased to say I found a cache in poland and I'm thoroughly chuffed!
  7. A couple months ago my mother asked me if id like to go to Poland on holiday with them and they would pay for my flights as a birthday present. Now I jumped at the opportunity because at my age you don't generally get those kinds of presents plus as a fairly new geocacher I was really happy to try caching in another Country. We staying in Krakow (I'm still here till Tuesday) and there are two caches really close by. I have to start off by saying earlier in the holiday I managed to fall down some stairs while on a tour of the salt mine :/ and sprained my ankle rather badly its all swollen. I didn't want it to ruin my holiday so I’ve been walking around on it anyway and then having to pry my shoes off at the end of the day :< ok I digress so with my swollen ankle I attempted my first cache yesterday and dnfd it :< After coming back to the hotel and reading the logs I certain its there I'm just missing it. With my ankle I managed to climb over the railing slide down the bank and then climb up the side again to get under the bridge and looked around every where I thought the cache might be - eventually the tourists kept looking at me funnily and my dad was taking way to many photos that im sure he could use to blackmail me at some point, soooooo I decided to climb back over the railing and admit defeat. I was absolutely covered in sand and muck my bum was black as I slid down the hill and my mum politly said it looked like id messed in my pants :< So it's the morning after and I thought id see if anyone else had done it and could help me out with a clue (I have emailed the owner and not yet had a reply) I leave tomorrow and will possibly get a chance to go back this evening if I have a clue that I think will help me to find it this time. All is not lost though! I do have another cache planned later this morning and I really hope I find that one :< I guess it would help if I told you the cache wouldn't it :/ GC102YE My father has just informed me that I have to post some of said pictures later :< either way I shall come back and update you on my hopefully found geocache! Have you ever had a planned geocaching 'holiday' and it went wrong?
  8. ello and welcome to this addiction we call geocaching but really its just a mad bunch running around looking for tupperwears! I think if you have a look people meet up already but why not start with a little mini pub meet give some time in advance and then go from there
  9. hello all Welcome to the world of tupperware hunting and forum fight club!
  10. next time before you check the 'I agree' box dont unless you actually agree happy caching!
  11. I always thought the right way to be charitable was to do so silently and not shout from the roof tops about it :/ oh well I dont know whatever floats peoples boats really. I asume people read the guidlines when they start using the forums?
  12. Fair or unfair, the rules have been made clear. Groundspeak own the website and make the rules - it really is that simple. mentioning charities over and over again when the rules have been made clear is not going to 'resolve any issues'. Groundspeak is a company, who charge for advertising from commercial and charitable organisations. Is it fair on these organisations who pay, if some are allowed free advertising (for example charities or people's own printing businesses)? Agreed
  13. I think if you refer up you may get the answer to your question
  14. Seriously dont we have things in the world we need to worry about more like starving children, Tidal waves..... Hunting tupperware!!
  15. Anyone done any caching lately then?
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