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  1. I'm surprised not to have my Fathers day present by now. I this a sign of the extra curricular involvement of Ontarians? I thought it would be easy to find 200 people in the province to get behind this.
  2. Got my order in too, seems like a cheaper way to get vanity plates and also gets teh word out about geocaching. not too mention I can now see if there is anyone I need to overtake on the way to a FTF.
  3. This thread can be locked now. I am satisfied that I can now get this cache sorted out one way or another without losing the spot. I didn't mean to offend anyone but I personally don't like people who really have no concern of my caches simply NAing it without first contacting me. But hey that's me live and let live.
  4. I was going to put my caches up for adoption but the person who is to be looking after them said just to leave it as is and he and another local would check them out if and when is needed. Also I might be back in the country again by next year. As for being totally wrong I hold my hands up. I was lead to believe that even an archived cache meant another cache could not be placed on that location, but if I'm wrong thats good news. I will see if the other cacher wants to put the cache there if not I'll archive it and someone else can put a cache there if they feel like it.
  5. I have been and replaced this cache 3 times and moved it's location once. Since its last disapperance I have been to the site 3 times once to check it and twice to replcae it but due to the amount of people around I couldn't. I have now moved out of the country and a fellow cacher has said he will replace it. I asked him to do it when I moved and have asked him to do it again now. So hopefully for your peace of mind it will get done ASAP. Anyone looking at going to the cache can clearly see it is not available and also the fact that if I archived it, this would mean another cache could not be placed here then everyone loses. I know it maintained but I really don't think that if no one locally has contacted me voicing their concern that it is that big of an issue. Its only a hobby after all.
  6. I know this has been discussed at some point before but what is the standard procedure for requesting a cache to be archived? Now my cache which is in Northern Ireland, which due to some problems with the area and also the fact that I am now trying to get someone else to replace it for me has been temporarily disabled for some time. I got a request to have it archived today from someone in SURREY, hardly a local cacher with a great deal of interest in this cache. So who made the purple pineapple the cache police for Northern Ireland? Oh and hello everyone sorry I have been away for a while
  7. Just a quick note to say after relocating I am only realising that there are a couple of sites out there which still have links to my previous personal sales website these will hopefully all be rerouted by the end of the weekend.
  8. thanks for the kind comments. The coin is now for sale on ukgeocachers.co.uk as I am emmigrating and needed some help in shifting coins, so thanks to Ian .
  9. Took this photo this morning. Was about to do a cache but the park gates where locked so I looked across the road and seen this. This thread is due a bump
  10. I think it really comes down to a quality vs. quantity thing. I have been caching for a couple of years and enjoy it. When I started it would not take my search long before I was in a different country. Now I have lots of caches and new cachers and still for the most part people are placing caches in spots, you would not go unless you were caching, spot of interest and areas of outstanding beauty. Now in my eyes as long as thats the case and that you know of such an area you should place a cache for others to enjoy the outdoors. As discussed in another thread I really have no interest in it becoming about the numbers. So I don't think that if I have found X amount of caches I should just go out and bung one under a lamp post, along a motorway, an A road or a boring train station, just so I can say look here is my input. So common sense should prevail here. If you know some quality hiding spot then do it if not let those who do have good ideas place them.
  11. Sorry Donny.... The thing is... I'm not selfish, and just took one for me and one for my parents. I then went to different stores around the region, Chester, Liverpool and N Wales and built up my collection. I DO have all 5, but I drove miles for hours doing it. They will ALL be released either this weekend or next (as soon as I actually get out caching!!!) and they will be in the wild for all to see!! If I pop into Birkenhead (not sure if it's likely) and they have any left, I'll get one for you! Thanks
  12. So hazel that would suggest that you might have spare? old buddy old chum
  13. the topic was about using your postcode. now some poor folk are going to log on to gc.com and punch their postcode in and think their nearest cache is some where in sweden. hardly a good option.
  14. Ok folks the coin is now no longer available from the website but will be available from ukgeocachers as soon as they receive them. Thanks for all your orders and I hope any of you who are still interested take the opportunity to go to the other web site to get yours.
  15. My so called master plan is not working as all the millets here are saying they are "sold out" and may get some in this wednesday. from what i have been told by both my men on the ground both shops they went to did not really know what they were talking about. In fact every time my friend said garmin geocoin the guy kept repeating "sat nav?"
  16. Good news my fellow coin hunters... Northern Ireland Millets have got the coins in now. So I have a master plan sweeping into action to get me some of those new shiny objects of desire. Hopefully by sunday I will have a full set as I know at least the clifton and stone henge are available in Belfast but hopefully between the 2 stores i can get the set.
  17. These coins may going up in price soon as I will not be using a personal site to sell them as I am moving and would be unable to fullfil orders in time. So this is your last chance to get them at the current price. I have an event to go to tomorrow and then next week I'll be sending them to ukgeocachers.
  18. Is there any terms and conditions which state these coins can not be sold? If not I'm afraid its fair game and looking at the listing it does appear the person has a firm grip on the concept of the geocoin so maybe not a muggle.
  19. not sure if this is relevant but when browsing the coin forum my eye keeps catching a thread about EBAY and raising money on it by selling coins for some poor soul(who may deserve funds being raised) who died in a motorbike accident and they want to pay for his funeral. Now I don't know what the difference is with that thread. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=201370
  20. hope you managed to get one or more for your event!!! Wonder how many Mousekakat ends up with? I was able to get 2 big ben coins (1 for me and another for a different cacher) thanks to a couple of the forum users in the first release but like I said it would be nice to have a set to release at the event so that we all could have the chance to log each of the coins before moving them around the UK. 1st clas mail would have them here in plenty of time
  21. Good to see one of my favourite parts of the UK... Sweden getting some coins.
  22. Good to see someone actually doing the follow up work.
  23. Any item that gives off a scent should not be placed in a cache. I have also found a banger in a cache. I don't really know the volitile state of this things especially ones that are unfound for a bout a year. Unfortunately doesn't matter what you put on your listing people don't read them and just put whatever tat they have lying in their pockets.
  24. If any of you good folk are unable to get extras or surplus unactivated coins that you would like to send me, I would not mind being sent activated ones to release over here in Northern Ireland. We have an event coming up on the 6 sept. which would help the spread of the coins.
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