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  1. 1¾ could someone not get it right? its not a 1¾ stone is it?
  2. Well, I'm not a keen worshipper of USA, but is Delaware a nice place to 'live' in? you can have a gun apparently
  3. I don't know about UK laws, but here in Germany it is mandatory to give the VAT rate and VAT amount in € on any receipt. Even when you just buy a box of milk in the local super market you'll find VAT rate and amount on the receipt issued at the check-out. I think the same rules apply across the whole of the EU
  4. when the Lackey in question is one of the sites founders and states "We are registered for VAT via the U.K. under the special scheme for non-EU Businesses"
  5. Just out of curiosity are there any jeeps left in this country??
  6. then everyone can solve the multis from their armchair http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/discover/blue-plaques/search/
  7. apparently donegal is in the north east of england
  8. ah that could explain the multiple armchair logging of coins/tbs just make a load of codes up and fire and forget
  9. they are usually non trackable left like a calling card
  10. bad enough that the caches have to be disabled during the Olympics although I understand the reasons but in the case I would say of most football grounds where the ground is in the centre of the town it kills caching within near enough the whole town the attendance of any of the Olympic footbal matches can be nore more really than any other normal match day, in fact it may even be less in the case of Newcastle there after the 4th of July there are no more fixtures relating to the Olympics at any venues within the town yet the caches have to remain archived for another 2 months for no apparent reason
  11. sound like you've slipped on a bananaskin
  12. what so it can be moved agaijn by the powers that be
  13. the mega is done by a tendering process that is decided by a committee of previous mega organisers
  14. I'm just puzzed why anyone would pay you so that you can use a photo to make money off albeit for the mega
  15. for that price I would say buy yourself a small decent day bag that you can put a coat, spare batteries and whatever else you may need for a day out
  16. so 4 years on and you still have not learnt to read cache listings http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=89dde28d-d487-42de-9268-77f2d781b982
  17. I think a lot of values of geocaching prior to the surge of the last few years are being lost slightly When placing or seeking geocaches, I will: Not endanger myself or others. Observe all laws & rules of the area. Respect property rights and seek permission where appropriate. Avoid causing disruptions or public alarm. Minimize my and others' impact on the environment. Be considerate of others. Protect the integrity of the game pieces.
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