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3rd International math trade starting now!


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i'm confused now...:(




i offer one coin called X

and i'm seeking coin A


do i understand it right that a trade only will happen when the persons who offer coin A

are seeking my coin X ???




I think it can get a lot more complicated than that.


person1 has coin A and wants coin X

person2 has coin B and wants coin Y

person3 has coin Y and wants coin A

person4 has coin X and wants coin B


person1 mails to person3

person2 mails to person4

person3 mails to person2

person4 mails to person1


Everybody gets what they wanted, even though it took four people to do it. That's what PSU Fan's fancy algorithm does.


you're exactly right, but luckily you posted the short version. there will actually be as many lines of code as there are coins. While some of the lines will have "DID NOT TRADE" behind them, most will trade. You only have a chance at trading off your one coin for something you ask for. If the algorithm cannot place a coin you want in your hands, in exchange for yours, it WILL NOT trade. That's the safety factor.



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I assume we will receive something similar from kdv when she runs the math program as well.



Yes, definitely.


And thanks to everyone for stepping up giving explanations while I was out geocaching :)


Grrr. :rolleyes: And here I am stuck in a cubicle only able to read about geocaching! :(

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Can anyone explain what the Google Address Book is, how you access it and find out if you're in it?


It seems to be a very well hidden feature of google :lol:


It is a shared spreadsheet set up at google documents. You can contact mousekakat for an invite to be able to view it and add your information.

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Calling for last orders!

If you still want to join the math trade or add a few more coins, you'd better be quick about it! Tonight at 6pm EST (or rather Midnight CET, which is my local time and hopefully the same as 6pm EST) I will make the list read-only and we can start regrouping (optional) and then defining our want lists. I'll post instructions here right after making the list read-only.

Currently a mindboggling 664 coins have been signed up for this math trade!

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Can anyone explain what the Google Address Book is, how you access it and find out if you're in it?


It seems to be a very well hidden feature of google :P


It is a shared spreadsheet set up at google documents. You can contact mousekakat for an invite to be able to view it and add your information.


Actually anyone that is in the address book can send out an invite. :lol:

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Coin offer period closed! We ended up with 34 participants offering a total of 709 coins for trade.


Now the regroup period starts. If you are interested in regrouping coins to make a extra special package so your chances of landing that one very special coin (set), follow the instructions below.

Remember regrouping is optional. If you simply want to trade your coins off one by one as they are listed now, all you need to do is drop me a line saying that you're done regrouping.


When you are satisfied with the way your coins stand, please let me know via email or pm or post in this thread. If everyone finishes with their regrouping early, we can move on to the want lists early.


Please let me know if you have any questions during this period. We'll be open for regrouping until 6pm EST April 30th (coming Wednesday).


Regrouping Instructions


Stage 2: Regrouping


This stage will start after the offer period has closed on April 27th, and ends at 6pm April 30th.


The Regroup Period gives all participants the chance to merge two or more of their coins into a single offer. You can do this to make an offer more attractive to others (and therefore to have a potentially higher chance to get a specifically wanted coin). Remember: if you decide to group two or more coins together, these will only be traded as a complete set (or not at all).


To regroup your offers, send a mail to me through my profile or directly to kdv-at-geocaching.it, containing the ID's and coin descriptions of all coins for each 'coin group' you want to create. Also mention your geocaching.com user name. Please don't use pm's for this - it will help me to keep everything organized in one place.



Example (this is purely fictitious, personally I am not going to do any regrouping):

Let's say I have seen some VHTF coins that I have set my eye on, and I am afraid that none of my current offers will do the trick to reel in any of those. So I decide to combine my two Mermaid coins into one offer, that might do the trick. And I decide to create a second group to increase my chances of landing big fish even further.


Regrouping for kdv


Group 1

ID 383 Mermaid Swag Copper

ID 384 Mermaid Swag Gold


Group 2

ID 387 Sundial Two Tone

ID 389 GeoNerd v2 kdv Translucent Orange

ID 390 GeoNerd v2 kdv Translucent Blue




Use the ID's as listed on the Coin Offers sheet of the final spreadsheet, which is currently read-only and can be found here:



Please let me know if you have any questions about this process. You can also post your questions directly here of course. As soon as everybody is done regrouping (or at the latest at 6pm coming Wednesday) we can start creating our want lists (I will post instructions shortly after this deadline).

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Everyone that is done regrouping will see their coins listed in bold now. I will mark your coins in bold as soon as you send me your regrouping info or let me know that you will do no regrouping. So once all rows are bold, we are done with the regrouping bit.

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You have 4 coins listed right now. If you still want to add the coins that went awry, send me a mail *today* with the details and I'll add them for you (officially the coin adding phase is closed and no other exceptions will be made, unless someone comes up with an even better reason for me to do so!)


I don't think it was my mac - it was more like spreadsheet overload today 'unresponsive script' then firefox froze up - so I hardly listed anything and i'm a bit scared to go back and look! If I don't reply you'll know why sorry!

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