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  1. Hey Bernice, great to hear you found a Sasquatch coin! I felt guilty about finding the one at Berry Reserve before you got it, so I'm very happy you have one of your own now. Great post you wrote, I always knew there was something eerie about the Serpentine Falls area! Cheers, Mal
  2. Congratulations to Bernice of Garden Gorilla and Pat of LP&N for finding Wishing coins! Couldn't have happened to nicer people. ...and I hope to log your historic 1st cache in WA one day Pat! For those who didn't know, Pat was my postman for a few years. :-) edit for spelling
  3. Woohoo! it seems the Geo Sasquatch was visiting Western Australia last weekend. I was caching with Jodi of Team FireBoy, and she wanted to see my favourite cache area around Perth. While we were enjoying a nice walk along the track to the cache, I thought I saw a few odd looking footprints, but I didn't really think much of it. However, when I opened the cache I got a huge surprise! There was a really nice Mystery Geo Sasquatch geocoin waiting inside! Wow! What a great looking coin. It will be getting a nice home in my collection. Thank you very much Geo Sasquatch for making a great day so much better! The last page of the log book This is the front of the coin This is the rear of the coin Me with the Geo Sasquatch coin at Berry Reserve :-)
  4. Nice design Florian, well done! All the metals are sold out bar one which seems normal for that site. I bought the 2 tone AC on AS which is the nicest one anyway I think.
  5. Well... it seems somebody loves me! I had been busy all day rushing around and wasn't expecting any coin mail, so I was quite surprised when I returned home and found a yellow mailer in my mailbox. The return address made me laugh, nice touch. Surprisingly, the place actually exists, nice. I opened it up and found coin #156 inside! Wow! What a great looking gold coin! Many many thanks to my mystery coin giver! Cheers, Mal
  6. well....this is going to sound much like creachers post... but I too wasn't aware that there was a new mystery coin floating around until I got some coin trades a few days back. I was expecting coins to be arriving, and didn't notice anything unusual until I opened one of the packages and found bat wings inside the mailer. I wont reveal the sender, but it's funny watching them be oh so innocent. I went looking through the forum to find out more about this coin and found this thread. I did some reading, and sure enough, the Dark Knight had paid me a visit ... so coin #039 is safe with me in Australia. Thank you Dark Knight - you have certainly made my day! CONGRATULATIONS to all the other recipients of this mystery coin!
  7. All my trades are actually finished! I found Thotos' coin hidden under the mailers! Sorry about that Thoto, seems I got it last Friday, but not real sure! Thanks for the 2 adoptions icydove, they went through smoothly. Thanks for all the trades everybody.
  8. I received more coins today from: Avroair (thanks for the extras Mark!) Bloodybeer Icydove (need 2 adoptions please) I only have 1 more coin to come in from Thoto and I will have all my trades finished! Thank you all for the trades, and many thanks to KDV for setting up this trade.
  9. Received more coins yesterday (monday) from: Cheesypigs dark_onyx1982 E&CPlus3 Whitby Thank you all for the trades.
  10. Received several coins today from: BlueMotmot Doc256 Thoto TokyoBlossom Thank you all for the trades.
  11. Yes, I bumped into Marie yesterday, and today I accompanied her to the post office, so I can vouch for 25 packages that got mailed out today.
  12. That was quick TMA! I just received your coin. Thanks for the pathtags too, and thanks for the trade.
  13. Finally finished sending out the last of my math trade coins today, so they are all on their way overseas! Postage was nearly half of what it cost me in the last math trade, only about $55 or so this time. And yes avro, I think thats a good idea about putting participants addresses on the document of the next trade.
  14. I have 3 packages left to mail out which will be done tomorrow, and I have another one that I have to re-pack as it was too thick and the post office wanted to slug me over $10 to mail it! It's cheaper to mail 2 separate bubble-mailers. I received my first coins today - Nickel and Gold Emus from forthferalz. Thanks!
  15. I just sent you another email Icydove, hope you get it this time. as for my trade coins, I'm packing them right now, so 12 packages will be going to the post office tomorrow. (Monday)
  16. Hi Icydove I sent you an email with my address a couple of days ago. Someone deleted me out of the google address book. I'll go put it back right now....besides, you should have my address from previous trades and ebay buys. Cheers, Mal
  17. I got re-shuffled a few times. Not sure if the results are final yet but I'm not real happy, as like KrazyTrollz, a couple of coins I really wanted are going elsewhere now. boohoo. but at least I'm not getting coins I didn't have on my want list though.
  18. hmmm, with the changes I've lost 4 coins I really wanted and gained 2 I didn't even ask for! edit: I've just been checking the new list and it seems it has slipped by 1 as some coins don't match what they were originally designated. For example, coin 453 used to be the EMGT Monopoly Board but is now the Leap Year coin. Another example is 463 which used to be the Tranquility 'German Edition' but is now a Thors Hammer coin.
  19. I have 25 coins incoming and I'm happy with all mine, so no problems here. I was surprised at how some of the trades went, but that's how it goes. Some coins I wanted I didn't get, but I'm sure we can all say that! Glad to see all the people I'm sending coins to are already in the google address book, so no need to send out emails to get addresses from people this time round. ....and TMA, how strange that 50% of my coins -aren't- going to you this time! in fact, you're not getting any! Thank you for all the work you put into this math trade Katja!
  20. Sent my want list in at last! Modifying it several times made the job a lot harder. I was a lot fussier this time around in an effort to keep my postage bill down. Thank you Katja for all your efforts hosting this!
  21. Hi Butterfly_lady, GeocoinDesign didn't do that coin, it's from CHQuality coins. I got my codes at http://www.htqualitycoins.com/activate.php Cheers, Mal
  22. ....cause you'll end up with some good trades, thats why! ...now get your want list sorted out! Mines about done.
  23. I'll be conformist, so no re-grouping for me either.
  24. My Antique Gold coin arrived in yesterdays mail. Thanks for a really nice coin!
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