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3rd International math trade starting now!


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Hi everyone,


There has been talk going on about setting up a new math trade round, so here goes.


All actions for this trade can either be done via a Google Spreadsheet that has been set up especially, or within in this thread (I will include then all offered / regrouped coins into the spreadsheet).


Please note that the spreadsheet is a shared document - you'll need to be invited to place your coin offers in it (simply send me a forum PM or a GC contact with your email)!


The trade is divided in four phases:

1. Coin Offer Submission (through April 27th, 6pm EST)

2. Regroup (through Wednesday April 30th, 6pm EST or as soon as all participants have indicated they are done regrouping)

3. Want List Submission (through Sunday May 11th or as soon as everyone has sent in their want list)


Please respect the following rules:

a) This is an international trade - only take part in it if you are willing to pay for a possible oversea shipment of your coins! Remember that in theory each coin that you trade away may have to be sent to a different destination, within or outside of your own country.

:mad: You can both trackable and non-trackable coins. If nothing is mentioned in the Remarks column, the coin will be assumed to be trackable and unactivated. In all other cases the status of the coin needs to be specified in the Remarks column. Activated coins are only allowed if they will be offered up for adoption.

c) Duplicate coins (reads as: same coin with same metal and same finish) of a single user are not allowed - so even if you would like to offer both of your "Compass Rose 2007 - Two Tone Edition" ... sorry, only one is allowed for you! If anybody else has this exact coin to offer ... he's free to do so! ONE EXCEPTION: if you want to offer several versions of a coin as a set, you are free to do so, AND to list single members of the set individually as well (example: you offer Coin X in Silver and in Gold as a set, and you also offer a single Coin X in Gold (of course this means you must have two of the gold coins available to trade))

d) Please make sure you'll keep the deadlines shown above - any edit after the deadline will lead to a banning from this trade! Example: You place a completely new coin in this spreadsheet during the Regroup Period" ...


Keep an eye on this thread - I will use it to post additional information whenever needed ! Of course you can also use it to post any questions or remarks.


This post should help 'expert math traders' get up and going.

I will add another post explaining the idea behind the math trade and how it works.




P.S. Thanks to the previous math trade organizers, especially moscow32 who pointed me in the right direction for the software and documentation.



Detailed Explanation:


Q. What is a geocoin math trade? What makes it different from a 'normal' trade?

A. In a ' normal' trade, person A gives coin X to person B and person B give coin Y to person A. Sometimes person A wants a coin that person B has, but has nothing that interests person B to give in return. In that case person A could go looking for a person C to arrange a trade to get a coin from person's B want list. In a math trade you don't have to hunt for a 'person C', but will the software do this for you. The math trade software will find optimal 'trade chains', some of which may involve just the regular 2 coins, while other 'trade chains' that are part of the same math trade may involve 3, 4, 5 or even more coins.


Q. I feel uncomfortable listing coin offers without knowing what I'll receive in return for them. Why would I do this?

A. You will b e the one to decide what you'll get in return. After everyone has listed their coin offers, you can go through the total list of offers and make a want list for every coin you have offered. If you are not interested to exchange a certain coin for any of the listed offers, you will simply use an empty want list for it, so that your coin won't be traded at all.


Q. What if someone offers a coin that I REALLY want? Is there a way that I can maybe offer 2 of my coins in exchange for this coveted coin?

A. Yes, there is. After Phase 1 (entering coin offers), we will enter pahse 2 (regrouping). DUring this phase you have a chance to look closely at the coins that are being offered, and if there are coins you would really want to get, you could try and create a more interesting offer by grouping 2 or more of your coins into 1 offer. If you group coin X and Y together, then these will not be traded separately, but as one single unit, for which you can decide (during the want list submission phase) what you want to trade them for. Example: you offer coin X and Y together for a Moun10bike version 1 coin, and then all you have to do is hope that the person offering the MTB coin will jump at your offer :mad: Detailed instructions for this regrouping will follow once we hit that phase (but don't worry, it's actually quite simple).


Q. Two or more people have listed one specific coin that I like. But if I include both in my want lists for, say, two of my coins, I risk ending up with 2 copies of the same coin. Is there a way to prevent this?

A. Yes, there is (more verbose answer to follow soon).

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Please send me an email mentioning your email address, so I can invite you.


I would like to get in on this.


I have just added a few Q&A's to the first post in this thread. I will be editing and adding some more, so check it out if you have questions. If your question isn't listed, post it here and I will try to include it. (As soon as I can no longer edit the post, I will create a new FAQ post especially inside this thread, and will ask a MOD to change the topic title to point everyone to the FAQ post.

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Here are some questions that were mailed to me about the math trade, together with the answer i have given. This might be useful for others too:


Q. I have a question or two though on how it works. If I list multiple coins, I will have a chance to pull some of them back out of the trading >during "regroup," correct?

A. AFTER the regroup period, you will create a want list for every coin you've offered. If there are no offers that interest you in exchange for a specific coin, you can leave the want list for that coin empty. That way the coin will definitely not be traded.


Q. And also for each coin I send I would be getting back one (apart from the 2-1 offer cited in your example) correct?

A. Yes, and you will be the one to decide which coin you get in exchange for your coin. Say you offer coin A and you want coin B back for it, either you will get coin B or your coin will not be traded. Of course the chances that your coin will be traded will increase if you include more than 1 coin in your want list for coin A (for instance, you could say you want either coin B, C, or D in exchange for coin A). Detailed instructions for defining your want lists will follow on the math trade forum thread once we get to that stage (it's quite simple though).

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I added some coins just now. I hope I did it right. :rolleyes: My name did not go into the list alphabetically. Are the coins I've listed now locked out of any other potential trades? And are they on the list until this is completed? B) How will I know what I will be getting for my offered coins and what if I don't like the trade offer? :( Sorry for all the newbieish questions... :)



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I added some coins just now. I hope I did it right. :rolleyes: My name did not go into the list alphabetically. This is updated by the KDV periodically Are the coins I've listed now locked out of any other potential trades? This is now the listing period...no trading will take place until after the regrouping is done And are they on the list until this is completed? The list will be locked after the regrouping, then the "magic" happens. This is a one chot deal once the math trade runs....you choose which coins you are willing to trade and it will either get traded or not B) How will I know what I will be getting for my offered coins and what if I don't like the trade offer? You get to choose the trade offers by listing which coins you are willing to accept in the trade. If the coin does trade it would only be for one that you have on your list of potential coins you want to accept for your coin :( Sorry for all the newbieish questions... :)



I hope that my answers make sense to you.

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i'm confused now...:(




i offer one coin called X

and i'm seeking coin A


do i understand it right that a trade only will happen when the persons who offer coin A

are seeking my coin X ???




I think it can get a lot more complicated than that.


person1 has coin A and wants coin X

person2 has coin B and wants coin Y

person3 has coin Y and wants coin A

person4 has coin X and wants coin B


person1 mails to person3

person2 mails to person4

person3 mails to person2

person4 mails to person1


Everybody gets what they wanted, even though it took four people to do it. That's what the fancy algorithm does.

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