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  1. Besides the fact that the new layout simply has no charm ... Am I the only one who is unable to print the first page of the cache discriptions??? All info is nearly outside the paper format on the reight side (only a few characters are visible) - and of course it doesn't change when I switch between horizontal and landscape page setup. Funny ... on pages 2+ it's ok. Whoever has written such a crippled CSS code ... go ahead, read your books!!! What a mess!!! Cheers Dirk
  2. Sorry for not posting earlier - times are quite tough in the moment Sent on Feb 21st: GEOSMURFARNA, THE MOOP ALONG, E&CPLUS3, TEAMAMAROO, DRJEEPSTR On their way to me: E&CPLUS3, BURGESSFOUR (seem to stuck at the customs), LI-Z Another big THANKS to Chuck for hosting!!! Cheers Dirk
  3. No regrouping for me ... I'm still too happy that I was able to jump on board that I don't feel the need for additional calculations Cheers Dirk
  4. If no one from Austria raises his hands ... I live in southern Germany, close to Lake Constance and therefore close to Austria and the Swiss - so if I can help you just let me know. You'll find my address in the address spreadsheet. Cheers, Dirk
  5. Out of curiosity ... why should he carry those? They are not part of "his" Viking Heritage Series - and if you take a closer look to the site where the swedish coins are shown than you'll find a swedish coin seller Cheers, Dirk
  6. The winner sold it for charity on Ebay. The Ebay winner to my knowledge still has the coin. Now who would that be? . . . . .. TMA AFAIK a few weeks later the winning bidder was offered quite a significant amount for the coin ... no chance Cheers Dirk
  7. Congratulations to Liz, Holger and all other recent finders !!! And special thanks to GSA for continuing to spread the joy among the cachers worldwide!!! Cheers, Dirk
  8. ... and today the last coin reached my home !!! Thanks to everyone for participating! Cheers, Dirk
  9. ... I really thought/hoped/belived I could resist - but as "resistence is futile" as we were told some ages ago: Looking for a Compass Rose 2008 Yime and offering a Templar Two-Tone Trade Only Anyone interested??? Cheers, Dirk
  10. Dear Coin Dropping Fairy, who else than true believers would enjoy all those wonderful stories so whole-hearted ??? Cheers Dirk
  11. Congratulations to Li'l Miss Avroair - what a cute surprise !!! Cheers, Dirk
  12. Welcome back Geo Leprechaun !!! Can't wait to read all the coming stories! ... and if you are still around in Germany, you should clearly take a trip to the south and cache in the Swabian Alb Congrats to all the recent finders !!! Cheers, Dirk
  13. ... as intended, all my coins left on monday. Allready received a coin from: - doc265 - Icydove Thanks a lot !!! Cheers, Dirk
  14. Wow ... a new mystery coin! And what a beautiful one !!! Kois ... ahhh that raises some memories from the nearly long forgotten past :-) It was back in the beginning of the seventies (if I remember correctly) and there was a large national garden fair / exibition in Bonn (the former capitol of Germany) near the river Rhine. My grand-ma took me with her to visit this fair and I was truely excited to see all the different arrangements of garden styles coming from all over the world. Most fascinating was the so-called "Japanese Garden Center". A perfect mixture of wooden buidlings, large ponds, bridges, stone gardens, small trees, etc etc. We managed to find a place on a bank directly on a wooden bridge from where we had a beautiful view into the ponds directly beneath us. Of course, I knew the different types of fishes from the garden ponds of our neighbours - mostly gold fishes. But what I saw there was fascinating and amazing to me: Kois, in all possible color combinations! Later my grand-ma told me, that I watched them speachless for over 10 minutes - which was quite rare for me at that age The idea hit me like a lighning - and there was no arguing about it ... I decided that this kind of fish was the perfect present to my mother for the next mother's day! So before my grand-ma noticed, I stood up, climbed down the small bridge and stood within the pond - trying to catch some Kois with my little hands. Needless to say, that it came as it should - I slipped away and took a refreshing bath inside the pond To shorten up the upcoming troubles: Certainly I didn't had a Koi as a present to my mother - instead I was lying in bed with a bad cold for a few days ... Congratulations, Naomi and Team Fireboy ... may you never forget your story of this coin! Cheers Dirk
  15. emailed I'll bet it begins with T, ends with y and has a q somewhere in between. ... not to mention that for this specific one there's also a B... I. M. W.... Cheers, Dirk
  16. I am very sorry to hear this and even if I can fully understand your reaction - please don't allow those folks to drag you down (and this is addressed to all mystery coiners)! With your coins you give so much pleasure and excitement to all of "us out here"! Reading the forums rather quietly (without being able to participate often), all the stories of the mystery coins are one of the highlights in this forum for me (and I truely believe that I'm not alone with this feelings). I can't express how much I would miss them! Cheers, Dirk
  17. as said in another forum before: Congrats, Sabrina! And of course to all other Goofs ... and by the way: being a goofy is no fate - it's an attitude ... Cheers, Dirk
  18. Congratulations Mambomania ... the pictures leave me speachless in front of the screen Cheers, Dirk
  19. If the Highland Geofairy sends you such a coin as a "basis" for your collection ... "blessed!" is all that comes into my mind CONGRATS for such a wonderful start !!! Cheers Dirk
  20. There shall be salvation for those who wish hard enough I have a spare rhodium girl (light) somewhere in the deeper compartements of my desk ... Dirk
  21. Hm, what is the coin I have? I had a look at what I assume being the "Purple Haze" and it is for sure gold. Rainer Believe it or not ... Jim did a mistake The color scheme he denied came very close to the german PINK edition, the one he accepted is instead the Rhodium Light ("girl") ... place a light in front of each color for the inner rings and it fits. Please keep in mind the "unseen" discussion about the pink edition at that time (officially called "Sepp & Berta") and that both (Sepp & Berta) were bombed with requests at that time. Furthermore Jim never put a list together by himself but just commented the given one. You can see the "Purple Haze" in all it's beauty in post #29 - and it's gold for sure! Owning all of the editions except the US and Portugal ones, I allow myself to assist Rainer (Whitby) that he's correct Cheers, Dirk
  22. After a week of absence from the internet (stayed with my parents-in-law) I'm quite happy to see that I got nearly all my wants So once again a big thank you to Katja for hosting this math trade! I'll pack my coins right now and will ship them tomorrow morning! Thanks to everyone for participating !!! Cheers, Dirk
  23. My list is on the way @all: I'm away in the next week and have no access to a PC - so please forgive any silence from my side ... Thanks in advance to Katja for hosting this 3. Math Trade !!! Cheers, Dirk
  24. That being said from a coiner who desperately seeked and begged for a darthi coin ??? In another time and space continuum ... there's only one word for you: TRA*TOR !!! sigh ... I would happily jump on either side if I ever would get one of those coins Congrats to all Jedi-Fellowers Dirk
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