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FTF By More Than One?


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If you search the forums for FTF or co-FTF you'll come up with a week's worth of reading on the subject.


Someone (recently) said that FTF is a game within a game but not officially sponsored by Groundspeak or Geocaching.com. That being said, play your FTF game by your rules...I see nothing wrong with co-FTF but then again, I was taught to share by my mother when I was young.

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When caching with one or more people, is it OK for everyone in the group to log it as a First To Find?

On every one of my caches, I edit the cache after it was found and give credit to the FTF person with the date on the cache page itself. Kind of a perk for the FTF. But if more then one person was there for the FTF I give credit as a CO-FTF and credit everyone involved.


Then again if I changed the camo, spot, technique, or something with the cache that makes it a fairly new hide but decided against making it a totally new cache, I give credit for the person with the FTF IN NEW LOCATION or something like that.


Give credit where credit is due :D

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I have been at several cache hunts in a group when the FTF was up for grabs and here is how I handle it:


If I spot it first then I will claim it as a FTF. The others in the group can claim it as a FTF as well if they wish to do so. If someone else in the group spots it first then I won't add it to my FTF list -- it just goes down as a Find.


FTF isn't really an official part of the game, so realistically you can claim FTF on any cache you want...it's really a personal thing more than anything.

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When caching with one or more people, is it OK for everyone in the group to log it as a First To Find?


That's how my group does it.


The only time we ever make a distinction is at the cache itself if the FTF prize is sought after. Even then First to Grab may be the more accurate term than First to Find for who gets the prize. One of us is bigger, One Faster, and One more Treacherous. It does vary.

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This is only an issue if there are living witnesses... :o


In our experience we have only encountered the group FTF situation a couple of times. We happened to be the actual finders and gladly shared the "honor" with the others in the group. We think the debate over FTF is just as silly as the debate over total finds, or trackables found, or just about any other competitive aspect that gets added on to the game. FTF is fun but arguing about it is a bit silly.

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NO!!! Screw good karma!!!


Even in a group, there's usually a "first" to discover/recover the cache. That said, it would seem that the individual who was "first" should "solely" get FTF honors, BTJMHO.


Since I've been on the forums, I'm amazed at how folks re-define words like "first."


Yes, only one person can truly be the "first" person to spot it, retrieve it, whatever (unless you both touched it at the same time)....but I look at a group hunt as more of a team effort and the "team" gets the FTF.


If I score the winning touchdown in the superbowl, am I the only one who gets a ring?


If you and your co-finders want to fight over who is the SOLE ftf, then go for it...personally, I'm not that worried about some silly made-up honor and would gladly share the claim with anyone with me at the time.

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I guess everyone can play like they want too. No one can be FTF or everyone can be FTF. Even people 3 months later can be FTF...


Its like smilies. I was thinking about making a smilie cache. (No, not an event cache. haha) The smilie cache you would be free to log as many times as you wanted. For some reason, i think that it might get a lot of logs.

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I've shared FTF bragging rights - sometimes a cache owner will declare that there can be only ONE FTF. Makes no matter to me.


If Nuggs and I are together, we share the FTF, and if the owner sees fit and updates his/her page with the name of the FTF, we've both been put on it.


I'm looking for one now that specifies no "co-FTF" so whoever makes the actual first find will get the credit. We were 5 looking for it this morning and didn't find it... that's a whole other post :unsure:


I've been looking for a new one and another cacher came along (someone I know - many of us around here know each other) - and he spotted it first but I was there first so he *graciously* offered to share FTF bragging rights and it was duly noted in the logs and updated on the cache page.


It really doesn't matter one iota at the end of the day. Courtesy is nice though.



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The rule in our area is pretty much if you are there when the container is opened you have rights to claim CO-FTF. I don't really agree with that because on many puzzle or diff 3-5 caches you'll have 3-4 people searching and one of the gets the bright idea leads to the find.


If I find a cache first and others are out searching there too I'll tell them that it's up to them whether they want to claim CO-FTF. I'm in no race with them, but I do treasure my FTF%.


If someone else finds it while I'm searching too I'll forgo the FTF unless it was a group effort to find it. If I'm going to spend 8 hours snowshoeing up a 45% slope at 2 in the morning I'm not going to loose a FTF notch just because my buddy happened to sit on the dadgum thing.


FTF rights should be discussed on the spot. Plain and simple. If the people don't agree with your decision (assuming you are first on log) then simply ask the cache owner to look at the log, verify your FTF and manage their cache appropriately.


It's a non-issue really. Just can make for some uneasy moments at cache site.

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Hee. If by some weird fluke I'm out hunting with people and we get a FTF. I dun' care. I'm all for sharing it. to me a FTF is just like any other find. Except the swag is prolly better :anibad:


As for my caches (which don't exist yet, but will), I don't care what someone wants to call it. As long as they legitimately find it, they can be the 500th finder and call it FTF. If a group finds it first, then, well. They can share FTF. Or they can fight it out and whichever one isn't thrown off the cliff gets FTF. :D

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In our area when a new cache gets posted you can immediately feel tensions rise and the race for ftf turns into a giant p---ing contest. sometimes it's fun and other times it becomes ridiculous. Especially when someone gets their feathers ruffled because someone else got there first. It also leads to suspicions of improper logging, caching at inappropriate times of day,etc. I personally enjoy getting an FTF once in a while, but it is just as much fun to share it with a friend or group. Sometimes I've even been the first to spot and grab the cache, but gave ftf honors to a friend. Of course the honor is never reciprocated, but that's not a worry to me. It's not like anyone is going to list their ftf's on a resume, so what does it truly matter in the grand scheme of things.

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When caching with one or more people, is it OK for everyone in the group to log it as a First To Find?


Well, if Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay were both humble enough to say that they reached the summit of Mount Everest together, than I'd say it was pretty much OK to be able to share being "first" to find something as inconsequential as a film canister hidden in something as exciting as a Walmart parking lot.

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