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  1. I've seen that happen here. Could be the individual was embarrassed/ashamed to have kept the thing for so long (hey stuff falls into the bottom of a bag, and life happens). So they "snuck" it back out there. No biggie - it's back in circulation and that's what counts. Happened here - cacher that had been out of it for a couple of years, suddenly surfaces and hides a new cache in their own front yard (it was a crappy cache too!)... and puts 3 bugs in it that had been MIA for over 2 years - that had disappeared from their own other caches (which are still active). I picked up 2 of them - I'd looked for them in other local caches 2 years before! Others traded bugs in and out of the cache for a few weeks and when the last bug left with a cacher, they archived the cache. I'm pretty certain they only placed the cache to get rid of their bugs without having to go caching. Again - at least it got them back out there so that's what matters most. Jenn
  2. Now that you've grabbed it, you may wish to log it in and out of the cache you found it in, so it at least gets its miles between that and the place it was last known to be. Odd too because the cacher that last retrieved it appears not to have cached in a very long time too. They may have found it in their stuff and dropped it off into a cache without logging either the cache or the bug - the haven't logged a cache in a while, but their last visit to GC was Friday. It was nice of them to at least get the bug back into circulation! Jenn
  3. Well my longest MIA bug has been gone for just a few days short of 2 years. I'm preparing the copy tag to re-release it. If the other one should turn up, I've put instructions on the bug's page to contact me. Given the circumstances of my bug's disappearance, and the refusal of the cacher who took it to reply to email, I'm sure it's gone for good So, might as well get another one going in its stead. Jenn
  4. Looks like your bug disappeared in Utah I had one vanish after being picked up at GCRK9X in VA in July of 2007. New cacher, first day... picked up several bugs/coins, dropped one off, and apparently kept the rest. A couple of months later I emailed and they were going to send the bugs out of state with their child, to the other parent, presumably to drop in other caches, but that never happened. In the last 2 years I've emailed maybe 3 times. The first email got a response, other attempts to respectfully request the bug be mailed (I'd pick up the tab on postage) have been ignored. Heck I'd pay to have ALL the trackables they were holding mailed, just to get them back into circulation again The cacher was new and logged on once last year (probably when I contacted them once more about my bug), but only cached for one day in 2007. I'd just like to get my bug back, and get others she had back into circulation. Just for fun, I put the cacher's email address (displayed on her profile page on GC) into Facebook... she's got an account there. Probably be thought of as a stalker if I tried to contact her that way Jenn
  5. I've had a couple go missing for many months, and then turn up, and I've got one that went missing nearly 2 years ago, and one almost a year ago. For some strange reason I keep holding out hope that my 2 MIA ones will turn up again... I've logged a few that have been "lost" in their travels and have turned up again. So, if you've had one that went missing, "forever" and it came back to life, I'd like to hear about it! Jenn
  6. I had a situation like this once. I found a cache that had a log/baggie/swag that belonged to a bug that a prior cacher had taken - but left behind the bag of accessories. I picked up the bug's bag from the cache and took it home. I posted a note to the bug's page, that I had the remainder of the bug's kit. I asked the next person to pick up the bug, to contact me, and I would mail the rest of the bug's kit to them. The next picker-upper did so, I mailed the stuff, and it was all back together again. Happy ending. Jenn
  7. Come to think of it - that cacher has a number of bugs and coins in his/her possession according to their profile (looked at their logs for trackables). IF they happen to reply, and if they are willing to mail my bug, I will ask if they would be willing to mail all the bugs/coins (all being held for nearly 2 years - they only cached for one day I think). I am sure everyone else would be glad to see their trackables back in circulation. I do hope they reply... but not holding my breath. Jenn
  8. Well, one of mine that was logged into an event cache for nearly 2 months, was logged again, so I still have 2 MIA, and 3 that are still active. Just for the heck of it, I sent a polite message to the person who picked up my first one that went missing, nearly 2 years ago, asking politely if they still have the bug, and if so, would they be willing to mail it to me if I paid for its postage. I think I last tried to contact them about a year ago (so I'm not being a pest).. but my last contact went unanswered. My initial contact with them, several months after they picked up the bug, was answered - but they did not follow through on their promise to drop it. So in nearly 2 years, I've attempted contact either 3 or 4 times. Once was acknowledged, the other time or two was/were not. Since it's been a year or so since I last asked, perhaps they might be a bit more receptive (fingers crossed). Jenn
  9. I've had a TB left behind at an event before now. There are still 8 users watching that archived event cache so it might be worth posting a note to the page asking whether any of them picked up your TB, or remembers someone having it. I know it's a long shot, but it worked for me once and I got an apologetic email from the cacher who had my TB. MrsB Thanks - I just posted such a note so we'll see what happens Jenn
  10. Woohoo, my Ladybug TB that went quiet in November in the hands of a cacher who "handed it off" has reappeared! Unfortunately they put the tracking number both in their find log for the cache, as well as the note to drop the bug off They appear to be a new cacher (4 finds) so I just sent then a polite note thanking them for placing my bug, and asking them please to delete the tracking number so it won't be inappropriately logged. Hopefully they will "hear" me in the grateful and helpful way I intended and edit their logs I still have 2 missing. One going on 2 years soon, the other coming up on one year soon. I have another one that has been in an event cache since late February. The event has been archived but 14 travelers still remain in inventory... http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...6e-89350d93ee18 Dunno what to make of that? As for coins - I have several. IN MY COLLECTION. I share them with folks at events, but I'm not releasing them - too many disappear. I think Nuggs (my better half) has some out there but I can't say as I've seen a log for any of them lately... Jenn
  11. Was it an unactivated coin, or one already belonging to somebody else? If it was an unactivated coin, it may have been a gift from another cacher - in which case you could keep it - activated or not. If it is activated and owned by someone else then it should be moved on. I keep my own activated coins in a collection which I bring to events for others to discover - these are coins I've bought, unactivated, and activated them myself, so they are my property. Coins/bugs belonging to others need to be moved along. Jenn
  12. GPS777, I had the same thing happen - new cacher picked up my bug... "their first bug" and noted it in their log. That was nearly 2 years ago now - it's gone. When I first contacted them, several months after they'd picked it up, they replied that their child was taking the bug with him back out of state to drop off with the other parent... never happened. That cacher picked up several travelers that day - some were dropped off the same day, others are still in their inventory. I moved mine to "missing" after many months. I did have one go missing almost a year ago and it turned up again the other day - so go figure. Sometimes they do turn up again. I found some in a cache that had been AWOL for around 2 years, and I'd even looked for them 18 months before in 2 caches they were supposed to be in, but weren't. I think those folks accidentally hung on to them, then placed a new cache (in their own front yard!) to unload them. I picked up the 2 that I'd sought before and moved them on. People traded bugs in that front-yard cache for a while then once the cache was empty of bugs, the owner archived it. I guess that's one way to get them back into circulation! Jenn
  13. There's one near here - I won't name it in case it spoils the fun.. but it's one where the cache page explains that it's a multi and finders have to move the log book to one of the other locations in the multi... things like "under the fence" and "beside the pond" and such. When I was considering finding this one, I knew the area and didn't realize it had so many "features" - I thought it was a small wood lot - no pond, no tree house etc. When I found the cache, it was a container with a bunch of film canisters marked "beside the pond", "under the fence"... the log is in one of the canisters. The requirement is that you have to list in your log, all the "places" you looked before you found the log, and not mention where you hid it. For a few years everybody has played along - people have written some really funny logs about falling in the pond, tearing their pants on the fence... The last log I read was by somebody who doesn't get it... and may have spoiled it - I haven't re-read lately but perhaps they realized their mistake and fixed it - it's too amusing to read the stories people tell of their adventure finding it, to have it spoiled now! Jenn
  14. I am thrilled to report that my third missing TB resurfaced yesterday! Em's Odd Purple Sock turned up yesterday after being MIA since April of 2008! It was grabbed from "unknown", dropped off and another cacher picked it up today and plans to move it to yet another state. One found! Another one that has been "held" for a long time was said to have been passed off to another cacher in February, moving to another state. I have yet to see a log for that but I'm hopeful that it will be dropped off soon. I have one that wasn't MIA that is in an event cache, and hasn't been retrieved yet - it's been a few weeks so not sure what's up with that... So I have 2 that are still MIA, one in the hands of a cacher that only cached once and was supposed to have passed it on (apparently not), and one that's MIA disappeared out of the cache it was placed in (this same thing happened to the Purple Sock). I was totally surprised that the sock turned up again (although who would want to steal an old sock?!)... So we'll see if any of the others turn up... Jenn
  15. I think somebody asked me if they could retell the story someplace once and I said it was fine - but I don't know where they published it. I'd hoped to see a copy or link but didn't receive one then I promptly forgot about it. I have a good memory - it's just short. Got another FTF this morning and DNF another on a try for one! Jenn
  16. I guess technically we "met" online - he started caching about 9 months after I did, and he lived nearby, so our respective names kept popping up on the same caches. We missed each other sometimes by minutes on FTF attempts He told me that once he FTF'd one and hung around for a while to see if I'd show up (I did but over an hour later as I was at work - he didn't wait that long!). We had corresponded through GC for hints on caches and he placed a series of themed caches, and I'd contacted him to ask on behalf of my son about gold panning (he had gold mining themed caches and there's a lot of old mines and places to pan around here). My son wanted to learn about gold panning and one of his caches had an open invitation to go panning for any cacher that was interested. We finally met face to face at an event cache (with 30 other people!) after about 3 months of the occasional cache-related email and never managing to be at the same cache at the same time. It was a month or so later that he invited me out on a date. I'd been divorced for a couple of years, and I had a "train wreck" relationship after that, and was just happy and content on my own, doing my thing, and seriously caching, when he came along! I certainly wasn't looking for anybody - in fact when he asked me to go on a date, my gal friends had to convince me to accept - not because I didn't find him handsome and charming - but I didn't know if I was ready. I'm glad I took my good friends' advice Jenn
  17. I bought some at a military surplus store. I have no idea of the brand or whatnot (it's at home and I'm at work so I can't look) but it works well enough. I think it was $2 for a roll. Jenn
  18. LOL! I'm like you - have to be at the computer to see the notification. I have a smartphone, and I did set it up to send me notifications, but never really used it. I own a business so I work way too many hours - so a lot of FTF chances are lost to me since I'm chained to my store. I tried for one yesterday (arrived as the real FTFer was signing the log) and this morning I ran out early (after making my beloved his morning coffee - so I still have some sense of priority!) and I did the GPS boogie all full of glee because there was nobody else around... once I had the cache in hand I was grinning like a Cheshire cat only to open it up and find that one of my acquaintances had signed it 50 minutes earlier Oh well - that's how it goes. I laughed at it. In the big picture, FTFs are only worth the value that the finder places on them - although this morning's cache had a gift card of some sort in it for a prize, and I never complain about that sort of thing! As I mentioned, around here there is a handful of cachers that usually are out there to race each other for the FTF, and for me, that adds something to the game - a bit of friendly competition. For those who don't care about the FTF Fever, that's OK too. As others have said, this game is what you make of it. It's a very individual sport, and everyone has their notions of how it should be done. I like that. Jenn
  19. You learn something new every day. I saw the date/time thingy on Cachemate on my PDA but didn't realize I could just hit one button to get the current info and never bothered to check that. Just fired up my own PDA and realized it takes 2 keystrokes. SWEET! Thanks - that helped me Jenn
  20. Tried for an FTF this morning but were 2 minutes too late My BEST FTF was a couple of years ago when I emailed the cache owner and called him a BRAT for making me late for my evening plans because I had just got the notification and now I "had" to run out for FTF. We had exchanged emails about caching prior to that and had met in person once at an event cache over the previous couple of months. He emailed me back and said he'd buy me dinner if I was the FTF. So upon my triumphant return I emailed back and said, "You owe me dinner then!" A week or so later he made good on his offer, and the rest is history. Now we live together Definitely worth the FTF effort! There's a lot of competition here for FTFs and a handful of cachers who always sign the log first. I've had one FTF in the last week (we were unsuccessful this morning) but that was the first in months. Once I was at home in Canada and the day before I returned to GA, one was published just 2 miles from home. It still hadn't been found by the time I got back - so I FTF'd that! I think I have about 16 FTFs out of 468 finds. Jenn
  21. I'm just glad that I'm not the only one with fumblefingers on those things. I HATE nano logs! My fingers make me feel like I have arthritis when I try to remove/replace them. Tweezer and crochet hook ideas are good - I think I have a tweezer in the geo-bag. I know I have tiny crochet hooks (but I'll forget they are in the geobag when I want to crochet!)... and I have a multitool but I think it would be too large for some of those teensy logs. I just remembered I have some surgical hemostats too... must pop a pair of those into the geobag! Jenn
  22. Should be disabled if he intends to replace it. If the owner posted that note, he/she should temporarily disable the listing to prevent more people from wasting their time. Better still, before he left he should have arranged to have a local keep up with it - but hey, hindsight is 20/20. I'd put it on my ignore list from the sound of things - but I'm kinda picky about stuff like that Jenn
  23. I use Cachemate in my PDA phone. When I make a find, I tick off the "found" in the "log" section and I bookmark it in Cachemate - that will sort all the found caches. I also put a number before the cache name in the PDA... that way I can keep track of the order. So... Gizmo's Cache becomes 1 Gizmo's Cache Zoe's Cache becomes 2 Zoe's Cache And so forth. Then when I'm logging I can open Cachemate and see the order they are in - because while I have a good memory, it's short! Jenn
  24. I've hit the NA button a few times - but ONLY after careful consideration. Cache is DNF many times, Needs Maintenance has been posted for quite some time and owner hasn't logged on in an eternity (ie 6 months or more) and the cache is still "active" and people are wasting their time if they don't read the logs before they hunt. Cache is in sorry shape, Needs Maintenance has been posted for significant length of time and owner hasn't logged on in an eternity... although in this area a cache is more likely to be repaired by another local who reads the logs - we just repaired one that's years old, owner hasn't been on in an eternity but it's a good cache so we fixed it (reckon I should ask to adopt it...) Cache has been disabled for an eternity... owner long gone and keeps coming up in a search... it can free up the area for another cacher to place a cache. Our local reviewers are great, and they appreciate an *appropriate* NA notice in these cases - they can't keep their eyes on everything and as long as the person requesting the archive has some common sense, it's a proper use of the feature, in my opinion. Usually when one of these scenarios occurs and a NA is posted, the reviewer will post a note to the cache requesting that they either reactivate/repair the cache within 30 days, or "confirm" the archive. They also give an option that the cache can be "unarchived" but will still need to follow current guidelines, etc. and will be subject to a new review - but nobody just archives caches arbitrarily without giving the owner a good chance to decide for themselves what they want to do. If there's no response to that, then the cache is archived. If I see a reviewer note that's 2 or 3 months old and the cache still hasn't been reactivated or archived, I'll send another NA and that usually prompts the reviewer to archive it, since he's already given the "30-day" notice and nothing has happened. And no, I don't do it on the 31st day... again if it's 2 or 3 months since the 30-day, I'll send the reviewer a NA to remind him Again - this is something to be done as a "last resort", not every time a cache gets a few DNFs or the owner hasn't logged in for a few weeks... I use 6 months or more as a guideline (more often it's over a year since the owner has logged in before I'll hit that button) - and if it's a repair issue and the cache is close to me and I can get to it, I don't mind putting a dry log or whatever .. that's just good cachemanship and courtesy, IMO. It all comes down to common sense as well as common courtesy. Jenn
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