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Ach, wat maakt het ook uit. Ik zet gewoon wat neer hier. We kopen die munten toch wel dus dan kan dit best een onzin tekstje zijn. Ik zal nog een woordje neerzetten wat ze herkennen: Dollar. Zo dan hebben we dit ook gehad en gaan we weer verder met onze dagelijkse bezigheden.


that's the only true reason.


tot cache,

team Wij Drie :drama:

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* Egg and bacon

* Egg, sausage and bacon

* Egg and spam

* Egg, bacon and spam

* Egg, bacon, sausage and spam

* Spam, bacon, sausage and spam

* Spam, egg, spam, spam, bacon and spam

* Spam, spam, spam, egg, and spam

* Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, baked beans, spam, spam, spam and spam

* Lobster thermidor aux crevettes with a Mornay sauce garnished with truffle paté, brandy and with a fried egg on top and spam

* Spam, sausage, spam, spam, spam, bacon, spam, tomato and spam


That's why...


tot cache,

team Wij Drie :huh:

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My right index finger is permanently poised on the mouse button, and as soon as I see a fabulous coin, an involuntary reaction between brain and finger occurs, it goes to automatic click and buy mode. I believe it is a direct result of something hidden in caches that has infected me. I was hoping to get coinstipated, but there is also an invisible laxative cure for this hidden in caches. Beware, there is no cure. Once infected you will never be free of coinbuyers finger. The manufacturers of coins are sponsoring naughty elves to infect caches, they charge a great deal of money to cover their petrol costs. This is why coins are getting ever more expensive. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !

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One main reason the prices of geocoins has risen is because of the pollution in Kahlifornia. The air is so bad here it has warped our minds and made us lose touch.

some how I believe this guy....... :unsure: that is about cali.....

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Could it be that people like Zarth make the most fantabulous coins and designs and therefore cost reflects originality and creative genius??


Maybe I am lost in the Maze!!!


Coins Prices = Vary with every edition

Gas Costs to go Caching = Rising

Cost of Batteries for GPS Unit = Always Expensive

Swag Costs for Cache Finds = These items keep gpoing up also




Zarth Maze Coin = Priceless


[Love Those GeoGuitars Also - Very LX Style]

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I think it's because avroair starts cointest and then forgets he started it, so people really want the special coin so they go out and start buying them up and the owner of the coin quickly realizes his coin is well sought after, therefore raises the price sky high so that he can make tons of money unbeknownst to avroair that a coin buying fenzy was created by him.

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come on avroair, you said that you would decide on the winner on Saturday assuming that was the 19!! So techinaly the cointest isn't over because the winner hasn't been anounced. :)


If That's the case, It has definitely been 4 hours :) Therefore, the price has sky rocketed because THEY WON ! ! !


So, seriously, who won the cointest :) ?

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99 Overpriced coins for sale, 99 geocoins for sale..

Take the price down sell them around...

98 Overpriced coins for sale.....98 overpriced coins for sale, 98 geocoins for sale..

Take a dollar off and sell them around..

97 Overpriced coins for sale....97 overpriced coins for sale, 97 geocoins for sale..

Take an additional dollar off..

96 Overpriced coins for sale..96 overpriced coins for sale, 96 geocoins for sale,

Take the price down and sell them around and the Coins are still overpriced.......


Sorry, I had to give up 95-94-93-92---------------1 Overpriced coin for sale, 1 overpriced geocoin...

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