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  1. to see the Northern Lights
  2. You are going to the Science Museum
  3. to see one of the 10,000 lakes
  4. To go to the Mall of America!
  5. I can't wait to get one of these coins. They look GREAT
  6. I also have the H20C Lowrance and love it.
  7. patty556

    Color Change

    It worked, thanks for the help. I have been trying to figure this out for weeks. Thanks, patty556
  8. patty556

    Color Change

    Hi I have seen the font color changed on many cache pages, and I was wondering how do you do it? If you could tell me how to change it to green(my favorite color) that would be great. Thanks, patty556
  9. At the top right hand corner of a cache page there will be a button that says somthing like "log my find". thats how you log you finds. Also did you sign the log in the caches? Hope this helps, Patty556
  10. Welcome to this very fun sport! Patty556
  11. Also check the GPS manufacturer's website. They sometimes have simple and free geocaching software for download.
  12. Also the TB owner may really like it if the TB traveled a long distance, I know I would!
  13. Unless you are bringing the TB farther away from its goal then there is no problem bringing it with you on the trip. The TB guidelines do say if you are keeping the TB longer than two weeks then just alert the owner by e-mail. Also, a TB does not belong to the cache so you don't have to trade anything for it, unless the cache is a TB hotel then you need to leave another TB. I do like batteries left in caches because my GPS uses them up fast. (but please leave them in a sandwhich bag) Hope this helps, Patty556
  14. All of them were FANTASTIC, but my vote is for A. Patty556
  15. How about: Turbo Cacher ,Coincacher ,and All Smiles Congratulations also
  16. Coin prices keep going up because the post man can't fit all of the coins in to the mail box. After that the post man has an even heavier bag each day. With all the Geocachers on the block. Patty556
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