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  1. I'm wanting to design some etiquette cards to tape into the lid/log bag so people have a general reminder of caching etiquette. I was wondering what you would put on the cards. The main one I can think of off the top of my head is Trade up, Trade even, or not at all. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. I'm totally in for the SOBS club I LOVE finding hand made and very unique items in caches. I make handmade friendship bracelets during my classes. Has anyone ever thought about making a business sized card to put on the cover of the log book saying how swag should be traded up? That way people have the guidelines in front of them and the newbies will understand a little more.just
  3. I'm looking into getting a new GPS and I need a little help. I'm getting REALLY tired of copying and pasting the cach name and hint into a word document then transferring it to my iPad so I don't have to print paper out. I want a nice unit that will give me the hint when I click download. I also want to be able to cach spur of the moment and not have to pre plan these things. I don't really need anything with a camera or exceptionally fancy tools, so that will keep the price lower but I'm open to anything. Thanks for the input guys!
  4. Glad he liked it! And Im very glad it got to you! It's nice of Wyatt to let you add his coin to your collection
  5. hope my mission i sent isn't lost in the mail....
  6. paitentely waiting to see when my sent gift arives to the person it's for!
  7. scratch the safe for now entry, he's a gonner. I easily picked him off one day while my captor were cleaning out his cell. I got severley repremanded and it wasn't pretty. They gave me a bath and I fought back with all my might, they lost plenty of blood in the process. I am hoping that they won't try that one again for they will have scars from our last battle. But alass! they bought a new informant! This one swims around underwater, they must be realy dumb thinking they can get a water living informant, guess they thought I don't like water. They must not figure out my weakness!
  8. Email sent: 1-12-11 Name received:1-15-11 Mission sent:1-24-11 Mission received:1-27-11 My mission is complete! Thanks Maine Guy! I love all the goodies! and thanks so much for getting me a pax coin! I'll try to post some picts later
  9. Email sent: 1-12-11 Name received:1-15-11 Mission sent:1-24-11 Mission received:(date) Sorry it took so long!
  10. OOPS Looks like to dog was on here and forgot to log out before I came home from work.... You better check and make sure it was not on the puppy dating sites! Drool is bad for the keyboard. Ha ya, she's be dead if i found out she was seeing anyone....
  11. OOPS Looks like to dog was on here and forgot to log out before I came home from work....
  12. Email sent: 1-12-11 Name received:1-15-11 Mission sent:(date) Mission received:(date) Now to do some coin sniffing out. And maybe find a few other goodies
  13. Ohhh I'm looking forward to getting my name so Geo K-9 and I can sniff out a coin
  14. What did you trade for the puppy? A Mc Toy haha figures...
  15. hehe yep another woof participating with the owner. The woof actually has a caching name now too. Geo k-9 but she'll be helping me out with this one as it is her first
  16. Awww what the heck. Why not? I'm in! My geodag, Maggie, is going to help me with this one. Email sent: 1-12-11 Name received:(date) Mission sent:(date) Mission received:(date)
  17. I'm looking to produce my very first coin, or coins, and was wanting some opinions about who to use. I would like input about friendliness, quality, price, and do they say everything upfront? thanks for you advice!
  18. I was looking at this blog and it looks like they are removing basicly anything that is filled with junk... Some of these places I probably would never go to or find if it wern't for a cach.
  19. Man, some lowlife people. I'm truely sorry. Yes it is nice to have so many friendly people who don't even know you in the geocahing world...
  20. How do you people take amazing photos of your coins? Every time I try to they end up sucking..... so what's your secret?
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