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  1. Thanks - I got it up and working
  2. I am making a caching trail where the final co-ordinates need to be solved using a picture in the write-up. For some reason I cant figure out how to include the photo ... any help would be appreciated -- thanks
  3. even trying that I can't find the module to download ... it seems that they are listed somewhere else .. I just cant find them
  4. I am trying to load cartriges for Wherigo searching .. the caches are listed and have been found but when I go to Wherigo.com the caches dont come up in the search .. am I looking at the wrong place for them
  5. I got a nice handful of coins today too but when I went too get the activation codes, I just got an error - is one of the coin merchants having server problems - were they hacked
  6. Hi there - I was also having trouble with activating a coin but oak coins got back to me today - I messed up with '1' & 'I' - my e-mail got blocked so I couldn't recheck the activation code - I've had nothing but excellent support from Oak Coins - just hang in there - they'll come through for you
  7. I haven't been following the forum lately - swapped out computers and not everything is going smoothly yet - its been extremely busy here - pretty much getting ready to pack it in and this black wrapper shows up in the mail - - well the wife opens the package and guess what - BIG SMILES - thank you very much for this coin Geo_Bandit - very much appreciated and made my day big time - coin # 225 now has a special spot in my personal collection
  8. was I ever surprized - I got a package in the mail and I had nothing on order - I got a geo_bandit coin - yes truely a provider of smiles - it will go next to my easterbunny egg - and no it is not for sale or trade
  9. Hi there - one of our teachers at a local school is running a private cache search - what he is doing is getting some of the local cachers to hide caches and supply him with the co-ords and write-ups - maybe not the best but it works
  10. I also am discouraged and a bit disappointed in the way my first coin released into the wild turned out - I dropped it at an event - the organizer knew the designer of the coin and requested that he be allowed to move it to get the icon - (it was a nice one) - I agreed and haven't heard from him or my coin since (over 6 mos) - what can I say - win some lose some - I really am having a hard time convincing myself to release any more - 2 of three TB's have gone MIA as well
  11. I had a wonderful mailbox full of goodies when I got back from holidays planisphere northern hemisphere coin nocturnal coin gold ingot quadrant coin cdn coin dnf coin found it coin smell the roses coin scouting coin wright brothers benchmark coin 2 chocolate bunnies coins travel slug 2008 evil micro red poppy coin memories coin spring chick coin lettuce go caching when pigs fly coin and a couple others - definately my best day yet!!!
  12. I know what you are saying - I guess I just see the positive results - the lucky ones and feel left out that I couldn't be there to share in the fun and excitement of the finds and events even if I wasn't the one on the receiving end
  13. we had beautiful weather and had a great time - a good way to meet cachers when you move into a new area - we had a good response tho a few who said they were coming didn't - to be expected I guess another one planned for fall I hope
  14. After reading about all these wonderful mystery coins and coin give-aways at events, who else feels left out and a bit depressed because of thier inability to visit caches that have the coins or visit events where these wonderful coins appear??
  15. I don't want to give false hope here but we came upon a cache accidentally that had not been found for two years - a well meaning muggle/tourist had moved it to the campground office where they didn't know what to do with it - after talking a while they asked us if this was what we were hunting - gave it to us and we replaced it to its co-ords (plus a deviation to prevent this happening again) - there were two TB's in it that had been lost during that time - we grabbed them and started them on thier mission again - Don't give up hope they may show up again - I have a couple that are 'lost' as well - I live in hope
  16. how many do I have in hand - 75 with 10 coming released - 3 given away - 4 unactivated - 4 Just got into the coin thing - about 4 months and I'm hopelessly addicted
  17. The way I store and disply my coins - I made a display board - Two pieces of plexiglass with a matt board or plastic cardboard between them with the holes cut individually for each coin - the round coins are easy to cut but the shaped coins present a bit more challenge - then I set the whole assembly on a plate display stand - that way you can take them to events to show them without risk of losing or marring them
  18. future shop as well as tigerDirect have the cables - use google search to find them - my cable adapter worked great
  19. I have some additional questions - I am new to the cx60 - how do I load multiple maps onto the memory card and then swap them / pick and chose which map to load - I am using the maps that came with my legend - is that part of the problem - I can only load a small portion of the country at a time and would like to have all of it on my GPSr even if I can't load it all - the map tiles are fairly small and I run into limitations due to the sheer number of tiles I am trying to load -(topoCANADA)
  20. After doing my research and getting required permissions I placed the final stage of a multi in a holding pasture for our local agribition and rodeo grounds. It was a 5 gallon pail filled with assorted goodies. however one of the locals took it upon himself to 'protect' the pasture, confronting several of the cachers that came searching - (being in cowboy country firearms are not unusual accessories ) - fortunately one of the cachers knew me and also explained to him what this game was all about. Later that week we were talking over coffee, and he started talking about my cache - said he went and had a look - checked out the stash and even signed the log - thot it was a neat game idea and now was looking forward to seeing others stumble about as he put it - case in point were being honest paid off - the guy refered to himself as 'the friendly muggler'
  21. I've had several encounters with geo-muggles - one was at a very well hidden cache inside a mall - hidden on a phone booth - (cache now archived- reasons unknown) while I was searching for it several people approached and I faked heart trouble - (I knew how to do that because just prior to the incident I didn't have to fake it) and I told them I was OK - I just needed to rest a bit . - As I sat on the floor several security personel showed up , prepared to call the ambulance - it took a bit of talking but I convinced them that I didn't need another expensive high speed ride to the hospital - the diversion did work rather well tho
  22. Email sent to mousekakat for invite to address book
  23. thanks for the chance at a coin - I've never won anything anywhere but I keep trying anyway - new guess = #306 my old area code
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