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International Geocoin Math Trade - Round Two


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$1.80? You guys have it lucky! 1 coin to the USA (or europe) is $3.85 for me :P our postal rates suck


nearly the same here:

1 coin from Germany to USA or Australia is 2 Euro = $2.85

2 coins are 4 Euro = $5.70 and

3 or more coins are 8 Euro = $11.40 :)


The coins are cheap compared to the postage... :blink:

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All the coinage went out today!!!


I have tracking numbers for all the USA packages, unfortunately all the overseas items were way too expensive... they would have started at 10.00 per package. So I am hoping for the best. I was told 5-10 business days they'd arrive overseas.


I rec'd my micro chip trade coin today, it's cute... and the pathtags included were a nice addition

Thank YOU TMA!

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So far, we received the Jersey Devil coin yesterday, and the copper RFJ today --both very cool looking coins!


Glad you like the Jersey Devil coin! I always though that was a neat looking coin.


Today I received the December 2006 Signal coin from PSU Fan. I love it! Thanks! :P

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My last package has also been but into the snail mail and should be on it way. I already recieved confirmtion that one package has arrived at it's destination (national mail).


As I only had to send out 4 coins, and one coin in each bubble mailer, my total shipping cost summed up at around 6€ (2x 2€ for international mail + 2x national mail). But I can see the persons with 20+ coins are getting poor when shipping to oversea.

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I'm waiting for geocoins from:


3 Blind Eyes








Waiting very patiently... :drama:

If you're on my list, Please drop me a quick email and let me know when/how my coins were shipped so I can keep a lookout...(I live out in the boonies and I'm petrified I'll miss one...

Many thanks in advance!!!



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So when does Round 3 start? :drama:


I was thinking of doing a Leap Year round, so late February, unless someone else wants to run one. I've thought up some improvements, so if someone else wants a go, let me know, and I'll type them up or something.


Gosh, I was all about running one :drama: Until I realized that had I not emailed you 75 times, I still wouldn't have figured it out.


Wait, I still haven't figured it out. Whatever, coins are still rolling in. Fine by me. :drama: Late Feb. should be plenty of time to build up the trader box again.

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I now have recieved 3 of the 4 traded coins. Today the two Signal Coins from PSUfan arrived and they are gorgeous. Now waiting for the last coin from MrExplorer3 and I'm pretty sure it might arrive any day soon.


I hope the coins I sent to the US hava already arrived (or will arrive soon).

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