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International Geocoin Math Trade - Round Two


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(LOS_MUERTOS) 340 does not trade

(LOS_MUERTOS) 341 does not trade


(LOS_MUERTOS) sends (LOS_MUERTOS) 343 to (KDV)

(LOS_MUERTOS) 344 does not trade

(LOS_MUERTOS) 345 does not trade

(LOS_MUERTOS) 346 does not trade

(LOS_MUERTOS) 347 does not trade


It seems that you, me and 3BlindEyes are the only ones getting coins from Los Muertos. In their last post 3BlindEyes mentioned that they were still waiting for them too...

I sent a mail to Los Muertos just now to try and find out how things stand.


Today I received the Shell & Pearl geocoin club coin+pin, and the Happy New Year 2008 coin, so I think I've received everything now!


Thanks everyone. I'm ready for round 3 too. Wasn't someone planning it for Feb 29th?




Edited to add:


Oops, I cheered too soon. Looks like I am still waiting for 1 final coin: Kingfisher Team from Los Muertos. A bit weird, since it 'only' has to come from Germany. The KingFisher Team are friends of mine and it would be about time I got their coin, so I hope nothing went awry in the mail.


I also haven't received my coin from Los Muertos. I haven't really worried because it is coming from overseas, but if someone "local" hasn't received one yet, then I might start worrying. Has anyone heard anything from Los Muertos?


I was going to do one for Feb 29, but I ended up moving instead. Maybe mid-March.

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I finally received my coin from Los Muertos, and I hope everyone else will get their missing coins soon too (I know for a fact that there are still several persons waiting for something).


By the way, how about that third round? I am good to go! Anyone care to set this up? (If not, I'd be happy to take it on as well.)



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By the way, how about that third round? I am good to go! Anyone care to set this up? (If not, I'd be happy to take it on as well.)




Sounds good, I second your nomination of you if no one else wants to do it.



I know I had talked about doing one, but "Life Came at Me Fast", so I haven't been able to spare the attention to a math trade. But I'm willing to be a resource for anyone who wants to run the next one.

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Howdy folks, I must apologize, work was nuts last week and I was only able to get to the post office today.... so your coins will be winging their way to you SOON. There were a few international packages (4), so they will take a little longer..... Enjoy all your new sparklies!!!!!!!


Packages sent to:





Kehunt64 (she got most of them, lol)






Rec'd so far:


PSUFan- Woot! Thanks

TMA- purty coin and thanks for the add'l pathtags!!!!

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