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You are a cacher when...


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This might tell you that you have a problem with Geocaching.....


GCZ54X Do Not Find This Cache


Answer these questions:

Have you missed classes or work because of geocaching?

Do you have trouble refusing geocaching?

Do you need geocaching in order to have fun at a party?

Do you use geocaching to build up your self-confidence?

Do you use geocaching to help you relax?

Have you tried to give up geocaching and failed?

Do you crave geocaching as soon as you wake up?

Do you get into trouble because of geocaching?

Do you crave geocaching at a definite time daily?

Do you lie to others about how often you partake in geocaching?

Have you gotten into financial difficulties because of geocaching?

Do you often wish people would just mind their own business about you and geocaching?

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You have been stopped by security and have been mistaken for a homeless person and were told "you cannot sleep or stay here"


Dude, I don't know where you've been caching but that's not right! :D


It was an urban cache in Las Vegas. I usually go caching in my usual jeans and a sweatshirt (and winter beanie for the head) guess all the bushwacking is taking a toll on the old threads.


I have routed around some urban back lots and have felt what the security guy was thinking.



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You've spoken into your GPS like it is a cell phone while doing an urban micro


You've resisted the urge to speak into your GPS like it is a cell phone while doing an urban micro because you are more concerned with a clear signal rather than blending. So you then talk on your real cellphone in one hand, holding your GPS out ahead of you with the other, and then wish you had a third arm to reach under benches, behind sign posts, etc.


been there, done that!


You scale a fence in a closed section of a park in front of securoty cameras in China just to "clear a province" of geocaches.


been there, done that!

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- you ALWAYS are in some stage of making/planning a cache

- you have a list of potential cache idea on your computer

- you have purchased PCV tubing, paint, wood, misc. hardware, magnets, a tap/die set, special drill bits, hot melt, etc, etc, etc, etc...... just to make caches

- your wife has said on multiple occasions "you should spend that much time on something for me"

- one of the considerations for ALL of you vacations plans involves research re nearby caches and you test run the pocket queries to ensure they run properly at least a week ahead of time

- vacation locations in states or countries where you have not previous found a cache are always at the top of the list

- new ideas for caches are sometimes created in your dreams

- you own a Palm that is totally dedicated to paperless caching

- you don't mind when people think you are "evil" and tell you they have cursed your name on more than one occasion while looking for one of your caches

- the website that has the best price for lock-n-lock containers is one of you "favorites"

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I started this thread back in August on the South Jersey Geocaching Forums and I would love to share what they had to say. I will post this on the other thread here on Big Green too....


-you have a bag o' swag in your car, .....just in case

-you get up very early on your day off and hit the road.

-You can't walk past a pile of sticks or branches or a fallen tree without thinking hmmmmm.....

-you plan your vacations around it.

-When people at the Pic know what you do!

-when you check GC.com more than you check your email.

-Your entire wardrobe has sticker pull threads everywhere

-you have chigger scars up to your knees!

-you have no containers in your house

-when you need to go someplace to do something other than geocaching you find it by locating the nearest cache

-when you start giving directions by referencing the caches along the way.

-When you're a grown adult and you use words like Hidey hole!

-You turn on your GPS just to go down the street, just in case there's a cache along the way.

-You use your GPS to find a traffic-free drive.

-Auto-routing is your best friend.

-You wonder if there's a cache in a park you are driving by.

-You constantly think, "That's a great hiding spot."

-When you go to walmart, and instead of looking at clothes and other necessities, you head for the rubbermaid section


-When you keep hip-waders, head lamps, camo tape and a change of shoes and cloths in your 4x4...with a tow strap!

-You show up at a BBQ wearing a "how to identify a geocacher" T-shirt

-You know where all the Weird NJ locations are within a 25-mile radius of home

-You have to move the cache sheets, containers, swag bags, boots, etc. to make room for a passenger in your truck

-When planning a trip, the first thing you do is check for caches along the way

-You know that "classic hide" has nothing to do with leather

-You always have spare batteries in your vehicle

-When someone talks about searching for cash in the Northwest, D. B. Cooper doesn't come to mind

-when all your sentences start with... "one time, while geocaching"

-when you buy 70, yes 70, happy meal toys... because they make good trade items.

-When your friends names are Hens, Chickens, Dragons and Gipsies

-when you purchase a 4x4 to improve your cache-count

-when you start customizing your own jeep on the web according to cache locations.

-when you are very upset you can't find a snorkel kit for your 4x4 but you try to cross the lake/puddle in front of you anyway.

-when you have the Forrest Ranger's station on you cell phone's speed dial.

-when your husband buys you a camo back pack for your 4th wedding anniversary... and you are actually excited about it!

-if you've ever excused yourself from dinner because you feel a tick walking up your back

-if you schedule a yearly lymes titers test with your doctor, just in case

-when you break for lunch at McDonalds and you track mud in with you...

-And how about breaking at Mickie D's in the first place??? Always need a place with a bathroom

-When every shirt you own has these mysterious little holes in them... and then you remember that it's from all the briars!

-when you find yourself doing 4 caches between a wedding service and the reception...

-you surf yardsales for swag

-when you hit two caches on your way to a memorial service cause you where passing close by and they were there

-You're late for Christmas dinner because you had to stop and grab that nearby cache on the way, in the snow and freezing rain. And then grab one more at midnight on the way home


Great answers compiled from a great group of people....I am going to take the ones here and post them there too!

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...When you buy a whole bolt of camouflage burlap to cover cache containers, only to find out the mice and squirrels steal it for their nests.


...You can't make your gas mileage any better by cleaning out the junk in the trunk, because you never know when you might need those things.


...When you leave home Friday night and don't come home until Sunday and your significant other doesn't wonder where you were.

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You fly to Seattle for GW6 and then go and spend a perfectly wonderful day climbing a freaking mountain for 1 cache (Ape) and then spending the next three hours climbing down that mountain in the SNOW (7-10 feet) only to find out that you didn't log the dadgum geocoin in the cache!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and still happy you did it!

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....you find yourself looking FOWARD to trips to family's houses hitting caches along the way


Okay. So I planned the trip to visit my sister in Maine, picking up caches and benchmarks in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Something wrong with that? Vermont on this year's trip!


There's nothing wrong with hitting caches, I was just trying to be funny, like what Mark said about the in-law visits.....

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