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  1. Better than Chinese food & a movie! Buttaskotch sorta organized this one and asked me to share with all y'all..... I don't usually have any Xmas plans. And this year its an Xmas weekend! Anyone else out there, looking for something to do? I will be on a geocaching hike in South Mountain Reserve in Millburn, NJ. This park has at least 25 geocaches of various types and difficulties. If its not too late, after conquering all caches in this park, I am going to attempt to locate all of the caches on the Branch Brook Power Trail (20 caches) in the East Orange area. DIRECTIONS: Driving Directions Take Interstate Route 78 to Exit 50B (Maplewood, Millburn) and continue north on Vaux Hall Road for 0.7 mile. After crossing a bridge, turn left onto Millburn Avenue. In 0.5 mile, the traffic is routed to the right, onto Essex Street. After passing the Millburn railroad station, turn right onto Lackawanna Place. At the next intersection (Glen Avenue), turn right and then make an immediate left into the Locust Grove parking area. Locust Grove off Glenn Ave N 40 43.662, W 074 18.243, Milburn, NJ 0900 12/25/11 Mike
  2. Oh, & btw Brian....it was URFC up there! M
  3. so, in other words, PFC, with the 'breeze' making it RFC? M
  4. so, meester weathernowcast...just how freekin' cold & windy do you expect it to be? do we wanna meet somewhere to hike in? M
  5. Hey guys.... that would fit nicely in the midst of holiday hiatus time, & boy could I use a jaunt in the woods (especially if I don't have to get up at 0500!) I'm up for it.... M
  6. aww mannn....I miss going out with you guys...been so freeking crazy with work, the weekends are filled simply with battery recharging....today MIGHt have been ok, except for some family passing thru for a visit...if I missed that Mom would be mad, and we don't want THAT.... next time...maybe M
  7. strikus intreruptus Ci is still at it....the others start back up in July & Aug ahhh...showbiz! M
  8. Ruthy's? after all the time I spend there during the week, I should go BACK on the weekends? I always wanted to hide a cache outside the stages...call it ''Dun-dun" interested, but have to see how the schedule go... M
  9. uh oh...remember the LAST time someone did that with a boat? Do that make you the professor? & Packnack the Skipper DiviDivi the Howells? Buttaskotch MaryAnne or maybe Ginger? too dadgum busy these days...can't remember the last one I found....maybe if SAG do a LITTLE strike.... M
  10. May 12 be a Monday...not that hiking on a Monday would be a BAD thing....so let' make it the 11th...oh, wait...THAT'S Mother's day....
  11. sorry guys, stuffed to the gills with Matzoh balls & brisket (so NOW I could REALLY use a hike...) plus, work has come back with a vengance....will have time during a wacky hiatus season.... there's always the birthday weekend at the Jamboree! M
  12. it's 10p and I'm still working! we'll see if I survive until morning...also have Seder that afternoon...... M
  13. issat what happens when the torch falls over & you try to put it out with your feet? or is it when one of the big heads falls over & you don't get outta the way fast enough? help me out here.... M
  14. awww mannnn...looks like I missed a doozy! next time.... M
  15. hey kids- well, the strike is DEFINITELY over...not gonna see the house in daylight for awhile... was hoping to eek out one more with you on Saturday, but I just got my Friday call time...11am....which ain't too bad, untill you add 12+ hours or so to it...which makes my chances of getting up at oh-dark-thirty to climb mountains about nil... have fun & take lots of pictures! M
  16. Speak for yerself..._I_ slept in...and woke up remembering to change the clocks... ooooh the wind & the rain!..... M
  17. ahhh, you are observant, grasshopper.... at first thought, I think, "why drive 3 hours to see a ghost town"....then realize that I just answered my own question....I love wandering around places like that...especially fter seeing pictures of the closed rte 61...it has that creepy/cool/boyarehumansdumb kinda thing about it.... M
  18. well, that WOULD be a drive...not a whole lot of walking, but a bunch of driving & grabbing? M
  19. well that should give us 10 hours or so...hey, a Fiddler on the Roof hike! M
  20. ok, but howabout we take it a bit slower maybe? Enjoy the scenery more? smell the roses & stuff like that there... M
  21. there is a PQ viewer web-app for the iphone from the Maccaching peoples...still needs some work though... ooooooh...and THIS would be just soooooo cool! M (edited for new linky goodness)
  22. where is that? got a cache I could center on? M
  23. may/june is a long way off...what about March? Marching in March? I like the sunset idea...sounds cool.... I really wanna do Federal Hill, but methinks most here have done them, no? M
  24. the pain...the glorious painnnnnnn!
  25. Thanks for setting up the event! congrats on the milestone....we'll celebrate mark the 'next' milestone this summer....just remember...it's better than the alternative! M
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